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Saturday, October 28, 2006


Green Bay over Arizona
Cincinnati over ATL
Houston at Tennesee - hmmm, I'll go with Houston
Jacksonville loses in Philly
Seattle loses in KC
Chicago over San Fran
Tampa destroyed by The New York Football Giants
St. Louis loses in San Diego
Indy loses in Denver
Jets win in Cleveland
Pittsburgh wins in Oakland
Dallas loses in Carolina
New England is embarrased on Monday Night in Minnesota

I hope.....

Friday, October 27, 2006


Steve Irwin was a terrorist, and it's about time somebody stood up and said so. This man made his living by terrorizing animals.

Live by the stingray, die by the stingray.

I understnd that his family is grieving, but I'm so sick of his canonization by the media, as if he was some sort of philanthropic do-gooder, he was a moron, and a bastard, and if anyone ever deserved to die by stingray, it was Steve Irwin.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


GW signed a bill that allows for the construction of the proposed Mexico fence - but there's no money attached to the bill. That's because he knows it will never happen. It's a feignt to try and drum up some last minute credibility for the GOP as it heads into a battle for primacy in Congress. He knows they can't stand on any moral issues, so it's gotta be security - which they haven't really done a thing about for all of their Homeland Security spin.


These are a few of my favorites.

For the entire Smoke and Mirrors collection

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

John Frusciante - Your Pussy's Glued To A Building On Fire

The title alone is worth the post. This is one of the tunes on his solo record that he did when he was lost, sad, brave, and painful.

John Frusciante - The Past Recedes

An ancient Martin, a Neuman, a SSL, and loads of talent.


Welcome to the new Smoke And Mirrors Brooklyn.

We are located at 17 Moultrie Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Take the full tour here.

This is Chris, he makes records.

This is Buck, he's a good boy.

This is the control room.

We have a window into our live room.

This is Ace. He gives us the power to rock.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


"Rarely have the Dallas Cowboys, usually in all their glory on Monday night, looked so inglorious in prime time. It's not just that the Cowboys were spanked by the New York Giants, 36-22, here at Texas Stadium, it's that they looked so uncommonly bad in losing." -

Spanked - I like that word, it's fitting. Strahan spanked not one, but two Cowboy QBs last night. It is about time Parcells took Bedsore out, but Tony Roma should stick to making Italian style fast food.

Let's face it, well, I already have, but I implore the rest of the football community to accept that Parcells ain't shit, and the Cowboys are but a glimmer of their golden age - a memory of times past.

And, um..............ha ha ha ha ha !

Monday, October 23, 2006

Dare To Be Stupid

I can't hear you....okay I can hear you now.



Weird al yankovic - White n nerdy

Number 9 without a bullet


I hope you get fucked as hard, and as many times, as you fucked your employees.

Note to Warden: Put him in a cell with a very large and ugly man with a similar disposition.


Savage Distortion's roving reporter Chan Chandler caught the Stones show in Austin last night. He gave it a rave review. "The Stones were in Austin, and they knew it" according to Chan, citing their cover of the Waylon Jennings classic 'Bob Willis Is Still The King'.

Longtime Stones sideman, and former Faces pianner man Ian McLagan's Bump Band opened the show despite the recent death of his wife.

Condolences to Ian.

Jane's Addiction - Pigs in Zen - Detroit 1988

This is cool, if you've got thetime, and can handle the bad audio.

Jane's Addiction - Ocean Size

Wow - never saw this one before, my favorite Jane's tune. Different mix, different vocal.

Jane's Addiction - Mountain Song

One would think they could have gotten Dave a guitar strap for the shoot.

This was the first peep I had at Jane's - an eye opener to say the least.

Live Wire - Motley Crue

As horrible as this is, it's still far more entertaining than their latter work.

Let it Go

Ah, the Leps when they were a rock band. Dig Joe's shirt! Dig Rick's shorts! Dig Pete!


I must go see this guy, and take the tour. Vermont, here I come!



Mr. May finally puts PHD to use. Dad must be proud- at last.


The Legal Diva and I had a great time at Joe Man's wedding this weekend. We started with a party in our room the night before. The next day the drinking continued before and after the nuptuals. Photos by the river, then off to the reception, followed by Pizza at Chucks house - and beer, of course.

Hey - Dance Nazis - what if I don't want to fucking dance? Huh? Last I checked I was a free man, you wanna dance - go knock your socks off - me, I got drinking to do.


I know I made my picks, but somehow they never got posted - good thing too - what a wacky week!

The main thing is the Jets not only won, but looked good doing it. The running game finally showed up in the image of Leon Washington. Cotchery had a good game too, and Chad is showing everyone what we already knew, that he's the man, he's got a long ball when he wants it, but he's too smart for that shit all the time - manage the clock, keep the game on the ground, make your third down conversions, and the world is yours.

Houston beats Jacksonville? Wha' happen?

Tampa over Philly - holey moley! :)

ATL over Pittsburgh - Vick has an air game after all!

KC over SD?

Minnesota over Seattle?

I would have done horribly, but I am happy about most of it - why can't the Pats and Indy lose?

Friday, October 20, 2006

John Frusciante - Havana Affair

For Milkyum

Dani California

Nobody is safe, I like the Danzig bit.

Castles Made Of Sand

The Chilis recent visit to NYC put me in the mood for some ol' skool shit. This is from 89 or so, Frusciante's first tour with the sock men.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Moonage Daydream

This is what convinced me that Bowie was indeed the one true lord king god of rock.

Freak out.....indeed

Oh Mick, how we miss you....and your echoplex.

Phil Lynott - Last TV interview, December 1985

Watching this interview, I found it hard to reconcile what I know about Phil's last days, and the man appearing here. This man does not seem like he's about to die from complete system failure due to years of alchohol and drug use. Phil didn't overdose, his heart and liver simply gave out. Here, he appears lucid, and healthy - what fools we can be, and what great actors we are when we've got something to hide.

Thin Lizzy - Bad Reputation

Further evidence. Brian Downey shows why he's number 2 on my list.

And then there's Scott's hair.

Thin Lizzy - Rosalie (live)

Prompted by Milkyum. For those of you too young to know, this is what 'rocking out' is.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

David Bowie - Ashes to ashes

I'd say that he has done something out of the blue - this video!

David Bowie - Space Oddity

Again from the Kenny Everett Video Show. Bad audio, but such a cool video, and alternate version of the Bowie classic.

Elvis Costello Oliver's Army

From the Kenny Everett Video Show

Oh Deklan, how you've grown...


Here's another essential LP. I got hipped to Kate Bush in the late eighties, like most Americans, via her duet with Peter Gabriel (Don't Give Up). My former room mate and current Priscilla, Jen Brown, got me hooked on this record, and man has it paid off.

Dudes, get this record, and put it on when you want to get all sexy sexy with the missus, you will not be disappointed.

A protege of David Gilmour, Kate employs studio savvy with excellent songwriting to deadly effect.

Buy it - NOW!


This is a photo of what the Cowboy's defense will be on the receiving end of all night long.

You can't stop the G-Men, not with C-Boys.

They'll see a lot of this too.

And this......, except it won't be Brett, it'll be Bledsoe

The image “http://www.rlrassociates.net/clients/strahan_favre.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

And then there's this guy...........more catches than TO this year, and last year, and....well you get the point.



This is insane. Next on the list, musical chairs, duck duck goose, and hide and seek.


1968 - Two black athletes, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, were suspended by the US Olympic Committee for giving a "black power" salute during a ceremony in Mexico City.

1961 - Henri Matiss' "Le Bateau" went on display at New York's Museum of Modern Art. It was discovered 46 days later that the painting had been hanging upside down.


Eccentric to say the least, but where would we be without you Chuck?


Here's a hint for the adornment mad populace.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Main Entry: ni·hil·ism
Pronunciation: 'nI-(h)&-"li-z&m, 'nE-
Function: noun
Etymology: German Nihilismus, from Latin nihil nothing -- more at NIL
1 a : a viewpoint that traditional values and beliefs are unfounded and that existence is senseless and useless b : a doctrine that denies any objective ground of truth and especially of moral truths
2 a : a doctrine or belief that conditions in the social organization are so bad as to make destruction desirable for its own sake independent of any constructive program or possibility


And to think, this silent demonstration of racial pride and determination outraged millions.

Tommy Smith and John Carlos are national heroes, but somehow I don't think we'll see any monument to them in Washington any time soon.


I love this guy.


Just looking at 'Today In Music History' makes one pause and think twice about a career in music.

1977 - "Street Survivors" was released by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Three days later vocalist Ronnie Van Zant, guitarist Steve Gaines, Cassie Gaines (Steve's sister) and road manager Dean Kilpatrick were killed when their plane crashed in Gillsburg,MS. The other four members of the band were seriously injured but survived the crash.

1995 - In London, Sting's former financial adviser was sentenced to six years in prison after being convicted of stealing $9.4 million from the musician.

1997 - Warren G filed a lawsuit against Garth Brooks, his company Blue Rose Inc., and Home Box Office Inc. The suit alleged that Brooks had infringed on the trademarked circled "g" logo.

2001 - Jay-Z was sentenced to three years probation after pleading guilty to misdemeanor assault charges for stabbing a record producer during a fight in a nightclub on December 1, 1999.

2001 - The heirs of Bing Crosby filed a $16 million lawsuit accusing Universal Music Group of underpaying royalties on recordings.

Sepultura Refuse Resist

I love the mic taped to the lamp.


Michael, you had me at Lenny.


It's super heavy.


And now the Dems show they can be as crooked as anybody. I'm just over it. You cannot have clean representation in Congress until we take the money out of it. We have to find a way to make politics a non-paying side gig for those who actually care about mankind instead of a get rich quick scheme. Washington has been full of crooks since day one. I say burn the shitty town down to the fucking swampy ground that it was built on, and start over - somewhere else, someplace nice - like Tahoe.


Phew! Chicago barely gave me another win, and put me at 9/4 for the week. I would have watched the game, but I was busy writing a song about French nuns with Chrispy. Savois faire is everywhere, after all.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Lewis Black

The Voice of Reason


Oscar, Flea, Eugene, and Nico; where would we be without you?


Up until this weekend, my casino experience was limited to five minutes at roulette on the cruise I went on with the Legal Diva last year.

I went to Mohegan Sun with a group of friends for a bachelor party this weekend. Much to my surprise it was a lot of fun.

I lost 180 bucks in short order on the roulette, then I discovered the one arm bandits. The slots is where my inner gambler resides. You can lose money slower on the slots. I watched some friends play 3 card poker, and I think if I ever go again, and I'm not necessarily looking to, I think maybe I'll try that.

I always though of gambling as the one vice I manged not to pick up, and I still have a 'take it or leave it' attitude, but at least now I know what it's all about.


JETS, GIANTS, SAINTS - Win, win, win! Yay!

I'm 8/4 going into Monday night - I fully expect Chicago to put me at 9/4.

I really like the look of Mangini's offensive playbook. By the end of the season the Jets should be rolling over everyone.

Four Fellas - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Here we are now, entertain us!

Friday, October 13, 2006


Again from The Drunken Fool. This is hilarious.

As for mixing consoles, apparently Soundcraft is acceptable - Yamaha or anything digital will be chopped 'into a hundred pieces, and each of those pieces chopped into a hundred pieces'

I gotta meet this guy.

Battle of The Bands

Genius - Thanks to The Drunken Fool for hipping me to it.

MOTORHEAD - Motorhead

Just in case.

"I haven't felt this good in an hour"

Motörhead - One Track Mind

Another Perfect Day era w/ Brain Robertson.

"A bit musical inn 'e"

At least he's not wearing the jogging shorts!

Motorhead - Stay Clean

The Classic Lineup. I like Lemmy better with bad teeth.

Motorhead - Metropolis

Stand Up Straight!

Motorhead - Love Me Like A Reptile

Don't forget to show Lemmy your tits. This one's for 'Little Black Mambo, Murder In Disguise'


I think Ken should buy this bass. In fact, I think he should have one custom built, made out of lead, with a third neck that shoots fire.


"It is a wonder why we don't cut out the bureaucrats and government contractors and simply pay migrants not to come here. " - David Shirk, author, political science professor at the University of San Diego and director of the Trans-Border Institute.

The main issue I have with the proposed Mexico/US fence is that it won't work. It will only waste a metric shit-ton of cash.

I don't like the idea of walls and fences. Seeing the Berlin Wall at the age of 15 had a profound effect upon me, and regardless of whatever paranoid rhetoric the pro-wall folks throw at this issue, it amounts to the same thing. Walls divide us. They do not protect us.

The problem with illegal immigration is not at the border, it's in the interior, it's in our minds.

The fact is that this great nation of ours was founded in theft - we stole this land. I figure we ought to share it.


I just wonder why he isn't referred to as 'former Rep. Ney'.


To me, this is a comforting image. It reminds me of my childhood. I love winter, and I love snow.

I'm not sure the Legal Diva feels the way I do about the impending chill.

In fact, I know she doesn't.


A few weeks ago, during our lockout, poor Chrispy was goin' mental without access to the studio. He didn't even have a guitar at home to play. Fearing for his phsyche, I went to Guitar Center and bought him this most excellent Squire Telecaster Custom. I have always wanted a Tele Custom, and needed little prompting to pick one up for my friend - knowing full well that once we got Smoke and Mirrors Brooklyn back up and running at our new digs, that it would live there and I'd get to play it as much as I like.

Last night it got used to record the very first sounds eminating from Smoke and Mirrors Brooklyn Mark III. I love it! I've always been a rosewood neck guy. Maple necks are too slick - too much laquer, but the Indonesians who made this guitar eased up on the glossy finish, leaving the wood in a more natural state, which I like. The neck grabs the strings better when you bend, and Jackson likes to bend!

If anybody is interested in a inexpensive quality guitar, and who wouldn't be, I highly reccomend the Squire Telecaster Custom. At $200.00, it's a steal.


Buffalo wins in Detroit - nobody outside of Buffalo and Detroit care

Carolina loses in Baltimore - tough call, home team wins after tough road loss last week

Houston vs Dallas - God, if you can hear me, please, please let Dallas lose to the loserest losers in the NFL..........but we all know that won't happen, Dallas wins (eeeeww, I feel dirty)

NY Football Giants spank the flightless Falcons IN ATLANTA

Philly loses in the Big Easy - it's Mardis Gras all year round baby!

Seattle wins in St. Louis - snore

Tennessee loses in Washington - Santana runs circles around Titans secondary

KC loses in Pittsburgh - Big Ben gets his groove back

JETS kill Dolphins

San Diego beats San Fran

Oakland loses in Denver - Jake will make it interesting with a few INTs, but he'll pull out the win

Chicago wins in Arizona - how did Arizona get a Monday night game?


Shredding the Mando!

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Well, we got our gear out of our now former studio space. I could write a book about this experience, but I'm going to be prudent and refrain from making this entire experience public until any possible litigation has ceased.

Suffice to say that in the three plus weeks that our gear was locked up after the eviction of our 'landlord', it wasn't entirely locked up. Somebody made off with Chris' Juno 106 (w/ special power modification - attention buyers of used gear!), it's stand, and a digital camera.

This got me thinking about insurance. Tony Alva advised me/us (Smoke and Mirrors) to get insurance. This was altogether a rational and wise idea. Unfortunately, I am neither rational nor wise - at least not about money.

I hate insurance companies. I think they are the focal point for the downward spiral of our society, BUT, had Chris and I purchased insurance, there'd be a check on it's way as I type.

I was able to get over my conflicting feelings when I realized there is another way to 'insure' against such disasters; theft, fire, flood, and that Chris was already well on his way to attaining that option:

Never Leave The Studio

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tenacious D/Tribute

Having had a similar experience, I'd say that this may or may not be the greatest song ever, but certainly the greatest video ever.

Angel Witch - Angel Witch

Look what I found! That's gotta be David St. Hubbins.

Iron Maiden - Wrathchild

From some euro TV show - thank god for all those euro music programs - toward the end for Dianno. Lot's of good Clive shots, Murray rips the shit out of 'Wrathchild'. A bit of 'Innocent Exile' tacked on as well.

Iron Maiden -- Phantom of the Opera

Same show as the previous post. This is my favorite era of Maiden - and apparently Chris Guest's as well. Dianno is the dogs bollocks.

Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden

With Paul Dianno and Clive Burr, from 81 - they've got armadillos in their trousers.


It all starts with the drums. This much I have learned.

When I first got hooked on Rock and Roll, my favorite drummer was this guy:

Peter Criss as he appeared on his 1978 solo album

When I listen Kiss now, I wonder how Ace, Gene and Paul put up with Peter's playing, about the only thing he did well was play solos, and I hate drum solos.

A few years later I got turned on to a record called '2112' by a Canadian trio called Rush, and this guy:

Neil Peart

Now, Neil is 'The Professor', and he is the undisputed king of Rock drumming, but he's a bit busy for my taste, though his style fits perfectly with his band, I'd be more inclined to jam with this guy:


Charlie is the king of the 'on beat'. No flash, no frills, just hitting the skins, always in time. You can count on Charlie, as Keith has for forty years.

In my 'Metal Years' I was a big fan of this guy:


Clive Burr (Iron Maiden 79-83) was very creative, and keeping up w/ Steve Harris (Bass) was a job in itself. I liked Clive's approach and distictive style. Unfortunatley he had to bail on Maiden due to illness.

Then there was Les Binks (far right):

The image “http://www.urbanimage.tv/watermarked/judas_priest_ab_y.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Les was the best drummer Judas Priest ever had. He played on their best three records: 'Stained Class', 'Hell Bent For Leather', and 'Unleashed In The East', and then they sacked him!

"...Even as great as Les was, after those few albums, we wanted to go after something a little more simple and harder,..”
- Rob Halford, EDGE magazine, May 2003

"I think he went into a vegetarian clinic in New Mexico. We haven't seen him since. The only way that you can find out is sometimes large areas of bean plantations have been attacked in the night, and we think that that's Les."
- Glenn Tipton, Goldmine magazine, June 5, 1998

I always thought they should have stuck with Les, but given what Priest would become in the mid eighties, maybe judgment wasn't a strong suit for Halford and company.

I'd say my third all-time favorite drummer is this guy (again, far right):

Dallas 'Digger' Royall, late of Rose Tattoo, and the earth. Dallas was as tight as the day was long. When I listen to the Tatts, I can't help but zero in on Digger's kick. Dallas was truly a groove engine.

Number Two(Far left):


Brian Downey is the most under-rated drummer (at least on this side of the pond) that I can think of. His work with Thin Lizzy is a testament to groove. He has great chops ('Bad Reputation') and great feel ('Fight Or Fall'), he's the complete package.

And.....my # 1 drummer of all time is.........

Brain Shivers own Rob Machold. Cross Peart with Downey, you get Machold.

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