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Wednesday, September 29, 2004


The story goes something like this. Forty years ago, Lou Reed met John Cale (he already knew Sterling) and they formed a band unlike any other that we have seen before or since. When the Velvet Underground released their first record, something like ten people bought it (I know you all have it now) but those ten people went on to start bands. Thirty years ago the New York Dolls played the Mercer Arts Center and something like ten people showed up to see them, among them, the future Joey and Dee Dee Ramone, and a guy named Malcom Mclaren. Two years after that the Ramones played London. The shows were sold out, in the audience....Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Steve Jones, Johnny Rotten, John Ritchie (Sid), and Malcom Mclaren. One year later the Sex Pistols played Manchester, in the auience of about twenty....well you've seen 'Twenty-Four Hour Party People" right? No? Well you should if you haven't. That night the manchester scene was born; Buzzcocks, Joy Division/New Order. Three years later, Sid was dead, Ian Curtis was dead, and by and large Punk was dead. By 1980 you had DC Hardcore (Black Flag, Minor Threat), LA Punk (X, Circle Jerks, Angry Somoans, Fear, the Germs) and....what's this? Minneapolis? Yep! Husker Du and the Replacements. Even in Akron things were getting interesting, i.e. DEVO. In fact the Punk disease was spreading all over, and that's the first law of musical dynamics, when it spreads past it's home base, it's done. Today we see and hear the influence of punk in the likes of Green Day and Good Charlotte, but they aren't punk bands. You see and hear it in Hardcore/Emo, but again it's not Punk. Punk rock died onstage at Winterland in 1978 when Johnny Rotten asked; "Ever feel like you've been cheated." The moment he broke character and leveled with us, it was over. The Ramones would go on to become the evangelists of Punk, spreading the gospel far and wide over two decades, and the Clash would go on to push the musical boundries of Punk with reggae, blues, hip hop, folk..you name it. But Punk, true Punk Rock did not outlive the seventies. That's not a bad thing. Music should always grow and move on. Without Punk you have no New Wave. No Gang Of Four, REM, U2, Bauhaus. You have no Sonic Youth, no Beastie Boys, no Nirvana. "This I tell you brother, you can't have one wothout the other."


"fIREHOSE started the spring after d. boon got killed when ed fROMOHIO (actually charles edward crawford) found watt's number in the phone book, called him and then headed out to pedro from columbus, ohio. george hurley did drums. over the course of seven and half years we made six records and did many, many gigs in the u.s. and europe. I am forever grateful to edward for getting me back in the saddle and wrestling bass again. I got the name fIREHOSE from watching a film short of bob dylan doing "subterranean homesick blues" using cue cards for the lyrics. I thought that it was funny when he held up the card that said 'firehose'."---Mike Watt (from http://www.hootpage.com/hoot_gallery-fhose.html)

Tony Alva and I have had the pleasure of knowing a truly great man, Brain Spears. Brian is no longer with us, but before he departed, he left me with fIREHOSE. My favorite fIREHOSE record is the 'Live Totem Pole EP'. Featuring covers and a few fIREHOSE songs, this album packs in the wallop, and never let's you down. Ed From Ohio's frenetic strat couples with Watt's monster bass, while George Hurley's drums keep the machine moving. Being a big Blue Oyster Cult fan, it was no shocker that I would take to this record that features the all time greatest version of "The Red And The Black". I mean no disrespect to Eric(Bloom) and Buck (Dharma), but this version is what you guys were after. Public Enemy's "Sophisticated Bitch" and SuperChunk's "Slack Motherfucker" round out my favorites on the cover side of things while 'What Get's Heard" and "Makin' The Freeway" showcase Watt's own songwriting greatness. This trio rocks, and the sound reproduction puts you right in the club with them. I cannot recomend this album enough.

UPDATE: This record is apparently out of print. Please call Columbia records and give them shit about it.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


"What i don't like hearing is all the 'we can't' or 'it won't' stuff. A guy named Joe Satlin (Stalin) brought his country from a post feudal agrarian society to an industrialized nation in five years, why can't we get this thing (alternative energy) into overdrive. Our current Presidential candidates aren't talking much about it, but Al Gore did four years ago, again, nobody was listening."--Me

"Finally! Jackson unveils his true idol - Joseph Stalin! Well, even if he did murder 20 million Ukrainians, create the iron curtain, the cold war, create the gulags for political prisoners, and generally stain the 20th century as one of history's blodiest and saddest, that's OK since he engineered an ultimately disastrous command economy that did absolutely zero to reduce our dependency on fossil-based fuels. Well done, Jackson. Be sure to commend Chairman Mao in your next post for his contributions in education policy."--Hector

Does Hector think that I don't know what a mass murdering fuck-head Stalin was? No, he's looking for an argument. There's alot of 'Hectors' out there in the blog world. Commenters without balls. Where's your post Hector? You don't have one. Is that because you've never had an original idea? Or are you simply a voice of conservative angst with nothing to offer except dorragatory comments on the blogs of people who are trying to engage in MEANINGFUL debate? As for the fundamentals of his comment; it takes two to start a war, cold or hot. The imprisonment of political dissanents did not originate with Stalin. Why would the Soviet economy help reduce OUR dependancy on fossil-based fuels? All you got right is the murder bit Hector. That tells alot. It shows us where your mind is. Your hate based diatribes are going to give you an ulcer my man. Take it easy, take a pill, take a nap, and take your hate somewhere else.


Fred posted about the Mats, and he left this album out. In 1989 The Replacements began recording their follow up to 'Please To Meet Me' at Paisley Park in their hometown of Minneapolis. Those sessions were followed by more recording in upstate New York (Bearsville?) beacause the familiarity of Minneapolis offered too many distractions for the noted substance abusers. The result is the most lavishly produced effort they made, and in my opinion, one of the best. Songs like "We'll Inheirit The Earth", "Achin' To Be', 'Darlin' One" and "They're Blind" show Westerberg's steady progress as a serious songwriter, while "Talent Show", and "Anywhere's Better Than Here" harken back to the hard edged and sloppier days of "Let It Be". The tour for this album would prove to be the bands undoing, and it was my distinct pleasure (along with Tony Alva) to witness it firsthand at the former Brendan Byrne Arena (Continental Airlines Arena) opening for Keith Richards (on his birthday no less). They were a mess. Which was fine in 84 when they were playing clubs, but the mainstream wasn't ready for onstage fights and barely recognizable renditions of their songs. "Can't Hardly Wait", disputably their best song, was so bad, I didn't know what they were playing until the chorus, and then it fell apart, they gave up and played 'Happy Birthday' to Keith instead. It was funny, but I'm sure it was not pleasant to be part of the comedy on-stage. Anyway, the album is great. Check it out.


"Viewers of Jon Stewart's show are more likely to have completed four years of college than people who watch "The O'Reilly Factor," according to Nielsen Media Research. O'Reilly's teasing came when Stewart appeared on his show earlier this month.
"You know what's really frightening?" O'Reilly said. "You actually have an influence on this presidential election. That is scary, but it's true. You've got stoned slackers watching your dopey show every night and they can vote."--CNN

Face it Bill, you knew it all along. We may be stoned, but we know bullshit when we hear it. Stewart presents his show as the 'fake news', but it is much more realistic than the tripe you offer up to your masses of white trash ignorance. As for Stewart's show being 'dopey', it's a comedy show Bill. I only wish yours was too, then I could laugh instead of cry.


"The tragedy here is that Fred can afford to send his kids to good private schools yet thinks vouchers are kryptonite. Fred, along with 25% or so of the teachers in the NYC public school system who send their kids to private schools, should be ashamed."--Hector

It's a tragedy that Fred can afford to send his kids to The Little Red Schoolhouse? What would you do Hector? I bet you don't even have kids, because if you did you'd want the best for them. Fred has worked hard to be able to do it, and you think he should be ashamed? What kind of asshole are you Hector? What makes America great is the possibility of making a better future for your family, and you are going to begrudge Fred that? I'm sick of all the Fred bashing on his comments. What is wrong folks? Jelous? I'll say one thing, Fred has done more to positively affect the economy than any of you. Through his funding of new companies, Fred creates jobs. How about you Hector, what do you do that makes you so wonderful that you can sit in judgement? Fuck off Hector.


First off, I forgot the Philly/Detroit game. I won't count it, but I would have picked Philly. Philly looks so good it's scary. Philly- Jets Super Bowl anyone? Anyway I went 9 out of 13, coupled with last week; I'm, 19 for 29. Not bad. Okay, now, how boring is it to watch Indianapolis? Sure they're good, but the play is so unexciting after fifty-nine touchdown passes. It was nice to see our man Kerry Collins put in a good show for Oakland, and conversely, Warner seems to be keeping his end up for Big Blue. For how long, we'll see. I'm glad the Giants proved me wrong again, though when I made my picks I didn't know about Kellen Winslow's broken leg. This brings up another point, I'm doing this without the benefit of Sports Broadcasting, in that I have no Television. I was in DC this weekend with my Girlfriend, and as luck would have it, I had access to TV, but no Jets! The Washington game was Monday night, so all the games on in the DC area we're of little to no interest to me with the exception of the Oakland game (Jerry Rice is three hundred-ninety seven years old and a better reciever than most anyone). I watched some of the Green Bay/Indianapolis fiasco, but gave up, sorry Hue. I did manage to catch some of that famous DC area sunday morning 'Skins Game' show. I used to live down there, and it was this show that made me want to move back to New York. On the show, however, Coach Gibbs admitted that Parcells was a better coach. Now c'mon Joe, have you been gone that long? You can't say that kind of stuff even if it is true, it affects the team Joe! How about them Seahawks? (Seahawks/Jests Super Bowl?) Okay, so San Fran is no big win, but hey, 3-0 baby! So, all in all, things are going great here in NFL land for me, how about you?

Friday, September 24, 2004


WASHINGTON (CNN) -- U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has suggested that parts of Iraq might be excluded from elections set for January because of rising violence.

While we're deciding who can vote Donald, how about excluding Florida from our national election? Why are we even bothering to pretend that we've set up a democracy in Iraq. It's the same tactic we took in Vietnam, a tactic that failed.


"I don't view these people as conservatives," Kerry said. "I actually view them as extreme, and I think their policies have been extreme, and that extends all the way to Iraq, where this president, in my judgment, diverted the real war on terror -- which was Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda -- and almost obsessively moved to deal with Iraq in a way that weakened our nation, overextended our armed forces, cost us $200 billion and created a breach in our oldest alliances."--CNN

He's talking, who's listening?

Kerry told The Columbus Dispatch that he has to present himself "clearly, forcefully to the American people with a clear set of priorities."--CNN

That would be nice.

Kerry also mentioned a blurring line between the separation of church and state and the growth of federal budget deficits.--CNN

True, true....

Kerry would build a better military and intelligence apparatus to go after enemies, deny terrorists weapons and financing, move against worldwide terrorist havens and recruitment centers, and promote freedom and democracy in Muslim nations.--CNN

John, have you been reading my blog again?

Thursday, September 23, 2004


I might not get around to this tommorrow, so here goes:

Atlanta over Arizona
Minnesota over Chicago (ouch, that hurt)
Kansas City over Houston
New Orleans over St. Lois
Pittsburg over Miami
Baltimore over Cincinnati
Cleaveland over the Giants (if they keep proving me wrong it will be worth it)
Jacksonville over Tennessee
San Diego over Denver
Green Bay over Indianapolis
Oakland over Tampa
Seattle over San Francisco
Dallas over Washington

Since the Jet's have a bye I'm not really in the zone this week, so who knows, I may do horribly.


This weekend I'll be in Washington D.C. visiting my girlfriend (Tommorrow Baby!), and we're planning on checking out the recently opened National Museum of the American Indian. I love museums, and Washington certainly has a good selection. New York is better, but hey, it's New York, we got better everything. It will be interesting to check out, it's just a shame that there won't be a whole lot of American Indians there as well. How many are left anyway; three, four?


I 'm sorry Cat, er..Yusef, but you see we're a little sensative right now. Think of it this way, your mom is killed by men in black ski masks, wouldn't you then be a little skittish around men in black ski masks? We, as a nation, do not need to explain, or apologise for your inconvenience, but I will try anyway. Your name, Yusef Islam, came up on a list. Now, it is quite possible that it's some other Yusef Islam, I'm sure that in the Muslim world it's a fairly common name, but our guys are just doing their job (finally), your name came up, they acted. I don't believe you fund terror groups, but you might. How do we know? We thought we knew you when you sang pretty songs about peace and love, but apparently we did not, because now your Yusef, not Cat, so it's confusing. My advice? Stay put. They have real nice recording studios in London, great engineers too.


WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- "Undercover investigators were able to slip explosives and weapons past security screeners during tests at 15 U.S. airports, according to a 2003 investigation by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security."

I'd like to know which 15 airports they are talking about. That's information I can use.


"We are succeeding in Iraq.... Thank you, America...we know Americans have made enormous sacrifices.... We promise you your sacrifices are not in vain."- Iraqi PM Ayad Allawi

I would love nothing more than to believe that things are getteing better. It smells like a campaign ploy to me though, and reports from my servicemen friends say otherwise. What I'm hearing is that we've lost what little control we had. Again, this is heresay, I'm getting it second hand, but from a first hand source. For me, it's no longer about what happened to get us here, with the exception that the bungler should be removed from his post, but what can we do about it now. We have made a barely stable region completely unstable. The bed is made, there's no cutting and running. It seems to me that Bush can't handle the job, and we should get somebody else in to clean up his mess, somebody who listens to his advisors (Colin Powell) and who has himself been under fire (John Kerry). My advice to Kerry; do whatever you can to keep Powell in the mix, and listen to him.


I just read this comment from 'Kenny' on Jeff Jarvis' blog.

"If you want to the world to like us,
if you want the terrorist to attack us,
if you want our troops to cower of the field like some helpless dog,
then vote for kerry,
However if you want the world's respect then vote for Bush"

This is what scares me. Some people, alot of people, actually believe this crap. First; American troops will never cower, anywhere. Our Armed Forces are the smartest and best trained in the world, they are professionals, and the do NOT COWER! What an asshole you are to imply that a change in executive will bring down the military, have you ever heard of the Joint Cheifs Of Staff. They will still be the same guys despite who wins the election, imbecile. Second; We have already been attacked. Where have you been? Do you honestly think the terrorists give a crap who's in the White House? What a giant waste of flesh you are, and what a disapoinment you must have been to your parents to be born without a brain, you silly twit. Do you think Bush commands respect from the world? Have you ever been outside the country? Do you even know that there are other countries? Our current President has the LOWEST international rating of ANY President EVER. But you wouldn't know that would you 'Kenny'. God, even your name is stupid, you weasly pathetic excuse for a human. Oh yeah, and what's wrong with being liked?

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


In response to a comment made on FRED's blog, this is what I would do if I woke up and was Commander In Cheif:
1) Remove ALL civilain personell from the region. Why are we supplying these animals with fresh meat?
2) Not only request, but demand, coerce, and extort help from our 'allies'. This is every free nation's battle.
3) Follow the money trail. These people get their weapons somehow. We need to sever their access to cash, and weapons. We could start by not selling/giving them any more of ours.
4) Invest in alternative energy, heavily.


5) Legalize marijuana, tax it, take that money along with the windfall from budget cuts in the war on drugs, and spend that on securing our borders.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


The internationally acclaimed and emmy winning comic Eddie Izzard does a great bit on this in his "Dressed To Kill" performance. In respect to public address he says: "It's seventy percent how you look, twenty percent how you sound, and ten percent what you say." Sad but true. G.W. has Kerry soundly beat in those terms. He looks great, sleeves rolled up, ready for action. He sounds good. He uses terms that incite profound feelings. Who cares what's actually being said? I guess ten percent of us do, and that's not nearly enough.


Is it me? Didn't G.W. blow off the U.N. as uneccessary? Now he's back asking them to help. But he wasn't wrong or anything. So let me just get this straight. He was advised against war with Iraq by: his father, Colin Powell, and the United Nations. Not good enough for George. G.W. needed a yes man and he found him in......Jesus. So the enemy get's their orders from Allah, and Geoege get's his from Jesus. As long as we're clear on that.


I would personally like to thank Dan Rather for exposing network news for the sham that it is. Now, maybe, people will listen to what the candidate has to say in favor of some talking head. Fred has a great post on Nuance, and I think that he's hit the nail on the head. Nobody is listening anymore.


November 25th will be the 25th annivesiary of the release of Pink Floyd's opus, The Wall. The Symetrical Twins over at smoke and mirrors have been working on a tribute CD to celebrate the occasion. We have recorded new versions of all the songs on the record, as well as the two that are only in the movie. There are some preliminary mixes on the Smoke And Mirrors web site. We are currently working to finish this project by the anniversiary date. There are many guest appearances such as Tony Alva's vocal on 'Young Lust'. All the members of Microdot appear on the record, and to that end a big thanks goes out to Rob Machold, without who's drums we could not have been able to do the record justice. When the record is done we will post it on our site, as well as have a record release party. I will blog that info when it is finalized. We are hoping to have our own record, Brain Shivers, ready for release by then as well.


I went 10 out of 16. Not bad. Chicago, Carolina, The Giants, Jacksonville, Dallas, and Baltimore fared better than I thought. I think that the Giants tried to lose, but Washington was having none of it. All that really matters is...JETS JETS JETS!

Friday, September 17, 2004


Kansas City beats Carolina.
Denver beats Jacksonville
Indianapolis beats Tennesee (tough call)
New Orleans beats San Fran
Washington beats Giants
Oakland beats Buffalo
New England beats Arizona
Cincinnati beats Miami
Green Bay beats Chicago
Detroit beats Houston
Pittsburg beats Baltimore
Atlanta beats St. Louis
Seattle beats Tampa
Cleveland beats Dallas
Jets beat San Diego
Philly beats Minnesota

I have no system. I give no pionts. I just love the game, and this is what I think. I am prejudiced against teams that belong in another city (Colts, Rams), or who wear non-football colors (Miami, anybody wearing purple), or have silly helmets (Tennesee, New England), and Buffalo. (Red and Blue are fine football colors, and the buffalo on the helmet does not offend, they're just so, I don't know, Canadian?) Carolina and Jacksonville are suspect because I still can't tell them apart. I know one of them has a pastel in their color scheme, and that's a big faux pas. Houston I may one day like, I liked the old Houston, but won't truck with that team in Tennesee. I am glad they changed the name, though, the Tennesee Oilers would have driven me mad. San Diego is on the cusp. They suffer from being from one of our nations most boring cities, but they did have a heyday with Fouts, Dickerson, and the great Bobby Ross. I have never, and will never, like any team from New England. Their old helmets were much cooler though. Dallas? I think the "Tuna' has lost it. Vinny and Keyshawn again? I don't think so.


NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Conservative Christian groups are urging a boycott of two of consumer product maker Procter & Gamble's key products, charging the company is aligning itself with gay rights groups, according to a published report.

God doesn't want you to use these products. He would rather you use good christian products like assault rifles. Apparently P&G (who's stock I'd now like to purchase thank you) opposed an anti-gay statute proposed in it's home town of Cincinnati. I guess it's very important to God to keep homosexuals from re-defining marriage in Cincinnati. Yeah, I suppose that whtever Cincinnati does, the nation will follow. Very crucial and influential town that Cincinnati. When will these fanatics realize that they can't stop the tide of progress. I thought every man and woman was equal under God's eye. If homosexuality exists, doesn't it follow in their narrow christian creationist doctrine that God created it? I say they can take their Bible and their God and shove them right up their tight white asses. I will now switch back to Crest from Colgate, I always have used Tide.


I finally watched the Mel Gibson Jesus flick. I like Christ movies. It's a good story. The star of this film however is not an actor, but Latex. The only thing that Mel adds to this re-telling of the passion is the over the top gore. My girlfriend got up to do the dishes about that same time Jesus began the hike up Calvary. She couldn't take it. It was quite difficult to sit through for even this fan of Evil Dead movies. I can understand Gibsons choice, however. He tried to make it as realistic as possible, and show just how awful it was. He did achieve that goal. He also kept the story based on scripture, with a few ventures into fictionalization; re: Pontius and his wife. I liked Scorcese's take on the Pontius/Christ scene, but then again, it's David Bowie talking about the skulls on Golgotha. "You're more dangerous than the Zelots, You want to change the way people feel. There are something like three hundred skulls up on Golgotha. Maybe one of you might go up and look at them sometime. Maybe you'd learn something. Probably not." Much more compelling than the standard 'I want to help you, but you won't let me' discussion that we always see, and get again in Mel's movie. It seems that Mel doesn't have much imagination. The only essential difference between this movie, and any other Mel Gibson movie, is that it's not him who ends up beaten and bloody at the end.


This album did make my ill thought out list, but it deserves further attention. In 1980 Motorhead unleashed this monster of a record, and the world was stunned for at least a moment. Breaking out of the English hard rock scene in the late seventies, Motorhead were the band that metal heads and punks could both enjoy a few Carlsberg Special Brews to. Louder than anybody, they took no prisoners as they razed the land before them. They were the band who if they they moved next door, your lawn would die. Lemmy, upon hearing that Kieth Richards had gotten a blood transfusion, decided to do the same. He told the doctor he had been using speed every day for twenty years, the doctor looked at him and said "fresh blood will probably kill you." ZZTop on huge doses of amphetemine would be the best description of the Motorhead sound. Lemmy's full throat voice, his Rickenbacker Bass through a Marshall stack, he played the bass like a rhythm guitar. Philthy Animal Taylor's drums were like chained up Harleys gunned to the limit, and the reverb drenched licks of Fast Eddie Clark completed the union of MOTORHEAD. The 'Ace Of Spades" album is without a doubt their finest studio release. From start to finish it's amped up boogie woogie meets death clenching metal. The title track is their most well known song, but the album doesn't quit there. 'Love Me Like A Reptile', 'Shoot You In The Back', 'The Chase Is Better Than The Catch', and of course their ode to the hardest working men in show buisness; 'We Are The Raod Crew' keep this vinyl opus bashing your brain and inciting you to 'Live To Win'.

Thursday, September 16, 2004


That's the title to a great Robin Trower song, but this post is about the greatest rock and roll band in the world, The Rolling Stones. My girlfriend wants me to school her on the Stones, but my problem is; where do I start? What can I say that hasn't been said a thousand times? To that end; read the Stanley Booth book, 'The True Adventures Of The Rolling Stones'. To qoute Mick "I know Stanley Booth, and he knows the Rolling Stones." It's a great book, exceptionally well written, and very informative.
My brothers are both Stones fans, and tried in vain to get me into them back in the early eighties. I was too deep into Heavy Metal to get it at that point. In 1984, however, my good friend Tony Alva slapped 'Sticky Fingers' into the tape deck of his car as we were driving one day, and that was all it took. Hooked for life. It was probably 'Dead Flowers' or 'Sister Morphine' that sank the claws in. At any rate, that's where it began for me, and that's where I suggest any uninitiated person to begin.
'Exile On main Street' would be my next suggestion. For me it doesn't get better than 'Exile", after that it's just a matter of buying them all. It took me a bout six months after my initial "Stcky Fingers' experience before I had gone out and purchased their entire back catalog. Every album has it's merit. Some come up short of the mark; 'Emotional Rescue', 'Undercover', 'Dirty Work', but even as late as 'Bridges To Babylon' they were putting out great records. It really is a 'no lose' situation.
Keith. There just isn't anybody who embodies rock and roll like Kieth. Keith is rock and roll. Keith understands. Keith knows. Add Mick and you've got the formula. How many times have we seen it since? From Aerosmith to the Strokes, we see it again and again. Well, the real deal starts in '64 with 'England's Newest Hitmakers' and it just keeps on keepin' on. That's right, forty years folks, can you imagine?


Oh Johnny, that stance, legs spread, guitar at your knees, your strumming hand never seemed to move. How you could remember all those songs? I saw you do 30 songs in an hour once. I will miss you Johnny. My nephew, who loves you dearly, never got to see the sparse stage set, the leather and denim, the converse low tops, the Marshall stacks and the Moserite. "1,2,3,4.", "Gabba Gabba Hey", "D.U.M.B. everones accusin' me". Only Tommy and Marky (Ederlyi and Bell, drummer number one and two repectively)) survive. Who wants to be an old punk anyway. Say hi to Joey and Dee Dee for me.

"Hangin out on Second Avenue
Eating chicken vindaloo
I just want to be with you
I just want to have something to do"

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Known to most by their 1976 hit "The Boys Are Back In Town", Thin Lizzy delivered a brand of swaggering hard rock to audiences around the world during the seventies and early eighties. Following the release of 'Jailbreak", on which the fore-mentioned single appears, Lizzy was on the recieving end of a string of bad luck thet interrupted tours and combined to keep them from breaking in America. Their recorded output, however, leaves little to be desired. Hard Rock anthems, ballads, funky grooves, and the twin lead guitar attack for which they are still famous today helped establish a legend that still looms large in Europe. Their first hit came in 1972 when their management, looking for a hit to establish the fledgling band from Ireland, released the rocked up version of an old Irish folk song, "Whiskey In The Jar". The success of that single backfired on the band as they became associted with folk music instead of the Hard Rock they were concentrating on. Things got worse on New Year's Eve of 1973, when Eric Bell, the then lone guitarist in the band, fed up with the trappings of success, fell apart in a fit of drunkeness on stage. The next day he quit the band. Phil Lynott, singer, bass player, songwriter, and defacto leader of the band recruited Gary Moore, an old chum from Dublin, to fill in. Gary lasted a few months, before he too departed to start his jazz fusion band Colliseum. Determined not to be left without a guitarist again, Phil hired two guitarist; Scott Gorham (USA), and Brian Robertson (Scotland) to round out what would be the classic Lizzy lineup. Two albums came and went without much notice; 1974's 'Nightlife' and 1975's 'Fighting'. I love these albums, and recomend them highly, but it would be 'Jailbreak' that would set the standard. There is no weak song on 'Jailbreak'. Heavy riffs, jazzy grooves, and funky romps combine with the poetic and romantic lyricism delivered by Lynott's smokey sexy voice. This record is a must. 1976 also saw the release of 'Johnny The Fox', which features the same classic Lizzy fare, but fails to rise to the standard set by 'Jailbreak'. Lynott's bout with hepatitis and the record companies demand for product set the tone for this 'rushed' LP. Then Brian Robertson got in a bar fight and deeply gashed his hand on a broken bottle. Phil fired him and brought back Gary Moore to finish the Australian leg of the tour. Gary then left again as the three remaining Lizzy's returned to the studio with producer Tony Visconti (T.Rex, Bowie) for the sessions that would produce the 'Bad Reputation' LP. In the studio Scott Gorham did his best, but it was decided that Brian Robertson would be hired back on to finish the record and do the tour. 'Bad Reputation' is probably the most lavishly prodiced Lizzy record, and many consider it to be the LP that should have followed 'Jailbreak'. The live album 'Live And Dangerous' followed. Again produced by Visconti, 'Live and Dangerous' is considered by many to bethe best live record of all time. (I put it in the top five along with UFO, Kiss, Ted Nugent, and the Stones). Strapped for cash after self financing huge tours, it was in 1978 that Phil realized he could play shows for cash under a different name, and thus the 'Greedy Bastards' were born. Comprised of Lynott, Gorham, and member of the Sex Pistols and The Damned, the Greedy Bastards released a chritmas single; "A Meryy Jingle" and played numerous shows around England. It is generlly accepted that it was during this time that Lynott and Gorham started using heroin, which would in turn slowly kill Thin Lizzy. 1979's 'Black Rose' (Gary Moore is back) is another great album produced by Visconti, but it seemed the heyday of the band had come and gone. Successive releases, 1980's 'Chinatown' and 1982's 'Renegade' feature future Roger Waters sideman Snowy White replacing Moore. While there are killer tracks on these records, the demise of the band was eveident. In 1983 they gave it one last try, replacing White with virtuoso John Sykes, they released one of their best records; 'Thunder and Lightning'. How the hell they made this shredding metal record while sedated on dope is one of rock's enduring mysteries, but kick ass it did. So much so that their farewell tour lasted almost two years. In 1984 they went their seperate ways. Gorham cleaned up, Lynott did not, and sadly perished just after the new year in 1986. There has never been a band like Thin Lizzy, nor a frontman like Lynott. Their street gang mentality coupled with amazing skill combined to make a true legend of rock.


This is the headline I'd like to see. One game in and I want this guy's head. I think we can all look foreward to a losing season, mutiny, and headlines of team animosity. Tom's resume is impressive, and given his history with the team he must have seemed a natural choice. The fact that he's an asshole didn't come into question I guess. The Giants need discipline, no argument there. Fassel coddled them, and now Tom comes in swinging. Well, since they don't have a quarterback anyway the point is moot. They will suck this year, and probably longer.


I'm willing to bet there's oil in Chechnya. Russia is so vast, why else would they risk so much to keep a territory that's so hostile? So now they're taking lessons from Israel on insurrection management. Israel has been so successful in supressing the Palestinians, please. That's like asking the owners of the Chicago Cubs how to win a World Series. Vlad, here's an idea, give up, it ain't worth it. Isn't freedom the basis of democracy. So let's practice what we preach, I mean Russia is a democratic nation now right? You don't see the U.S. fighting wars to keep states in the union, well..... not recently.


Calling the invasion of Iraq "the greatest strategic blunder in 40 years, a mistake more costly than Vietnam," Buchanan writes, "If prudence is the mark of a conservative, Bush has ceased to be a conservative."--New York Times

I feel so weird agreeing with this guy. I mean he stands for so much of what I detest, but as far as foriegn policy goes, I couldn't agree with anyone more. Of course he then goes on to rant like the racist he is, which in turn discredits any sense he makes on any other issue.



The richest country on the planet, and we can't afford to send our kids to school. I knew a girl at SUNY Albany that did porn to pay her tution, and I've known a number of people who sold drugs to do it. There's the lesson learned. You pay through the nose (for years after the fact in most cases) for a sub-standard education, unless of course you're extremely wealthy, and then you can buy a decent one. Sounds like health care to me. Here's to being sick and stupid in the greatest nation on earth.


Where do they keep it all. Three trillion dollars, is there actually three trillion dollars somewhere? Is there that much hard currency in circulation? In a bank? Under somebody's bed? It's almost abstract to think about such a huge amount of cash. I am pretty confident, however, that I could spend it fairly quickly. I'm that good of an American.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004



Anti-depressents linked to suicide risk? I cannot imagine any doctor in good conscience putting a child on an addictive substance like anti-depressants. How can you tell a kid not to smoke pot, but they have to take this pill every day for the rest of their lives, and then be surprised when the child entertains the notion of doing oneself in? Give them hope, not dope.


"The expansive agenda President Bush laid out at the Republican National Convention is likely to be well in excess of $3 trillion over a decade. A staple of Bush's stump speech is his claim that his Democratic challenger, John F. Kerry, has proposed $2 trillion in long-term spending, but the cost of the new tax breaks and spending outlined by Bush far eclipses that of the Kerry plan. Bush's pledge to make permanent his tax cuts, which are set to expire at the end of 2010 or before, would reduce government revenue by about $1 trillion over 10 years." -- Washington Post

It appears that the only thing G.W. has in common with other republicans is his love of guns, God, and greed. He musn't have done well in math at school. Who's his economic advisor, MC Hammer?


WASHINGTON (AP) -- "A growing number of nations are doing a better job than the United States in getting young people through high school and college, a study found. Among adults ages 25 to 34, for example, the United States is 10th among other industrialized nations in the share of its population that has a high school degree."

It's easier to fool a stupid populace into voting for a tough talking cowboy with no agenda other than to saty in office and kick butt. How can an uneducated person make an educated choice on election day. Sure, I'm spinning this story into the current political debate. That's where it belongs. The war may be the only issue for the pundits and the masses, but maybe if G.W. had been a better student he would have bothered to ask somebody other than Jesus about how to handle Iraq.

Monday, September 13, 2004


JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Tens of thousands of people gathered in downtown Jerusalem on Sunday to protest Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to withdraw from Gaza and parts of the West Bank by the middle of next year.

Has everybody gone insane? Sharon makes the single most effective move to bring an end to nearly a half century of violence, and what happens? I guess they've come to enjoy the car bombs. This is an example of why we must keep religion seperate from government.


NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Sony Corp. has reportedly reached an agreement to buy film studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. in a deal worth about $5 billion, a wire report said Monday, just hours after rival Time Warner Inc. dropped out of the bidding.

I'm concerned about this trend. How long before Sony and Disney control all our entertainment? We busted up ATT and it just made things confusing, but it's okay to let these companies keep buying up their competition? Somebody make sense of this for me, please.


"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." -- The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Considering the time it takes to re-load a musket, I don't think that the fore-fathers gave much consideration to Columbine type activity. They did however give us a flexible document that can be changed along with the times. I think it's about time we decide what types of 'arms' we have the right to bear. Guess who's holding that process up?


"The United States gave the Falluja Brigade thousands of uniforms, hundreds of weapons and dozens of radios and trucks. The Marines have asked for them to be returned, and the brigade's former commander has agreed, but there are reports that much of the material is now in the hands of insurgents."--CNN

We have to stop putting guns in the hands of the enemy. We seem to have a bad habit of doing that.


I spent saturday night hanging out with Tony Alva's parents and another couple of their generation. We had a fantastic time. A few months back I spent a few days at the beach with my folks, and again a terrific time was had. My brother and Gotham Gal take their kids to see concerts with them. All around I'm seeing evidence that inclusion breeds respect which in turn improves relations between generations. Twenty years ago I would have laughed at the notion of going to a concert with my folks, but yet that too happened this summer. In my youth it seemed natural to hold one's parents in contempt, nobody I knew really got on with their folks (with the exception of Tony Alva, who's parents have always been cool in my book), but now it seems more and more kids are hanging out with their parents. It must be because our generation, post boomer/pre x-er, is just so damn cool we bring people together.


It's near impossible for Army to feild a competitive football team in this day and age. Since the seventies all the service academies have had to take a back seat in the recruitment department. It's no big secret that talented players are not going to give up three to five years of prime NFL earnings to serve their country. Army will always have strength, intelligence, leadership, and courage to their credit, and those are big assets on the gridiron, but speed and talent will always get purchased away from them. Enter Bobby Ross. Army's alumni association has been working overtime to find the funding to pay Mr. Ross and his coaching staff, and the evidence was on the field on saturday at Army's home opener against Louisville. Of course Louisville won. There was little doubt of the outcome, but what was surprising was the fact that the Black Knights managed to put twenty-one points up on the board. Although they lost, there was an air of triumph about in Michie Stadium, and a well deserved one at that. After last years 0-13 record, it was good to see them have some success. Most Army fans are still crying for the wishbone, and I'll agree that the running game is the best bet for success, but Reggie Nevels managed to complete 9 of 19 for 126 yards, and every time Army crossed the 50 they managed to get the ball in the end zone. It's all up hill for Bobby Ross and Army, but it seems a good amount of that ground has been covered.


Well Rod, doesn't seem that Dallas quite has it together. As for the Patriots/Jets comment, I can only say two words, but they are words worth repeating:
Curtis Martin, Curtis Martin, Curtis Martin, Curtis Martin, Curtis Martin, Curtis Martin.....
It looks like I was right about the Browns/Ravens as well. Anyway, it's going to be an interesting year for all those defenses that Curtis Martin will run all over. Look out for Portis and the Skins as well.

Friday, September 10, 2004


In my post about the Ramones I called them the Mount Rushmore of New York. In that same line of thinking Lou Reed would be the Ben Franlin, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, and Alexander Hamilton all rolled into one. With The Velvet Underground Lou invented New York style Rock and Roll, and set the stage for everyone who would call themselves a punk rocker. Indeed we would have no Ramones without Lou. Every book written about punk starts with a chapter about the Velvets. My partner Chris and I are both big Lou fans (Chris a bit more than me), but we have a long standing argument about what his best post Velvets record is and why. My position is that Transformer is without question his best album, and I credit David Bowie and Mick Ronson with providing Lou with excellent arrangements and production as well as getting great preformances from the notoriously lazy Mr. Reed. My favorite album, however, is Rock And Roll Animal. In 1973 Lou spent a few nights at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and this live album is the result. Lou's band at the time was the best band he ever had. Through Bob Ezrin, who produced the Berlin LP upon which Lou was touring to support, he hooked up with the twin guitar attack of Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter (see Alice Cooper), as well as the talents of drummer Pentti Glan, and bass player Prakash John. This album slams, dives, moves, grooves, and slams again. This is the record that introduced me to Lou (via my brother Fred) and the version of "Sweet Jane" on this record simply kills. Many Lou fans, including Chris, sort of poo poo this record, labelling it the 'heavy metal' record, as if that's a bad thing. Lou never rocked out more, before, or since. That being the case it is a departure, but one hella good one. Since the early seventies Lou has put out good records, bad records, and okay records. He has sunk into alcoholism and speed addiction and come out the other side. He's a legend, an asshole, and a New Yorker to the core. I salute you Lou, and one day maybe I'll have the pleasure of you telling me to fuck off.


CINCINNATI, Ohio (AP) -- Vice President Dick Cheney sought to "clean up" a controversy over comments he made this week, saying that the country must brace for a potential terrorist attack no matter who is elected president. Electing Democrat John Kerry does not mean the United States will be hit again, he said in a newspaper interview published Friday.

I don't think Dick much cares for the taste of crow.

Thursday, September 09, 2004



The new issue of Guitar Player magazine has a novel approach to the much derided but none the less popular pop culture phenomenon: the list. In their "Top Fifty Guitar Tones" they picked fifty guitar players with great tone and then listed them alphabetically. I found no omissions. Beck, Schenker, AC/DC, Johnny Ramone, all the greats and even some I wouldn't have suggested are represented. Kudos to Guitar Player for taking the bite out of listing. It's worthy to note that an easy forty out of the fifty tones were achieved by one of the following four guitar/amp scenarios:
Gibson guitar - Marshall Amp
Fender guitar - Marshall amp
Gibson guitar - Fender amp
Fender guitar - Fender amp.

Vox AC30 and Roland Jazz Chorus were notable amps mentioned more than once.

The Associated Press
Updated: 1:36 p.m. ET Sept. 9, 2004
NEW YORK - Health care costs continued to surge this year as family premiums in employer-sponsored plans jumped 11.2 percent, the fourth year of double-digit growth, according to a new study.

My partner Chris suggested we not purchase insurance, but rather that we should buy stock in the insurance companies. Considering their growth, if you get sick, just cash in the stock.


"Christ would not vote for Barack Obama because Barack Obama has voted to behave in a way that it is inconceivable for Christ to have behaved," - Alan Keyes

I'm so glad that Alan Keyes in touch with Jesus because I've been trying to get ahold of him myself on behalf of the Jets. Alan, can you put in a word for Gang Green with the big guy? It really is good to know that somebody here on earth knows the mind of God, shit, if that's the case we should put you in the Oval Office. You can get a Bat-Phone, only it would be the God-Phone, and we could have a sky light signal made up in the shape of a cross. Oh and hey Alan, I've got some other questions for Jesus: Boxers or Briefs? Coke or Pepsi? Ketchup or mustard on a hot dog? Hell, there's just too much ground to cover here, can I get his number?


I have the feeling that I'm going to regret that top twenty-five list I did, and thusly here's another omission. In 1980, Australia's Rose Tattoo released their debut, 'Rock And Roll Outlaw'. This is another of those 'start to finish' records. This album rocks non-stop. If you took AC/DC, put them in jail for five years, then put them in the studio, this is what you would get. Angry Anderson, as well as having one of the all time great monikers, has one of the most powerful voices in Rock, and considering his staure, five foot is generous, he is certainly an unforgettable prescence. You can check him out in Mad Max - Beyond The Thunderdome as Tina Turner's Major Domo. But this is about the music, right? AC/DC's pre Mutt Lange production team of Vanda/Young (Albert Young, uncle to Angus and Malcom, and former Easybeats member) give the album the urgency found on the early AC/DC albums. The slide guitar of Pete Wells gives Rose Tattoo a flavour not often found in Hard Rock/Heavy Metal. The too solid to be human drums of Dallas 'Digger' Royal keeps the heart of Rose Tattoo thumping throughout this opus of working class angst. Lyrically, Anderson keeps to five main points; the Rose Tattoo philosophy if you will:

Bad girls love bad boys, but good girls love them too.
What you need is mates, staunch and true.
An outlaw life is noble because 'The Man' IS trying to keep you down.
The LAST thing prison does to a man is rehabilitate.
Nice boys don't play rock and roll ("I'm not a nice boy, and I never was")

Rose Tattoo went on to release two other notable albums before internal struggles began their decline into relative obscurity. Although they still tour and release product, their heyday ended with 1982's 'Scarred For Life'.


I have never been a gambling man, mostly because I tend to lose when I do, but for fun I've decided to do my own divisional forcast.

This division holds little interest for me, but since most folks would pick the Ravens, I'm going with the Browns. Kellen Winslow should help the effeminate but talented Garcia put up some numbers. Besides the Browns are a football team, the Ravens wear purple.

Ah, the Jets. JETS JETS JETS! I predict the Jets take all division games. It won't be easy taking down the Patriots, but they will. The only thing I can say about the Dolphins is that in the very distant past they were a great team despite the pastels. By the way, when are we going to give Buffalo to the Canadians anyway?

Though I like Jacksonville, I'm picking the Colts to take this extremely boring division.

It's a tough call, Kansas City looks good, but they always look better than they do. Oakland could give them a fight, but I'm gonna piss off Tony Alva and pick K.C.

No brainer. Green Bay. Right Hue? Favre can't stick around forever. He'll pull an Elway and go out on top.

One thing is for sure, it won't be the Giants. Both Philly and Washington could do it. Philly because they already dominate the division, and Washington because "no bullshit" Joe Gibbs is back, if they had Riggins they could do it, but they don't so I'm picking Philly. (ewwwww)

This division just can't catch a break. Yeah Vick is back, but Atlanta is a doomed team like New Orleans (whom I like, black and gold, go Army!). I like Carolina, DelHomme looked good when I saw him against the Jets last year. The Jets won that game by the way.

The year of the Seahawk. It's gotta happen.

So there you go, tear me apart.


Ollie North's decision to chime in on this issue leaves me no other option than to say what I've been suspecting all along. Those Vietnam veterans who are still holding a grudge after more than thirty years since Kerry's press conference must be guilty of the atrocities he listed, why else would they be so upset? If their consciences were clear, they would have been able to let it go by now.

Friday, September 03, 2004


If you believe that corporations should run rampant and unchecked, then you are a republican.
If you believe that there is a place for religion in government, then you are a republican.
If you believe that tax cuts for the rich benefit the poor, you are a republican.
If you believe that scientific research should be curbed, you are a republican.
If you believe that the Bible is a factual source of information, you are a republican.
If you believe that legislation will stem the tide of homosexuality, then you are a republican.
If you believe that you are right, and everybody else is wrong, you are a republican.



Jason Chervokas has a very well reaserched post about seperation of church and state (Keep Your Religion Out Of My Government). It is for this reason, if no other, we need to vote out the republicans. We are currently on the path toward having more in common with the Taliban than with our own founding fathers.


After all my blogging about television coverage of the convention, I ended up watching exactly none of it. As I mentioned a number of blogs back, I no longer have television at home. I don't have it at my studio. I could have tuned into G.W. last night because I was staying at my brother's house, but for some reason Tom Hanks and Jackie Gleason in "Nothing In Common" seemed a better fit. I'm convalescing from minor surgery, and I'm supposed to be taking it easy, so for health reasons, I opted out of the RNC. I guess in all fairness I must admit to a waning in my electoral zealotry. I'm getting tired, and I blame the media. Right? That's where we put all the blame these days - the media. It's always the media's fault, isn't it? As if 'the media' is some sort of outside influence, a common enemy. The media is a mirror I'm afraid, and we are all to blame for it. Alas, I digress. I'll save it for another blog.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004



"Our greatest wish was to establish peace," he said. "During all of those 10 years, there was no discrimination against anyone" inside Serbia.-- Slobodan Milosevic

So the Kosovites were killed by somebody else? How long before he blames extra-terrestrials? The one thing I agree with him on is that this trial has gone on way too long. He should have been drawn and quartered years ago.



BOSTON, Massachusetts (Reuters) -- "Police Wednesday arrested a man in connection with last week's pipe bomb explosion at a Boston-area laboratory specializing in stem-cell research. The man had already been charged last year with trying to blow up the same building."

In the movie 'Hannah And Her Sisters' Max Von Sydow has one of the greatest lines ever:
"If Jesus came back today and saw what goes on in his name, he'd never stop throwing up."

The religios right is just as fanatical and dangerous as any jihad oriented muslim terror organization. Laura Bush, in defense of G.W.'s limit on stem cell research, said that it was unfair to give people 'false hope' that a cure for alzheimer's was 'around the corner'. That is simply the stupidest thing I've heard. We'll never turn the corner with this dark age mentality. I'm sure the families of the people who suffer from alzheimer's would like it if we at least give it our best shot. How can we if we tie the hands of our scientific community? This is all very remenicent of the Spanish Inquisition and what the Catholic Church did to Galileo. Personally, I like Jesus. I'm down with the J man, but his message has been twisted by power hungry jerk-offs, and even the facts of his life have been changed to accomodate their attempts to control the populace. Modern christianity has very little to do with Jesus, and nothing to do with fact.
"Seperation of chuch and state? Which church and what state?" -- Gil Scott Heron


"Fred is a typical liberal - raving with righteous indignation while stinking to high heaven of hypocrisy. Not to mention thin-skinned; watch, he'll delete this comment too." --Mandown

This is what I'm talking about. On Fred's post 'The Smile and The Knife In The Back' there was a good debate going on about 527's and I was actually learning something (good point Jeff) when this guy (Mandown) chimes in with the quote from above. This isn't doing anybody any service. It's angry name calling, and very immature. Mandown, my mother used to say; 'If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all'. My dad used to say; 'Better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you're a fool than to open it and remove all doubt'. I say; 'Go fuck yourself'.

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