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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Tony Alva came up from Georgia this past Friday, and we spent the weekend mostly trying to ignore the fact that we're a couple of geezers. I was doubly blessed because My Baby came up from DC as well. Friday night we caught The X's at The Continental. Tony was impressed, as I knew he would be. They are damn good. John Law, vocals/guitar, went to high school with Tony and myself, so it was a reunion of sorts. Afterward, Tony, My Baby and myself chilled out on the porch of my brother's house, played some guitar, sang some songs (Only Women Bleed), and discussed my 'hating'. Apparently I'm a hater. Objects of my hatred: Star Jones, Rosie O'Donnell, and Tom Cruise. Can I be blamed?
Saturday brought us to Smoke and Mirrors, the music studio that I operate with my partner Chris. My Baby hung back to do some work, she would meet us out in Brooklyn later. We began the day prepping for our evening session, a cover of Pink Floyd's 'Us and Them', but first we had a session with KIDD. KIDD resurrected some of his old material, and really brought it to life. KIDD never forgets a beat, it's a shame he can't remember it's name though. "It's that party joint." He was happy to see his old friend Tony, and by the time My Baby came out, the session had taken on the family reunion vibe.
After the hip hop left the building, we turned our attention back to 'Us and Them'. Long time readers will know that Chris and I spent a year and a half recording our version of Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'. It was a massive undertaking, and though Chris and I disagree on many things, we agreed that we weren't going to do that again. Enter the Classic Album DVD series. I recommend this series for anyone who is not only a fan, but a student of rock and roll. Eagle Rock Entertainment has made a bunch of these DVD's that feature a classic album. They interview those involved, revisit the environments, and discuss the record and it's development both creatively and technically. Well, Tony got hold of the 'Dark Side of the Moon' DVD, and he got the bug. Tony's original missives to Smoke and Mirrors involved a project of a grand scale, but Chris managed to talk Tony down to one song - 'Us and Them'.
'Us and Them' captures Pink Floyd quite possibly at their most quinessential moment. Lyrically it's an enduring masterpiece who's theme, unfortunately will always resonate. Musically it's basic point is twofold; less is more, and precision is everything.
The Smoke and Mirrors team assembled weeks ago to lay the foundation. Rob Machold laid down a typically fantastic drum track, and Chris and I worked up some scratch vocals, guitars, and keyboards. By the time Tony stepped up to the mic, the song had already taken on it's most basic shape. We spent Saturday night working on the verse vocals. That was when Tony found out about the precision part. I don't know if Roger Waters intended to write this song in iambic pentameter, but he did. I have had the advantage of studying Shakespeare, and Chris has internalized every note of the record, so poor Tony had to do take after take until we were satisfied. I love recording Tony's voice. It's very rich, and he always gives you a ton of signal. By the time we got Tony's verses and Chris' double, and it was quitting time. Back to the porch, then off to bed.
On Sunday morning we all met for brunch with Annie (of Chris and Annie fame) at Lola's on Graham St. I had Cello Citos, which were corn cakes with eggs and tomatillo sauce, yum. Eggs Benedict was the more popular item at the table. Then Chris, Annie, My Baby, Tony, and Mr. Buckingtons went to the studio for round two of Tony vs. The Dark Side.
Day two was easier, as Tony had settled in a bit. We did the big chorus vocals. It's no easy matter to try to achieve even a fraction of what Rick Wright and Dave Gilmour did with their voices on that section. We gave it our best, and I'm happy with the results. Tony and Chris' voices blend well. Again it was a matter of beating the individual into submission with endless takes, until there's no lead vocal, just one big voice. I left to take My Baby to the train, and when I got back it was time to work on Tony's guitar in the verse, the arpeggio. It's not an easy part to play, but we got enough good bits to do the job.
It had already been a long day when Chris left, but Tony and I stayed and recorded two podcasts, an all UFO podcast, and a 'forgotten classics' podcast. We had much fun. I have sent them to Hue, and will notify you all when they go live.
Monday during the day we took care of some errands, waited in vain for the Netflix delivery of 'UFO, Strangers in the Night' DVD, and drove to Jersey to see Cheap Trick and Alice Cooper, where we did see Larry David, and did not see Jason Chervokas. Cheap Trick's sound sucked ass. They were given 'warm up act sound', and I think that sucks. They are Cheap Trick, and they deserve the same sound as Alice. Alice was great, as always. We hooked up with some friends of mine, Lance from the Horse You Rode In On, and Woody Berg, a notable Broadway figure, and consumer of frosty beverages.
On Tuesday Tony and I had a 'Solder Day', and we cleaned a good portion of our Soundcraft console, strip by strip. It was actually kinda fun. I am so glad we decided to buy this board. Modular is the way to go, definitely. Around four o'clock Tony got the call that the rest of the Alva family had touched down, and he was off to his ladies. I cleaned some more strips, then Chris showed up, followed by House of Blondes, and it was back to business, the business of rocking. The House of Blondes tracks are taking up shape very nicely, and I suspect you'll hear them on a podcast near you very soon.

Friday, August 26, 2005


Chris and I spent the past few days doing some work on a short film by John Adams, aka John Law of The X's. John and I recorded a song for the end credits, and Chris and I edited. mixed and mastered the audio for the film. He shot in HD video, and it looks great. His wife, Toby - The Boss, stars in the film. They are submitting it to Sundance, and I wish them the best. Doing film audio is a departure for me, but Chris has a goodly amount of experience from his days at the Daily Show. I'm very happy with the song. John laid down his tracks quikcly on a modified stock Machold beat, then he began requesting all my favorite little studio tricks, backwards reverb, distortion drums, odd synth noises. My favorite bit was the laughing. During one vocal take John let out some crazy maniacal luaghter. We ditched the rest of the take, and added four more tracks of cackling. I love that shit. I guess the highpoint, personally, was when Chris came in and heard what we had done. I think we surprised him. Not easy to do.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


It looks like we'll be able to secure a deal with Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Bjork. It invovles a lot of smoked fish. TEDSTOCK is living up to it's tag line. With two months to go, and only one with an available Machold, it seems the Brain Shivers and Via Skyway folks have their work cut out for them. Happy Boy rehearsal #1 went well, and I'm excited to be playing live again. Will this be the end of our 'Steely Dan' years at Smoke and Mirrors? Will I become a legendary concert promoter and syphlitic bastard? Only time will tell.


Sunday, October 30
Trash Bar
Grand St. and Roebling Ave.
Williamsburg Brooklyn

The Four Fellas
Geek Farm
The Lost Patrol
Andy Rock Band
Via Skyway
Symmetrical Twin
Happy Boy
The Horse You Rode In On
The X's


Two WAL-MART employees were gunned down outside their store in Arizona by an apparently mentally disturbed man. The AP article posted here, goes on to say that there is no apparent motive for the shooting, but does not report the probability that the gun was purchased in the very same store.


'NEW YORK (Reuters) -- Nine northeastern U.S. states are working on a plan to cap and then reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, the first U.S. deal of its kind and one which would see the region breaking with President George W. Bush who refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol' - CNN

California, Washington and Oregon are considering making the same move. Now that we have some momentum can we break from Bush on another matter, that of his being in office?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Well the Stones have a new record out, and the usual questions are being asked, and the usual derision is being handed out to certain records that have been time and again accused of being less than good, most notably, Black and Blue. Stop it, now. How many Rolling Stones albums have they made? Let's see.

England's Newest Hitmakers
12 x 5

The Rolling Stones, Now!
Out Of Our Heads
December's Children (And Everybody's)

Between The Buttons
Their Satanic Majesties Request

Beggars Banquet

Let It Bleed

Sticky Fingers
Exile On Main Street
Goat's Head Soup
It's Only Rock'n'roll

Black And Blue

Some Girls

Emotional Rescue

Tattoo You


Dirty Work
Steel Wheels

Voodoo Lounge
Bridges To Babylon

And now the new one, A Bigger Bang. That's 24 US releases, not counting live albums, ep's, and compilations. Multiply by ten gives you 240 songs. Thta's alot of music. Can you expect them to release Exile after Exile? Considering what was going on in the Stones camp during Black and Blue the only surprising thing is that it got made at all. I think it's a damn good record and I'm tired of hearing how it's 'unfinished' or 'weak'. Hand of Fate. God damn that song rocks. Lyrically I think it's one of Mick's best.

The hand of fate is on me now
It pick me up and knock me down
I'm on the run, I'm prison bound
The hand of fate is heavy now
I killed a man, I'm highway bound
The wheel of fortune keeps turning round
Turning round, turning round
I should have known it was a one horse town

My sweet girl was once his wife
He had papers the judge had signed
The wind blew hard, it was stormy night
He shot me once, but I shot him twice
The hand of fate is on me now
It pick me up and it kicked me right down
Kicked me right down
Kicked me right down

Killer stuff. Cherry Oh Baby is great. I even like the silly Billy Preston inspired vamp Melody. Sorry guys, this one's good. Go knock on Emotional Rescue or Dirty Work, but not too much, there's gold in them hills as well.

Monday, August 22, 2005


The Horse You Rode In On has agreed to re-form for TEDSTOCK, a tour of Japan is being discussed. Note to self; order more beer.



Hue has kindly offered space at Huezine for my podcast. Thank You Hue. Now you can hear the magic at a decent bit-rate. This weeks offerings:

All Nite - Acquiesce
New York, New York - Hue and Q Mooksuki
Stoned Again - Smoke and Mirrors Band (Chris and Rob Machold, and Myself)
Stop That - KIDD
Just Another Suicide - Chris Pace
Fucked Up - WWIX
Jelous Man - Grand Ultimate
My Blog - Symetrical Twins (Chris and Jackson)

I'm going to use my podblaze account to post single songs.

Saturday, August 20, 2005


"Gray's Papaya most of the time but if I find myself in the Madison Square Park neighborhood, I am really partial to the Taxi Dog at the Shake Shack."- Elliott Spitzer

That is the answer given by Elliott to question 5; 'Where do you go to get a dog?' Elliott's reply is incorrect. If the question had been; 'Where do you get a hot dog?', then his answer would be correct. Chris' answer; 'any one of the many shelters in and around NYC', is the correct answer.

Elliott's response however indicates to me that I was right about him, and that he's worthy of my support. I can understand why he chose to only answer question 5. I said it was the most important, and so he took a moment out of his busy schedule to answer it.

The correct answers to the other questions are as follows:

1) 1) Elliott, do you think the american music industry will ever be ethical in it's business practices? How do you deal with independant promoters who funnel money from the big record companies to big radio companies?

The answer is, 'No'. Again Chris got this one right as well.

2) Elliott, who's better, UFO or Rush?

Trick question. There is no correct answer. Better at what?

3) Elliott, how do you personally feel about marijuana legalization, marijuana usage, and manditory minimums for marujuana related offenses?

The only correct answer to this is that our current laws regarding marijuana are silly, outdated, and need to be changed. Obviously, Elliott is the Attorney General for New York, and can't answer this question honestly without causing a political problem for himself. I understand Elliott, and your silence speaks volumes.

4) Elliott, c'mon, your a Jets fan, right? (A very important question Elliott, and I suggest you take your time with it.)

Obviously the correct answer is given in the question. Again no reply on this one from Elliott. I am going to assume that he didn't answer because it was a forgone conclusion, of course he's a Jet fan. Isn't everybody?

The main thing is that Elliott responded. He showed himself to be a good sport, and recognizes my blog, Savage Distortion, as the most important political forum for this upcoming election.

Elliott you have my vote - don't screw it up.

I will note that I have successfully engaged two out of three New York politicos on my blog. Chuck, I'm still awaiting a response from you. Schumer is old school, he might not even have a computer.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


The bands have been finalized, more or less, as has been the running order, more or less:

4pm - 8pm:

Teddy Ramone
Four Fellas
Geek Farm
The Lost Patrol

8pm - 2am

Symetrical Jeans
Via Skyway
Happy Boy
The X's
Andy Rock Band

There may be some shifting, and there's still a chance that other acts show up as well. I told Jon Bonjovi that if Andy Rock can't make it, they can fill in, but Sambora can't wear any hats, and we get to use their lights. There's the possibility of Acquiesce and The Horse You Rode In On as well.

In order to get moving on the promo materials and merchandising we need to finalize the tag line:

TEDSTOCK - One Day of No Peace and __________

I like 'Chicken'. I also like 'Sandwiches'.


Monday, August 15, 2005


I've been blogspammed three times now. Twice here by religious nutjobs (I know, redundant), and once on my private Bio Blog by some gem trading company. That shows how crappy their strategy is; who's gonna buy yer damn stones - nobody reads that blog. I ain't buyin' no damn stupid rocks. Precious stones, hah! Precious to whom? Not me. Gems, jewelery, I got no time for that crap.

Have I mentioned that I'm considering marriage?


I think Elliott Spitzer is cool, I think. I'm not sure though. I see him on the train to DC all the time, he can be seen in the cafe car with his documents spread out and and enjoying a Corona or two. He seems like a regular guy. He is the New York State Attorney General, so he's suspect on the basis of guilt by association, but I'm going to give him a chance. I like how he dealt with Sony and that Lopez slut and her shitty records, so I'm going to give Elliott a chance to engage us. I'm going to ask him 5 questions, the answers to which will reveal the man behind the badge. Based on his reply, which is to say that if Elliott has the balls to comment on my blog, he'll gain points for merely participating in the blogsphere. He doesn't currently have a blog, or at least not that I could find, but he could register to comment like so many others.

1) Elliott, do you think the american music industry will ever be ethical in it's business practices? How do you deal with independant promoters who funnel money from the big record companies to big radio companies?

2) Elliott, who's better, UFO or Rush?

3) Elliott, how do you personally feel about marijuana legalization, marijuana usage, and manditory minimums for marujuana related offenses?

4) Elliott, c'mon, your a Jets fan, right? (A very important question Elliott, and I suggest you take your time with it.)

5) This last question is the most important of them all, Elliott. I pray for you on this one. Truly, I wish to support you as Govenor, but we have to get past this one last issue. Elliott, where do you go to get a dog?

We await your response.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Need a drum throne? Need another? Just call Tony Alva. His warehouse outside Atlanta is filled with.....drum thrones. No variety here, just one model available, because that's how good it is. These quality 'stools' can be used for various seating and display applications. Perfect for acoustic guitarists, drummers, and ferns! Don't wait, get yours now while supply lasts.


It's Alright
6 AM
Sometimes the Dark
Morning Sickness
There She Goes Again
Plastic Girl
Thumbnail Moon
Questioningly (during which the band breaks up, and re-forms)
Jesus on the Couch
Princess Leia
Peace Chicken

About an hour......

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I used to read comic books like any other twelve year-old. I haven't clung to comic books like some do, I have heavy metal to keep me fifteen eternally, but none the less I did go through my Marvel Comics phase, and my guys were the loner types. I didn't much go for the 'League of Superheroes' type thing like the X-Men, The Avengers, The Fantastic Four et al. I liked the guys that acted on their own, outside society, outside the law. I was into Iron Man (although he did have a link to the Avengers), Daredevil, and the Black Panther. Outcasts among outcasts. Loose Cannons. Guys with big old chips on their shoulders, alcoholism, blindness, racial discrimination.
Who's your favorite superhero, and why?


I went to CBGB last night to see Figo and I took a moment to think about what CBGB means to me and why it should be saved from extinction. To set the record straight, CBGB is a horror of a club to play logistically. It's one long room, with the stage angled out so as to create better sight lines, but a nighmare for the loading in and out of the necessary Marshalls, Ampegs, and Ludwigs. The anlged stage creates a space of about two and a half feet that must be traversed, shoving aside drunken punters and puntettes, to get to the band rooms, and the notorious bathrooms.

Okay, the joke:

What is the difference between a cheap hooker, and the bathroom at CBGB?

It's safe to shit on the hooker.

So it suffers from bad planning, but Hilly Kristal wasn't planning on getting what he got when he opned his storefront in December of 1973. He wanted to start a club for his writer/artist crowd of freinds who were into Country, BlueGrass, and Blues. Thusly CBGB is an acronym, but shortly after opening, young punk bands (Television, Ramones, et al) with nowhere to play (The Mercer Arts Center collapsed in 1973) created a scene, and made Hilly's acronym not only obscure, but wrong. What did fit was the second even more obscure acronym beneath CBGB on the front awning; OMFUG. Original Music For Uplifing Gormandizers. Thats' the tie that binds every band that has had the experience of playing there. We're OMFUG to the bone.

See Hilly's History at: http://www.cbgb.com/history1.htm

So, to the point. CBGB is facing extinction from it's landlord, the Bowery Resident's Commitee, who have been negligent, and obstinant, in their efforts to clear CBGB from the bulding so they can cash in by renting the building out to NYU. NYU is the kudzu of New York, and it must be stopped. For the amount of revenue thay have at their disposal, they could buy all of Staten Island and set up shop.

Not only is CBGB a cultural landmark that attracts tourism, but it's my childhood playground. It's like the Brady Bunch episode where the kids save the park from developers. It's time for us to save OUR playground, and it's not too late.

What can you do? Go here: http://www.savecbgb.org/

You can also go CBGB, hang out, and have a good time. Who cares who's playing? Pay the cover ($10), get a drink (something in a bottle is best) and sit in back and soak in the atmosphere. It is okay to shower when you get home.

Please help me save my playground. One day I'd like to take my grandkids there and say; 'that's where grandpa realized he couldn't sing to save his life, but that didn't have to stop him from doing it anyway.'

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


The new podcast is up. (smokeandmirrors.podblaze.com) This week we feature Ice-A-Tone, Becca Byram, Ben Simon, Brain Shivers rejects, Ken Weingold's solo debut, and so much more.

Friday, August 05, 2005


On August 16, 1980 a special thing happened at the Castle Donnington Raceway in the United Kindom. Heavy Metal arrived. Twenty-five years ago a throng of loud and unruly types convened and put on the first of what would become the now infamous Monsters of Rock festivals at Donnington. One year later I wandered into Nuggets in Kenmore Square and purchased, for 1.99, the coolest record I own, Castle Donnington: Monsters of Rock. The bill that year was headlined by Judas Preist, Rainbow, and the Scorpions, with support from Saxon, April Wine, Riot, and Touch. Since all those bands were Mercury/Polygram artists, it was a no-brainer to release a record featuring highights from the show. Unfortunately Judas Preist were the sole act on the bill not associated with Mercury (they are Columbia recording artists), and they don't appear on the record. If they had, the world would have exploded because you can't have all that rockin' on one record. Rainbow and the Scorpions made out well, because they each got an extra track on the record. Rainbow's line-up at the time featured vocalist Graham 'your as daft as I am' Bonnett, who has an amazing voice, but had alcohol and wardrobe problems. Their two songs are the epic Dio co-penned 'Stargazer', which is the best thing Ritchie Blackmore did outside of Deep Purple, and the comic 'All Night Long'. How many times will rock bands use this title? The call and response whistling is worth the price of admission. The Scorpions hit it lean and mean with 'Loving You Sunday Morning', and 'Another Peice of Meat'. I saw the Scorpions not long after this show, and man, I have never seen a more hard rocking band ever. Saxon gives us 'Backs to the Wall', which was my intro to Saxon, and I've taken a boat load of crap about being a Saxon fan (Saxon Militia Gurd card carrying member since 1981), but they embody the most earnest and basic fundamentals of Metal. Saxon is metal. Their records got real bad real fast, but from 79-83 they were tops in my book, right up there with Priest, the Scorps, Motorhead, and Maiden. April Wine's 'I Like To Rock' does just that, even the Touch tune, 'Don't Ya Know What Love Is' is a great song. Riot's 'Road Racing' is the weak link, but they'd make up for it the next year with their only great record, 'Restless Breed', which would feature a new and much needed singer, Brett Forrester, who sounds alot like Paul Rodgers in a good amount of pain.

This record has been out of print since the day after it came out. In fact I think it may have been a promo only that went to radio stations, Nuggets always had alot of those. Anyway, it's the coolest record I own. You can find it here: http://www.sunsetwestproductions.com/cds/castle.htm. Incidently, when I was doing the wee bit of research I sometimes do (get the date right), I googled 'Castle Donnington 1980', and about five entries down was a link to avc.blogs.com, Fred's blog, and a comment I made about Nuggets, and this record. Fred is Ubiquity.


Eu necessito algum amor, assim que dê-me algum que você sabe eu quero algum amor, assim que me gire sobre às vezes eu sinto assim que baixo, às vezes eu sinto que eu estou no alto, você conheço agora a menina eu odeio começar, ' cos então você que vai parar Chorus: Eu estou na necessidade do amor, eu estou na necessidade do amor, eu estou na necessidade do amor e eu sou hopin ' que você está na necessidade de mim Agora eu quero algum amor, assim que dê-me algum que você sabe que eu necessito algum amor, assim que me gire nele é justo que diabo em mim que sustentos no comin ' completamente - toda a hora quando as coisas começam o lookin ' bom, azul do lookin do começo de algumas coisas ' chorus Agora eu quero algum amor, assim que dê-me algum que você sabe que eu necessito algum amor, assim que me gire no sustento das coisas no giro ' redondo, quando as coisas devem ser sittin ' em linha reta - gire agora em torno da menina que não é minha falha, mim supõem que é justa meu fate - você conhece-me ' Cos todo eu quero é amor, assim que gire-me sobre - você have.got a e tudo que eu necessito é amor, assim que dê-me algum - apenas um pouco ' Cos todo eu quero sou amor, assim que gire-me sobre - uma mais vez toda eu necessito é amor, assim que dê-me algum - o ooh fá-lo yeah gosta que ' Cos todo eu quero é amor, assim que me gire em - e e em tudo eu necessito está o amor.....


"I mean, they're not gunna kill ya, so if you give 'em a quick short,
sharp, shock, they won't do it again. Dig it? I mean he get off
lightly, 'cos I would've given him a thrashing - I only hit him once!
It was only a difference of opinion, but really...I mean good manners
don't cost nothing do they, eh?"

The quote is of course from 'Us and Them'. From that to German, to French, and then back to English get's you:

"I mean, they are not gunna put at not died ya, therefore, if you ' EM a fast court give, pointed, impact, repeat them him. Do you dig it? mean how it receives far easily, ' Lattich I the would' ve, that to strike is given to him - that I strike only one time him! It was only one divergence of opinions, but... I really mean that nothing they, costs a good manners like?"

What's lattich?


Wir und sie und nach allen sind wir nur gewöhnliche Männer. Ich und Sie. Gott weiß nur, daß es noz ist, was wir beschließen würden, zu tun. Schicken Sie ihn schrie von der Rückseite nach und der vordere Rank starb. Und allgemeine gesessen und die Linien auf dem Diagramm bewogen von Seite zu Seite.

Nero ed azzurro e chi conosce quale è quale e chi è chi. Su e giù. Ma alla fine è soltanto arrotonda e rotondo. Non avete vi siete sentiti che è una battaglia delle parole l'elemento portante del manifesto ha gridato. Ascolta il figlio, che ad esempio che l'uomo con la pistola là è stanza per voi all'interno.

"Je veux dire, ils ne sont pas ya de mise à mort de gunna, ainsi si vous donnez à 'fin de support un court rapide, pointu, choc, ils ne le feront pas encore. Creusez-le ? Je veux dire qu'il descendent légèrement, 'would've de cos I donné lui une rossée - je le frappe seulement une fois ! C'était seulement une divergence de vues, est-ce que mais vraiment... je veux dire que les bonnes façons ne coûtent rien elles, hein ?"

Abajo y fuera de él no puede ser ayudado pero hay muchos de ellos alrededor. Con, fuera. ¿Y el who'll lo niega es sobre lo que que lucha el todos? Apartado, es un día ocupado que tengo cosas en mi mente. Por el deseo del precio del té y de una rebanada el viejo hombre murió.


"Of course the performer thinks he is most important, and the engineer thinks the performance is most important, but what is actually most important is the song, without which neither performer or engineer have much to do but bitch and eat chips." - Xia Xan Lu

Thursday, August 04, 2005


A deal has been struck, confirmations have been made. TEDSTOCK is on baby. The last minute showing of a group of west coast investors (some folks from Nappa, and a couple from Humboldt) gave us the leverage we needed to secure the deal. What really put us over was the name dropping of one John Law of the X's. I guess high school is good for something after all. I have two weeks to finalize the particulars of the bill. Who and when, we know what after all. Then posters get made, T-shirts get made, we have monkeys and we're experimenting with all kinds of ideas. Fell free to make suggestions folks, after all, This Is Your Tedstock.


Located on Grand St. in Williamsburg, one block from my studio, it will probably be the location for TEDSTOCK. I went there last night to see Figo, Paul's band, not to be confused with Acquiesce, Paul's other band, or Formula One, which mutated into Figo via some line-up changes and some new material. I must say, I like watching Figo play, there's a sense of abandon that wasn't there when they were Formula One, and much less posturing. I can chalk a good lot of that up to the departure of their former singer Skippy Gallagher. I have to go back to Trash Bar two more times today. Once with the team of backers that are financing TEDSTOCK, and then again tonight to see The X's. It's kinda weird becasue about a month ago I saw the X's and Figo on the same night in two seperate clubs, and now I'll be seeing them in the same club on two seperate, but consecutive nights, and the venue is where I'm negotiating to put on the event of the fall season in New York. I'm telling you that TEDSTOCK will be bigger than the lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Center/Plaza/Thingy. Just my using all capitals when typing TEDSTOCK makes the event a very big deal. In fact, though they cut it from the segment, Biff Henderson asked me about TEDSTOCK last week.

Last night I had an epiphany about TEDSTOCK. I had been concerned about how to get it all in. I don't want to force my family to spend nine hours in a rock club, and I didn't want to turn any interested bands away. I never thought that I'd have this much interest. Telling Jon Bon Jovi that he couldn't play TEDSTOCK was the hardest thing I've had to do, but I just don't have room on the bill for any more bands.

The Four Fellas, Geek Farm, The X's, Figo, Microdot, Brain Shivers/Via Skyway, The Andy Rock Band, The Symetrical Jeans Band, Happy Boy, Just One, Acquiesce (not confirmed), The Horse You Rode In On (not confirmed)

I'm sure there will be addidtions, and I've probably left somebody out, but you see the potential difficulty. My solution is to book the venue as a private function from 4 - 8 PM, and then clear out the food, let those who would like to escape have an opportunity to do so without awkwardness, and then open the club up to the general public, keep playing, and let the bar charge a cover if they want (we will have stamps or wristbands for TEDSTOCK guests). There's too much potential to make this thing an event, and I don't want to burden my family with how massive TEDSTOCK will become.

As per Hue's comment, the date is Sunday, October 30.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Did anybody tape or Tivo the Letterman show last night? I'd like to see it. I don't have a TV.

Monday, August 01, 2005


The new Podcast is up. Back to the original format. Featured guest track by George Vitray.




I saw Dave Mathews. I breathed in a ton of dust. I had black boogers for two days. Dave Mathews was very good. His band was great. Robert Randolph and Family Band was great. I wonder if their boogers were balck too?


When I got out to the beach, I realized that I didn't have a book. That's unthinkable, so we went to Bookhampton in Easthampton, and I bought 'Whores: An Oral History of Perry Ferrell and Jane's Addiction". It's a collection of quotes from about thirty or so insiders, and is basically a synopsis of the LA club scene during the mid to late eighties. Having already read the Anthony Keidis bio, I was somewhat familiar with the setting. I burned through it so fast, that I needed to buy another book yesterday. I ended up with two (thanks Baby); "Motley Crue; The Dirt" and 'The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal". I'm half way through the Crue book, and it's a gas, much funnier that the Jane's book. Same sad disease, and many of the same settings, but told with far less reverence, and a lot more memorable quotes.

Nikki Sixx: I took heroin to ease the pain of life, which is the pain of not being on heroin.

Fortunately, most of you will never know how astute a statement that is. It sounds funny, it is funny, but it's also very accurately describes the disease state. The Jane's book is way more heavy in terms of attitude. It's much the same story; a junkie band hits the big time, let the disaster begin. The Jane's book lacks the humor that I feel comes from an adjusted, and sober, review of the times, which is to say that it would seem that the Jane's crew is still working out some issues.

Jane's Addiction was a far better band in every respect than Motley Crue, and I bet even Nikki Sixx would agree, but I'm finding these Motley guys rather endearing. Whereas I don't think I'd want to hang out with Perry Ferrell or David Navarro, one would freak me out, and the other would bum me out, I'd enjoy time with Nikki, Tommy, Vince or Mick......today, not twenty years ago. I'm glad I never got the chance to hang out with either band twenty years ago when I would have welcomed it, I could have died.

I haven't finished the Crue book yet. I'm fairly sure I know how it ends, and it's not going to be "...and then they became great musicians." But in one way they are a great band, like dude, they got a ton of chicks man. (well, not Mick)


My Baby and I spent a few days with my Brother (avc.blogs.com) and Sister In Law (gothamgal.blogs.com) at their beach house in Amagansett. We spend a few days out there every summer, and it's something I very much look forward to. When I'm out there, I'm a different person. I'm able to chill. It's a mindset that I can only seem to achieve when I'm out there. It's all about reading a good book, drinking cold beer, and eating the best meals. I like to sit by the pool, and chill with the book, the beer, and some doobie. The beach is cool, and I love to go down there early in the morning or after the sun goes down. During the day, however, I'm a pool guy.

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