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Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Fred and I went to Radio City to see Wilco last night. I had never seen them before, and though I had been exposed to Wilco, I wouldn't have called myself a fan. I am now. Wilco plays American Music. To be more specific, one could label them Alt Country, a genre they helped put on the map, but I hate labels and genres. On Fred's post he goes into more detail about the show, and the set list. I was knocked out by the sound (here he goes again...). Radio City is known as one of the greatest sounding rooms in the world, and Wilco are a perfect fit. Loud enough to rock, but not too loud as to ignore what the designers of this fantastic room had in mind. That's what I don't like about Irving Plaza, the room sounds shitty, and to make up for it, they just pump up the volume, bad sound engineering. Whoever was working the Wilco show last night knew what they were doing. I could talk to my brother without shouting, but at the same time you could hear everything in the mix perfectly. So Radio City get's an 'A+' for sound, and seating too, because there's not a bad seat in the house. Those who are vertically challenged can have a tough time at shows, but at Radio City everybody can see the stage. Now let's talk about the bar. Why can't these venues get reasonable staff behind the bar? The object is to sell MORE beer by stepping up the pace a bit. The attitude of the bar staff at Radio City last night was the same as you might find at the counter at McDonalds, complete apathy bordering on obstrufication. Radio City get's a 'F' on that score. All in all, it was a great show, and I was happy to have some time with my brother.

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