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Thursday, September 09, 2004



The new issue of Guitar Player magazine has a novel approach to the much derided but none the less popular pop culture phenomenon: the list. In their "Top Fifty Guitar Tones" they picked fifty guitar players with great tone and then listed them alphabetically. I found no omissions. Beck, Schenker, AC/DC, Johnny Ramone, all the greats and even some I wouldn't have suggested are represented. Kudos to Guitar Player for taking the bite out of listing. It's worthy to note that an easy forty out of the fifty tones were achieved by one of the following four guitar/amp scenarios:
Gibson guitar - Marshall Amp
Fender guitar - Marshall amp
Gibson guitar - Fender amp
Fender guitar - Fender amp.

Vox AC30 and Roland Jazz Chorus were notable amps mentioned more than once.

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