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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I suppose one can only live in New York for so long before you get accosted by the Late Night crew. I am happy so say that I finally had my moment. Watch Letterman for the next few Mondays and you'll catch yours truly hanging out with the gracious Mr. Biff Henderson. It was damn hot, but the crew was nice as all get out, and I had a great time. Big ups to Jason, Jennifer, and Tara.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


They are better. Why is that? Try a Starbar or a Decker (Cadbury). Big difference. It's the chocolate. Better chocolate, better chocolate bar. Hershey's is crap. I wouldn't feed it to my dog. I don't have a dog. Chris has a dog. I wouldn't feed Hershey's to Chris' dog, Buck.


Hockey is back, and I'm in. I've been in the market for a new sport to follow. It's been twenty years of nothing but NFL and Tennis. I'm going to give hockey a second chance. I played hockey as a kid, and I have fond memeories of hockey rinks in general. I saw a lot of great rock concerts in hockey rinks. I've decided to become a Vancouver Canucks fan. I'm not sure what their logo is about yet. It's a 'C' for Canuck, I get that, but it looks like it turns into some aquatic animal, namely a shark or a killer whale, or orca. I like orcas, so I'm gonna go with that, because if it's a fucking dolphin, I'm out. The whole aquamarine life representing sports teams is a bit off anyay, except of course vicious pretadators like sharks, and orcas. Dolphins are like gay freinds, not very threatening. Mostly, I picked the Canucks beacuse of their hometown, Vancouver BC, known as the Amsterdam of the west, and not because of the proliferation of dykes. It's all about the doobie, brother. It's a known fact that every citizen of Vancouver, indeed every denizen of Brittish Columbia, is very high all the time. At an average, at least 2,000 feet higher than here in New York. Mount Murchison is credited as being 13,500 feet high. That's damn high. So go Canucks! Beat those.........other guys............ who are the other teams?

Thursday, July 21, 2005


My new podcsat is up.


I play four songs from the five records I have listened to the most in my life. It was suposed to be five songs, but I had to ditch a tune to get my mp3 down below 15mb. I hate that. The lost tune was 'Overdose' by AC/DC from the 'Let There Be Rock' lp (1977). I love that record, and have worn it out over the years. Albums that were in contention, but didn't make the final cut were Pink Floyd 'Animals', Judas Priest 'Stained Class', Yes 'Close To The Edge', The Beatles 'Revolver', and REM 'Green'. I might do a part two. Chris doresn't care. It's a waste of time to him.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


The Ali G. Movie, In Da House is the funniest movie I have seen in like, forever. Sacha Baron Cohen is simply brilliant. You absolutely should watch this very watchable retread of the old Mr. Smith Goes To Washington vibe. It worked for Eddie Murphy, it worked for Chris Rock, and it works for Ali G.
Yes, it's because he's black.

Monday, July 18, 2005


The mixtape is a concept which has not only survived the digital revolution, but flourished with recordable cd's and now podcasts. My brothers and I have always been big on the mix sharing. You give somebody a mix and say; here's some stuff I think you'll like. The sub-text is always; here's some stuff I think you should like. There's always subversive elements. The best mixtape I ever got was in 1984, it came with a surprise rolled up in the case, nice! What was on it lasted much longer. The party responsible knew my heavy tastes, so he chose songs that he knew I'd like, but also knew would open up avenues as yet unexplored. Very subversive, and very successful. On that tape was a live version of 'You Really Got Me' by the Kinks (One More From The Road, 1980), and 'Sweet Jane' by Lou from Rock and Roll Animal (1974). He knew where those tracks would take me -shopping! There were songs that I was already digging, 'Supernaut' (Sabbath Vol. 4, 1974), and songs that really stretched my horizons, like Peter Gabriel's 'Solisbury Hill' (now we know who made the tape, hee hee). I wish I still had that tape, though I'm sure I went out and bought every LP represented in due time. I remeber another mix tape which had 'Revolution Blues' by Neil Young (On The Beach, 1974) on it. There was an equal reaction to that tape, I went out and bought a crap load of Neil Young. That tape came from my other brother, who was less subliminal, but managed the same job through dilligence. My thanks to both of them. Keep mixing it up y'all.


When this question was put to Conan by his master when Conan was still a young gladiator, he replied, correctly; "To crush one's enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women." While this is obvioulsy sage wisdom, today the question at hand is; what is best in metal?

My brother asked for my advice on purchasing some cd's for his son who's taste seems to be developing along these lines. We can only hope this is the only trait that he has in common with his uncle. Both of my brothers have an appreciation for metal, and indeed were my initial influences in my development as the family meatlhead, but for me it was a calling of sorts, and for years (77-84) my musical diet was metal, the Beatles, and The Ramones. Pink Floyd, the Stones, Bowie, Bolan, and the Pistols would soon blow it all wide open for me, and by the time I saw John Lee Hooker in the late eighties, I was no longer a genre specific music fan, but for a while I was all about the metal.

So what is best in metal? My brother mentioned AC/DC in his inquiry. Like many bands that came out of the seventies, AC/DC gets labelled 'metal' when they are actually a heavy blues rock band. Indeed, AC/DC have more in common with Foghat and Skynyrd than Iron Maiden, but the way the blues came out of them, faster, louder, dirtier, seperated them, and thusly they get lumped in with the metal bands. Motorhead, same story, ZZ top on a drastically different diet. Judas Priest come out of a blues tradition founded by fellow Birmingham natives Fleetwood Mac, and Black Sabbath. And that's truly the ground zero, 1968. Sabbath, Zeppelin, Cream, Blue Cheer, the birth of metal, and it came from the blues.

What's the point? There is no exact definition of what is metal. Like Chis says, distortion is not neccessarily the basis for heavyness. Music is like geneology, you can trace where something comes from, but there's no such thing as pure bood. Indeed, the closer you come to it, the weaker it is. Music thrives on cross pollination, as does all creation, and the best metal is simply a result of good breeding practices.

The following is a short list of recomendations:

AC/DC - Highway To Hell
Black Sabbath - Vol. 4
Iron Maiden - Killers
Judas Priest - Hell Bent For leather
UFO - Strangers In The Night
Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak
Def Leppard - High n' Dry
Scorpions - Lovedrive
Lou Reed - Rock and Roll Animal
Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies
Kiss - Alive
Aerosmith - Rocks

A starter kit, a primer if you will. Note the lack of Metallica. 'Master of Puppets' if you must. The actual discussion with my brother began with Motley Crue, and as I can't really reccomend any Motley Crue in good faith, as with Metallica, if you must, 'Shout At The Devil'. What a dumb title.

Hey man, what are you shouting at?

Like, the Devil, dude. AAARRRGGGGH! You Devil. Take that.

Friday, July 15, 2005


Soylent Green is people, it's people. Stick with the Soylent Yellow. I'm thinking about getting some Furniture.


I spoke to Paul last night, and here's the update on the recording of the forthcoming Acquiesce record. Drums were tracked at Electric Lady, attending were the producer (Mark), an engineer, an assistant engineer, a drum tech, and a mic tech. Can you say budget, I knew you could. After drums were tracked - to tape - the project was moved to Mark's studio, Dangerous Music (http://www.dangerousmusic.com/) conveniently located, for Paul, on east 2nd Street. Paul's bass tracks were done there - to tape - in two days. His bass was run through his SVT head, and into a cabintet that appeared to be a custom job (I saw digi photos on Paul's camera) with a U87, and a Sennheiser 421. I assume they took a direct signal as well, but maybe not. Personally I'm moving away from DI bass after getting some nice bass tones with a Fender Bandmaster and a 57. It seems that Dan's guitar will be recorded there as well, and then the project will move to Cleveland, to a famous pro studio where some classic records (Grand Funk) were recorded to do Brett's guitars and vocals.

"Looks like we made it....." B. Manilow

Thursday, July 14, 2005


A decent enough track by UFO, but I'm on about sandwiches again. A freind, and reader, suggested I blog about hot sandwiches. Yes, I thought, hot sandwiches! But the problem is, it's too damn hot to eat hot sandwiches. In fact, here in dog/housesitting HQ, it is Hotter Than Hell, which is a decent enough song by Kiss, but it's another song by Kiss that I'm dreaming of right now in this sweatbox on the 6th floor of a 6 floor walk up, where I lie awake at night sweating in a loft bed that places me in the top three feet of the building, where the heat gathers like trapped snakes coiling around your body, squeezing your very breath away, and that song is Cold Gin.

"It's time to leave and get another quart
Around the corner at the liquor store
Haha, the cheapest stuff is all I need
To get me back on my feet again

Ooh, it's cold gin time again
You know it'll always win
It's cold gin time again
You know it's the only thing
That keeps us together, ow"

I dig the 'ow' at the end. That's cute.

So, Mike, great idea about the hot sandwiches, but as you can probably tell, it'll have to wait a bit.


Much like Homer and his gun, I use my blog for everything. I would like to get some feedback on a few Tedstock issues.

1) How many of you would be put off by having it on a weekday night, say the thursday prior to the Halloween weekend? Please speak up, this is an important issue. The 29th is the saturday before Halloween, and many ideal locales are booked, or are priced out of range. I am not saying it can't happen on the Saturday, we're just looking at our options.

2) Food? What do you want. We all know I want sandwiches, and I believe I'll get my wish, but what type, and what else?

3) Beverage? Is beer, wine, water, and soda good enough? Do we need liquor? Will Andy Rock bring his own?

4) Bands? So far the lineup will include: Four Fellas, Geek Farm, Happy Boy, Microdot, Via Skyway/Brain Shivers, Andy Rock Band, The X's, maybe Acquiesce, and maybe The Horse You Rode In On. Have I left somebody out? Hue? Wanna come to NYC and play my birthday gig? Should we book New Creation (lifeteen)? Will we do an all-star jam? Does anybody know 'I Shall Be Released'?

5) The Film? Who wants to help document this thing? Who's got a camera? I'd love to shoot it on Super 8 as well a digi.


The Cat In The Hat starring Mike Meyers is probably the worst movie ever made. I had trouble sleeping last night, so I perused the DVD collection here at dog/house sitting headquarters. I had seen them all, except this awful and inapropriate movie version of the Suess classic. I had seen the previews, I knew deep down it sucked, but I was not prepared for exactly how unwatchable this movie is. Jeffery Lyons called it "Enormously Funny", I think Mr. Lyons is enormously wrong. Either he's a liar, or he's a very bad judge of quality filmaking, and has no concept of comedy. What makes this movie utterly unwatchable ( I turned it off about a half-hour in) is the combination of the very bad direction of Bo Welch, who has obviously never seen a funny movie, and the just plain not funny, over the top, trying way too hard, performance by the once very funny Mike Meyers. Mike, you are not Jim Carrey, stick to the fake brittish stuff, and leave the mugging to Jim.


Monday, July 11, 2005


(Updated: I had the quote wrong, Chan filled me in, I think it's even more poignant)
Those were the last words of Warren Zevon, spoken to his son. I agree. Warren has summed up what's best in life, and implored his son to seek wonder in the simple goodness of a sandwich. I could think of nothing more astute to say on my death bed, most certainly. The glory of sandwiches lie in their adaptability. To be a sandwich, it must simply be something between sliced bread, an astounding notion in its limitlessness. My favorite sandwich is; potato salad, bologna, american cheese, sweet gerkins, and mayonaise on potato bread. I am also very fond of the simple ham and swiss on rye, and if you got some split pea soup on hand, lookout jack, better get back! You can take the sandwich somewhere it doesn't want to go, though. The other day I ordered an apple, brie and avocado sandwich, full well knowing I was gonna pull those apples right off and eat them sepreately, where they belong, outside the sandwich. So, be sensible, but explore, and above all, enjoy every sandwich.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Last night I put on my A&R shirt (not really, I wore my Huezine shirt for strategic reasons) and went to see three bands at three different clubs. I suppose one could do that in many cities, but it was easy in New York.

My first stop was Arlene's Grocery (95 Stanton at Ludlow) to see Shadowbox, refered by Hue B. Mooksuki. My timing was excellent, as I just had time to order a Tanqueray and tonic before the band came on. The very first thing that struck me about Shadowbox was that the singer was an actual singer, in that he could obviously sing very well. That's very refreshing these days, and not just on the Lower East Side. Shadow box had a two guitar line-up, with the odd third guitar provided, adequately, by the singer. Of the two main guitar players, one also had a synth set up, and along with his effect laden guitar sounds, gave their songs a host of different textures. The other guitar player, who would end up to be Dmitri, Hue's buddy, was more trad in his style, employing slide, and playing very tasteful leads with just his Tele and Orange amp. The rhythm section was solid, not overplaying, but playing nice crafted parts that served the songs, the band was obviously well rehearsed. In other words, they are a band I'd like to record. I spoke to Dmitri after the show, invoking the name of Hue, and spouting about a studio and doing some recording. He seemed interested, and distracted, just as one should be just after a show. Just before and just after a show are the two worst times to attempt conversation with a performer, but invariably, that's when the public wants them, and knows where to find them.

Next stop, CBGB, where Bleeker St. ends, and dreams begin. I stoped by to see Paul on my way. He told me some very good news about Acquiesce and further recording at Electric Lady, he mentioned some company called 'Warner' or something like that. It is very rewarding to see a band you have worked with achieve some success. I wish it would happen more.

At CBGB I saw my old high school chum, John, play in his new band The X's. I love The X's. The X's are my kinda rock band. The tunes slam, the guitar playing is riff oriented with not overlong spurts of tasty, flash lead work. I was impressed by the ensemble feel, most notably in the singing. John is the lead singer, but is supported often and very well by the band. I love a band where everybody plays (John plays guitar as well), and everyone sings. It's a formula that works for me. The X's have just finished recording a record, but John has a film score project in mind, and we're discussing metting to discuss working on it out at Smoke and Mirrors.

Then it was time to see Paul play a gig with Figo, formerly Formula One, at The Knitting Factory (Leonard and Church). I had ulterior motives, as I was scoping out potential Tedstock locations. For the record, it could work. Figo has requested that their set remain off the record, people's lives are at steak. I will protect my sources. I can say Dan from Acquiesce showed up, and we toasted future success, and discussed air fare to London.


I am now enjoying a Brammie, or a ham and brie sandwich. It is superior to a vegan sandwich, not only because there is both meat and cheese, but because there are no shaved carrots in sight. The marbled rye is nice too.

Saturday, July 09, 2005


The new Podcast is up:


Podblaze won't let me archive for free, so I had to take down the first one, but I'm archiving, and I'll figure something out.


Well I'm not gonna break out the old Funk and Wagnalls, though that would be an excellent band name, but I do want to discuss how my Podcast is going to shape up. What format should I use? I want to do too much. I think I will keep the Smoke and Mirrors stuff the focus, and each time play a track from an established artist that I'm hot on, and a track from 'the feild', like 'Chillin' by Hue B. Mooksooki. I guess that means send me your shit, and if I dig it, I'll play it. From the feedback I've gotten so far on the beta model - Smoke and Mirrors 1, there seems to be a call for some ranting on my part, and for some classic cuts from my extensive vault. I have some thoughts on these matters. As for vinyl, think about it. Why would I go through the trouble of recording audio from a phonograph into a digital meduim, and then crush it's very life by encoding it a 64 kbs. Any benefit from the source will be negated by the mp3 process. I'll just rip the classic stuff from cd's for now, which brings up a touchy issue that Hue asked me about. Is this legal? Can I podcast Alice Cooper's 'Gulty' (Goes To Hell, 1976)? I will once again use my 'The Old West' model, as it relates very well with 'The New Media'. There's no law operating out on the frontier. No, it's not legal, but there's not much anybody is doing about it just now. The heavy hitters will want their cut soon enough, and then you will have to pay to play copyrighted material. I'm going to assume that I fly pretty low under the radar. I'm going to go ahead and see what happens. If I end up having to pay, It'll probably affect my format.



So I bought this macro vegan sandwich and it's crap. It's a HMT, a hummus, lettuce and tomato, which sounds good, right? I don't know how to remove flavor from food, but it apparently can be done, and supposedly it's good for you, or a least not bad for you. It might be the shaved carrots. Why do they put shaved carrots in all vegan food? I have just decided that I'm going to scrape off what I can of the hummus and discard the rest, but so much of it is infested with the damn carrots. It's hopeless.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


My Podcast is up, for now, at Podblaze. It's called Smoke And Mirrors, and the RSS feed is:


I hope it works. Let me know, cuz I can't figure it out. I had to encode the mp3 at 64kbs, yuck. Right now I can only store two shows because there's a 30mb limit, and at 64kbs my 25 minute Podcast comes out to 12.5mb....I suppose I could pay for my podcast hosting and get more space, and possibly a higher bit rate. I'm thinking two shows a month, and replacing as I go.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I can't upload. I have a Podcast ready to go. I think it's a Safari thing. I'm running OSX 10.3. Didn't we, like just get that? Now I gotta go 10.4? Will this madness end? At any rate, I can't attach a word document to an e-mail, I can't upload my damn Podacast, and I don't even want to talk about links and photos on my blog. I need help.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


El dios bendice América, la tierra que amo. Esté parada al lado de ella, y diríjala por la noche con una luz de arriba. De las montañas, a las praderas, a los océanos, blancos con el dios de la espuma bendiga América, mi hogar dulce casero.

O bella per i cieli spaziosi, per le onde ambrate di grano, per i majesties viola della montagna sopra la pianura fruttificata! L'America! L'America! Tettoia del dio la sua tolleranza su buon thy della parte superiore e di thee con fratellanza dal mare al mare brillante!

OH-, Sagen kann Sie, durch das frühe Licht der Dämmerung, was sehen so stolz wir hagelte am letzten Glaenzen der Dämmerungen? Wer ausgedehnte Streifen und helle Sterne, durch den gefährlichen Kampf, O'er die Ramparts, die wir, strömten so tapfer aufpaßten? Und der rote grelle Glanz der Raketen, die Bomben, die in einer Luft bersten, gab Beweis durch die Nacht, daß unsere Markierungsfahne noch dort war. O Sagen, bewegt diese Stern-star-spangled Fahne schon O'er das Land vom freien und das Haus vom tapferen wellenartig?

Wij de inwoners van de Verenigde Staten, om een meer perfecte unie te vormen, rechtvaardigheid te vestigen, binnenlandse kalmte te verzekeren, de gemeenschappelijke defensie te voorzien, het algemene welzijn te bevorderen, en de zegen van vrijheid te beveiligen aan ons en onze posterity, verordenen en vestigen deze Grondwet voor de Verenigde Staten van Amerika.

Sunday, July 03, 2005


That was the sign above the stage in London while Pink Floyd played their set at the LIVE 8 concert. I'm sure it was in reference to the cause, but it fit for the Pink Floyd reunion as well. Twenty-five years in the making, it was a singularly spectacular event. I was deathly afraid of MTV fucking up the coverage, having cut off greats like the Who and REM, what would we actually get to see of the Floyd? Well, they cut in about 20 seconds into the first tune 'Breathe', and cut off the last half of 'Comfortably Numb', but we got the whole of 'Money and 'Wish You Were Here' (including a vocal by Roger). Dave did an inspired guitar solo during 'Money', and even Rickey Wright was there. It certainly fulfilled my expectations. Roger seemed to be enjoying it the most, beaming with enthusiasm, and even trying to engage Dave, while Nicky seemed to be sitting back and enjoying the moment in that quiet drummer fashion. I can't imagine this event sparking any further Floyd reunion activity, but once you've seen pigs fly, anything is possible.

Friday, July 01, 2005


That's how long I forsee the Happy Boy set being at Tedstock. By my count, not including the seasonal favorite 'Father Christmas', we have 25 songs to choose from. That comes out at 100 minutes at an average of 4 minutes per song. I'd love to say that we could pull off even a 90 minute set, but I'm not sure it's a good idea, not without some sort of intermission, maybe some sort of interlude, but it's tough to capture folks for that long. I know I've been to plenty of shows, concerts, plays, where I wished they'd just end it already. When we were an active band, I always liked the idea of 'leave 'em wanting more'. Chris is hot to play a 'nice long set with dynamics', and that sounds great because it's something we never got a chance to do. Typically we'd play a 35 minute set at CB's or the Continental, Wham bam out the door. The ability to stretch out a bit, and to relax, breathe, without worrying about a timetable would be nice. It sucks when you know the sound guy is watching the clock. I know, I was the clock watcher at the Continental for a while. Freedom from the clock will be a priority at Tedstock, but I think 60 minutes is plenty for Happy Boy at Tedstock. So what to cut? Chris posted a list on his 'Up With Upholstry' blog (telecasting.blogspot.com), I've added a few.

Sometimes The Dark
6 Am
Aliens (never before preformed live)
Princess Leia
Morning Sickness
Plastic Girl
Jesus On The Couch
Thumbnail Moon
It's Alright
Song About a Song
Devilish Grin
Vegetable Man
Peace Chicken

There She Goes Again
Bella Lugosi Is Dead
When Tomorrow Hits
Fuzzy Wuzzy
Halloween (I gurantee we will play this song)
Rocking In The Free World

I'll start the bidding with 'Song About A Song','Rocking In The Free World', 'Fuzzy Wuzzy', and we only do 'Bella' if Rob plays trumpet. Oh yeah, no 'Stonehenge' either, damn dwarves.


I finally got around to watching the Metallica therapy movie. In 1984, when Metallica's first record 'Kill 'Em All' came out I was not a fan. Though they were inspired by the very same NWOBHM (New Wave Of Brittish Heavy Metal) that I was listening to, they didn't sound like it. It was all the agression and speed without the melody. It seemed dumb. Well, what they began, 'Thrash', became a subgenre of an ever dividing fractionalized style of music, and I wasn't pleased with any of it. I guess I have always blamed Metallica (and the LA hair bands) for destroying something I loved. Most of my hatred of Metallica has been tossed in the direction of Lars Ulrich (drums). I always found him to be an effacious turd, a blow-hard, and an egomaniac. Lars, I'm sorry. After watching this movie I feel not only was I wrong about the guy, I feel we have quite a bit in common. Quite obviously the asshole in the band is James Hetfiled, and if I were Jason Newstead (bass) I'd have quit after the 'Load' they dropped five years ago. Therapy seems so un-metal, and Metallica is supposed to BE metal. I guess most people had this sort of reaction, but apparently it was neccesary for them if they wanted to continue. I do not believe that one can ever take the asshole out of Hetfield however, and thus there will always be tension in the Metallica camp. Some say tension gets results and sparks creativity. Maybe for like, a minute, but then it's back to "I hate you". Unfortunately for Lars and Kirk Hammett (guitar), they are locked in with Hetfield. They need a Tom Tom Club of their own. I suggest drop James' white trash ass, and give Jason a call.

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