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Wednesday, June 30, 2004


I have the good fortune of having the Union Square farmers market a block away from my office. There's nothing better than fresh produce. I love to browse the stalls even if I'm not shopping that day. All the colors, the variety of roots, herbs, and gourds, bring me to a better simpler place. Today I bought some mammoth leeks, some stubby carrots shaped like radishes, two wierd light green midget zucchinis, an onion (gotta have an onion), and some bison sausage. Those who know me, know that I have no idea at this point what I will do with this material. It will involve a pan, some olive oil, and heat. After that it's up to the gods. I like to let the meal sort of direct itself, which means I have to reach an altered state of conciousness to channel the food gods. "The Cuervo Gold, the fine colombian, make tonight a wonderful thing."


I have not yet been to see the new Michael Moore film, but I will. Furthermore, I will enjoy it, because I know what it is I'm going to see. A comedy by a master comedian. Michael Moore can't sway me, I already agree with him, and his tactics. The right won't be swayed. They'll cry slander and call Mr. Moore a "sleazeball", but they're locked into thier agenda of generating more cash for corporate america. ( Mr. Cheney: "Get your contracts here! Rebuild Iraq, make a fortune! Contracts, red hot contracts here! ) It's the middle guy. Mr. and Mrs Average Dude. They are the ones that can be swayed. They are the ones who will see this movie and have their eyes opened for the first time, like the blinding light of truth that zapped Saul and turned him Paul . Propaganda works, and it's not a dirty word. The King is dead, long live THE REVOLUTION! ( You can count me out, in. )

Tuesday, June 29, 2004


My brother's enthusiasm for the Loretta Lynn record is well founded. I haven't heard a real country record in a while. The Rick Rubin produced Johhny Cash albums are some of the finest country records ever recorded, and I feel the best of his long and legendary career. Now Loretta Lynn has found in Jack White what Johnny had found in Rick. A rock producer with a love for true country music. This record rocks! Why is it that the best country records are being produced by noted rock producers? Because Nashville has gotten greedy. The nineties were kind to country. The likes of Garth Brooks et al brought country to mainstream for better or worse, and the general effect has been for worse. The horribly polished renowned lip syncher Shania Twain is produced by noted rock producer/husband Jeff "Mutt" Lange, but the result sounds nothing like country, or Def Leppard, so the formula doesn't always work. I am heartened, though, by this Loretta Lynn record because it proudly displays all the things I love about country. It showcases great guitar playing, not to mention pedal steel, mandolin, and other classic country instruments, along with great songs about ...what else, the life of country great Loretta Lynn, who is more than a coal miners daughter, oh so much more. Loretta, along with Johnny, and Willie, offer us true american music, and it's that legacy that I don't want to see wasted by a bunch of greedheads down in Nashville. Now I'm waiting for the Trent Reznor produced George Jones album.


I love to cook. It's a great way for me to relax. I developed this recipe for mole sauce because I just love the stuff, and the authentic method is way too difficult and time consuming for my addled brain pan.

Start with a couple cups of chicken stock, and add a dried chille (broken up). Let that simmer.

In a shallow pan, sautee diced onion, garlic and fresh chilles. I like to get a variety of chillies. Try poblanos, sante fe's, red or light green jalapenos (ripe), but stay away from scotch bonnetts (habaneros).

Add a can of "spanish" tomato sauce to the chicken stock (remove the remains of the dried chille). I get the little cans of "salsa picante" which is not the stuff you dip your chips in, it's mildly spicy tomato sauce. To this I add the sauteed onion, garlic, and chilles. (Make sure that the onion and garlic have started to dissolve.) Now I add three or four chipotle peppers. You can get little cans of them, usually next to the salsa picante on the shelf in the littel bodega on the corner. (Those of you who don't live here in the civilized world, New York, may have a problem here. If you are determined, there are on-line groceries that have this stuff.) I let the sauce simmer for about a half hour, then I remove the chipotle peppers. Next I add a generous amount (maybe five tablespoons) of Nutella. Nutella is a european spread made with chocolate and hazelnuts. Traditionally Mole is not made with hazelnut, but peanuts. This is the big time saving step. No grinding of chocolate or peanuts here, just spoon in the Nutella, stir, simmer a bit longer, and pour on top of your enchiladas or chicken breast. I've tried it with sausage as well, yummy.

Next week, seafood enchiladas with plum sause.

Monday, June 28, 2004


It seems the Portuguese know a good idea when they hear it. Taking a cue from the Dutch during the 2000 European Cup (Soccer, dude), Portruguese officials declared an easing of the nations drug policy to allow for the public smoking of cannabis during their hosting of this years Cup ( possesion is not illegal in Portugal, just public consumption ). A total of 34 arrests were made relating to the Cup this year. That number is drastically lower than expected. It seems stoned hoologans are more likely to enjoy the match without rioting. Funny how it didn't make headlines here in the US. It seems a little strange that Canada's big push to decriminalize has gotten derailed as well. I guess Mr. Bush's threats were given a weightier consideration than making life a bit easier for a meager few million people.

John Kerry on pot:

"I've met plenty of people in my lifetime who've used marijuana and who I would not qualify as serious addicts -- who use about the same amount as some people drink beer or wine or have a cocktail. I don't get too excited by any of that."

However, when asked whether he supported decriminalizing the possession and use of marijuana as a public policy, he replied:

"No, not quite. What we did in the prosecutor's office was have a sort of unspoken approach to marijuana that was almost effectively decriminalization. We just didn't bother with small-time use. It doesn't rise to the level of nuisance, even. And what we were after was people dealing with heroin and destroying lives, and people who were killing people. That's where you need to focus."

Not what I would call clear support for the cause, but it's better than Bush's "do as I say not as I did" policy on drugs.

Vice has been with us for as long as there have been economies. You just can't keep a good thing down.


I'd like to welcome Tony Alva to the blog community. Tony is actually a very good freind of mine, and not the famous skateboarder. (Sorry man, I had to out you.) Tony is a Stones fan, so he shows some signs of higher intelligence, but Tony also believes in the lone gunman theory, which in modern times equates to believing that the world is flat.
You may begin the ridicule.


Finally something I am qualified to bolg about. Jeff Jarvis and Cliff Atkinson are on about the misery of Powerpoint. Well it's this easy folks; keep it simple, keep it short, stay consistant. Speak to your slides, don't try to have them do your job. If you want to keep somebody's attention then don't belabor your point. And finally the maxim: In God we trust, the rest of us need to bring data.
OR....hire a profesional.


Finally a comment to comment upon! "Anonymous" states that to be a conciously aware spiritual human being and a conservative republican is mutually exclusive, and that may be. Just because somebody is engaged in "the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness", however, does not preclude the idea that I may be able to enjoy a beer and a ball game with that person. If men and women have been able to cohabitate for these long eons, I think there might be hope for the liberals and the conservatives. If conservatives could start saying things like; "Yes Dear" and "Don't you look nice", and the liberals said more things like; "You're so sexy when you're mad", we could actually make a go of this thing called democracy. Of course nature being what it is, I'm sure we'd end up with a third political gender, the homopolitic, or is that where we are already.

Friday, June 25, 2004


Okay, so I was a too liberal in my use of the "F" word in my blog on the mayor yesterday. I stand by the setiment however, and refuse to apologize for anything posted on my blog. I try to blog as fast as I can, without editing conent. I say what I say, and I may be wrong, contradictory, rude, insensitive, irresponsible, stupid, or any number of less than noble attributes. I am however honest with you and myself about how I feel. The mayor got the full wrath of my slpeen, and he deserves it. Had I not taken the day off from Bush-bashing, I may have been able to stick it to that diminutive rat-faced nazi without as many explicatives.
What is happening here? In NYC and across America our free will is being stripped away. I call it the Ludavicho (sp?) Syndrome after the Anthony Burgess novel "A Clockwork Orange". Do you serve the individual, or the society, when you take away the ability of the individual to choose right from wrong? When the few are able to leverage their power in order to have the masses conform to their ideals, is that democracy? Our founding fathers were radicals concerned with insuring personal freedoms, not curtailing them.
Mike Bloomberg- leave me alone, leave my night clubs alone, leave my dog alone, leave Mr. Softee alone, leave my city alone. Or just plain leave!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

We all have opinions, most of them located south of the solar plexus, but I defend your right to voice it. Dialoge is imperative, but it seems nobody's listening. Everybody's preaching to the choir, and covering their ears to the opposition. Diversity is supposed to make us great. If Hunter S. Thompson and Pat Buchannan can sustain a lasting frienship founded upon professional respect, then I ask what the hell is going on in this country right now. National tragedy should unify, not divide. The 9/11 commision was a blame game accomplishing nothing more than inciting anger and derision. Let's move forward, come together as a nation (I do so hate that concept) and do something positive. I don't know what, maybe National Take Your Kid Fishing Day, anything to heal the division and allow us to see the commonality we have as human beings. To paraphrase that great English philosopher - Sting: I bet the republicans love their children too.


I've decided to give The President a break today and concentrate my stream of bile againts an even greater foe. Greater because his evil hits closer to home. I am talking about that asshole Bloomberg and how much I'd like to take his fuckin' head off. Where does this freak get off telling us...US....NEW FUCKING YORKERS....what we can or can't do in public places. Fuck him, I hope he fucking dies. The Ice Cream Man for chrissakes! Jesus Christ what happened to this guy when he was a kid. We're talkin' Mr. Fucking Softee here, an institution. And now barking dogs. You might as well fine water for being wet. Come on New York, let's take our city back! I never thought I'd miss Rudy, but man oh manischevitz....RUDY COME HOME!


It makes me real happy to see my brother jazzed about new music. Every week he's on about some new release, this week it's the new Wilco (avc.blogs.com) and I approve. I spend so much time lambasting the state of modern music that I don't hear all the great new music coming in under the radar, or via sattelite. Conventional media has no place for quality programming, they have to sell time to sponsors, a process which dilutes the content down to the most base and common dreck. But that's okay. There are alternatives. Music still thrives, we just need to turn off the television. We can blame MTV, and ClearChannel all we want, but it's down to us. It's our fault if we don't demand quality through the power of our purchasing dollar. And not all radio programming sucks, there are pockets out there where dj's are still given some freedom, but not in New York City. Subscription based media is where the qulaity is today, just look at what HBO has done with sunday nights. It would be worth thirty dollars a month to never have to see or hear Justin Timberlake.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004


A very great and dear freind of mine for many years is a staunchly proud American who happens to be pro-Bush, or at least supportive of our current administration, and he refers to my blog as my anti-american bolg. This put my mind to wondering if I am a proud American as well. Am I anti-american? It's a tough question. I certainly hold no alegiance to any other nation. But I guess that's the crux of this particular biscuit. I'm anti-nation. I don't believe in the "Nation", this or any other. It's an antiquated notion that only fans the flames of discontent world-wide. I believe in equality, or rather equity among world citizens. What's to be so proud of anyway? Our freedom? Please. What freedom? Freedom to have my civil liberties revoked by a reactionist government? Why would I want to smoke in a bar anyway? Freedom to support criminals because they are the only ones who sell reefer? Talk to Howard Stern about the First Amendment. Just exactly how free are we? Should I be proud of our national heritage? Theft and murder. Add greed and puritanical suppression and you have the exact virtues that gave birth to this great nation. Manifest Destiny, our god given right to plunder!
On the other hand, I love New York, and would live in no other city despite what that ass Bloomberg has done to it. So I guess I'm an American, but it has little to do with pride.
Adolph Hitler was very proud to be German, Pol Pot was a proud Cambodian, Stalin...you guessed it, proud Soviet.
Nationalism kills.


It's been three months since my last posting, and you may ask why. My inactivity on this page is mostly due to my recent bout with unemployment. It's a slow season in the world of Pharmecuetical Buisness Meetings, so I've been collecting un-employment insurance, and spending most of my time at my music studio, where I don't have any internet connection, or at home where the same lack of connectivity applies. I'm happy to say that I'm back at work and back to blogging. So what experiences do I have to share from my ninety days in the wilderness. I've learned the importance of toasting and grinding my own spices. You can make sausage from any kind of meat. I've learned how to get a kick drum and bass guitar to work together in a mix. One good guitar track can be bigger than ten okay ones. Water pressure is everything. It's good to have a dog at the studio. I actually like my parents. And finally, I don't think I'll ever quit smoking reefer.
I spent my morning catching up on A V/C, Fred Wilson's blog, and he recently posted some thoughts on honesty in the business world, and the virtues that make a good V/C (Passion, honesty, integrity, leadership, and smarts ) and I would like to add that those qualities would serve well for any one in any field. A music producer would be well served by those traits, and so would a pizza delivery person. In a perfect world we could have a President with at least two of them. In this less than perfect world, it seems we have a President who posesses none. I stress honesty above the rest simply because it simplifies one's life. If you never lie, you don't ever have to remember anything you've said. Lies create complications, and only serve to diminish yourself in others eyes as well as ones own. The truth may be difficult in the moment, but once the moment has passed, you are free.

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