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Thursday, June 24, 2004


It makes me real happy to see my brother jazzed about new music. Every week he's on about some new release, this week it's the new Wilco (avc.blogs.com) and I approve. I spend so much time lambasting the state of modern music that I don't hear all the great new music coming in under the radar, or via sattelite. Conventional media has no place for quality programming, they have to sell time to sponsors, a process which dilutes the content down to the most base and common dreck. But that's okay. There are alternatives. Music still thrives, we just need to turn off the television. We can blame MTV, and ClearChannel all we want, but it's down to us. It's our fault if we don't demand quality through the power of our purchasing dollar. And not all radio programming sucks, there are pockets out there where dj's are still given some freedom, but not in New York City. Subscription based media is where the qulaity is today, just look at what HBO has done with sunday nights. It would be worth thirty dollars a month to never have to see or hear Justin Timberlake.

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