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Monday, July 11, 2005


(Updated: I had the quote wrong, Chan filled me in, I think it's even more poignant)
Those were the last words of Warren Zevon, spoken to his son. I agree. Warren has summed up what's best in life, and implored his son to seek wonder in the simple goodness of a sandwich. I could think of nothing more astute to say on my death bed, most certainly. The glory of sandwiches lie in their adaptability. To be a sandwich, it must simply be something between sliced bread, an astounding notion in its limitlessness. My favorite sandwich is; potato salad, bologna, american cheese, sweet gerkins, and mayonaise on potato bread. I am also very fond of the simple ham and swiss on rye, and if you got some split pea soup on hand, lookout jack, better get back! You can take the sandwich somewhere it doesn't want to go, though. The other day I ordered an apple, brie and avocado sandwich, full well knowing I was gonna pull those apples right off and eat them sepreately, where they belong, outside the sandwich. So, be sensible, but explore, and above all, enjoy every sandwich.

I'm glad to see your found some calm water amongst the rough seas of deli delights your been navigating. Many a sea faring swabby has been lost on the rocks after being battered by storms of sprouts, soggy carrots, and tofu.

Be brave, be strong...
You can never go wrong with a simple ham and tomato-it tastes even better when the bread is toasted and lightly buttered.
Eat more sandwiches... and listen to more Warren Zevon...

I like a good garden fresh Radish and Avacado sandwich on Rye w/mayo, while listening to "Carmaleta".

Ahhhh, Radishes and songs about heroin...

keep up the tasty work.
In the world of tomato on sandwiches, nothing beats a toasted bagel with fresh August Long Island tomatos, cream cheese, and a slice of Bermuda (red) onion.
....except maybe enjoying one while listening to Warren....
Mr. Hand: Mister Spicolli, just what is it you think you're doing?

Jeff Spicolli: Eatin' some sandwiches, listening to songs about heroin.
Now I'm thinking of Arthur Dent in I think So Long And Thanks For All The Fish, when he's the Sandwich Maker. Hah.

One of my favorite sandwiches was one made by this great vegetarian restaurant in my old neighborhood. It was brie and avocado, heated together in the oven with the bread, then sliced tomato added last minute so it's still cold and crunchy. Such a perfect combination of tastes and textures.

Oh, the bread I think was a bagette.

Sounds like a great sandwich Ken, it must be hard to find a satisfying sandwich given your stand on meat.
I think Arthur was the Sandwich Maker in "Mostly Harmless."

"Enjoy every sandwich" is definitely a bit deeper than "Eat more sandwiches."

The word "sandwich" is kind of funny, especially when you say it over and over.
Cookie is a funny word as well...
years ago Mr. L Smart and I studies this very phenomenon, and came to the conclusion that the funniest word to say over and over is 'bulb'
"Bulb" is a good one, as is "wazoo."
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