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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Skyway - Just Paul

Bastards of Young
- Best Video Ever

Talent Show - From the ill fated Fox 'Elvis Awards' in 89 or 90

I'm In Trouble/Don't Ask Why
- For Mike - check the teenage Tommy

Kiss Me On The Bus - Not my favorite tune, but I can't resist Bob's Spock pants.

linking is tired
embedding is wired

but i watched all of them anyway

thanks for a little bit of paul!

made my day
Yeah - but I'm too lazy to join YouTube, and still a little shy of fully endorsing it.

It's funny, I was late to linking, it took a lot of scolding from you and others to get me there, and now I have to up the ante again - when will it end?
ted, I'm starting to wonder if you're a shill for corporate sponsors. Of course it's ok to link to this stuff.

When you link to a guy who doesn't give a shit about commercial success, i'd say it's safe to put his name out there by linking to youtube. That's what the 'best video of all time' is about.

Btw, your Jets fuckin' blew it last Sunday. Why didn't they kick the field goal?
You said it, we were bewildered when they went for it instead of kicking, knowing we'd end up losing by three.
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