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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


And to think, this silent demonstration of racial pride and determination outraged millions.

Tommy Smith and John Carlos are national heroes, but somehow I don't think we'll see any monument to them in Washington any time soon.


There will always be an injustice to rail against, but your nihilistic cup runth over sometimes. It was the 1968 Olympics first off, and while it may not be The Mall in Washington, there is this:


These guys were smart student athletes who chose what I believe an appropriate moment to bring the struggle to the world stage.

To honor all those who are worthy of the distinction from the civil rights era you’d have to clear a great deal of space on The Mall. I vote we start with MLK first and go from there. I’d give a nod to Freddy Douglas as well.
I don't have a nihilistic cup, but I'd love to get one.
...and I know it was the 68 Olympics - sheesh! What's your problem with this post? Is it that those Olympics took place in that horrible den of miscreants called Mexico - the root of all evil?
Wow this looks familiar...LOL
38 years later I wonder how many "smart" athletes would be willing to take a stand today for injustice anywhere? I will not hold out any luck for TO to show up nor stand up for anything outside of himself
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