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Saturday, August 20, 2005


"Gray's Papaya most of the time but if I find myself in the Madison Square Park neighborhood, I am really partial to the Taxi Dog at the Shake Shack."- Elliott Spitzer

That is the answer given by Elliott to question 5; 'Where do you go to get a dog?' Elliott's reply is incorrect. If the question had been; 'Where do you get a hot dog?', then his answer would be correct. Chris' answer; 'any one of the many shelters in and around NYC', is the correct answer.

Elliott's response however indicates to me that I was right about him, and that he's worthy of my support. I can understand why he chose to only answer question 5. I said it was the most important, and so he took a moment out of his busy schedule to answer it.

The correct answers to the other questions are as follows:

1) 1) Elliott, do you think the american music industry will ever be ethical in it's business practices? How do you deal with independant promoters who funnel money from the big record companies to big radio companies?

The answer is, 'No'. Again Chris got this one right as well.

2) Elliott, who's better, UFO or Rush?

Trick question. There is no correct answer. Better at what?

3) Elliott, how do you personally feel about marijuana legalization, marijuana usage, and manditory minimums for marujuana related offenses?

The only correct answer to this is that our current laws regarding marijuana are silly, outdated, and need to be changed. Obviously, Elliott is the Attorney General for New York, and can't answer this question honestly without causing a political problem for himself. I understand Elliott, and your silence speaks volumes.

4) Elliott, c'mon, your a Jets fan, right? (A very important question Elliott, and I suggest you take your time with it.)

Obviously the correct answer is given in the question. Again no reply on this one from Elliott. I am going to assume that he didn't answer because it was a forgone conclusion, of course he's a Jet fan. Isn't everybody?

The main thing is that Elliott responded. He showed himself to be a good sport, and recognizes my blog, Savage Distortion, as the most important political forum for this upcoming election.

Elliott you have my vote - don't screw it up.

I will note that I have successfully engaged two out of three New York politicos on my blog. Chuck, I'm still awaiting a response from you. Schumer is old school, he might not even have a computer.

It has come to my attention that I've been had. That wasn't really Elliott. I will not give up. More questions for Elliott coming.
I can't believe someone would respond as the Attorney General without being the Attorney General.

Clearly a case of identity theft. Perhaps you should try contacting the Attorney General.
I have been trying to contact the Attorney General, I will keep on him til he diegns to respond. I dare say his future in politics is on the line.
Wait a minute, you're trying to contact the Attorney General?
I'd like to speak to the Attorney General please.
Why don't you try contacting Elliot Spitzer?
You guys are giving me the only laugh I’ve had in weeks…

The fact that your respondent didn't ferociously claim to be a Jets fan should have given it away.
Here's a solution -

Get in touch with the REAL Attorney General (I think it's Spitzer) and have HIM answer the questions.
Why didn't I think of that?
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