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Friday, June 29, 2007


I recently blogged about the Concert DVD; One Night In Dublin: Gary Moore & Friends, A Tribute To Phil Lynott. It was the DVD I was most hopeful about because I had seen some YouTube of it.

Regular readers will understand that I just validated Fred.

Not the first time.

Anyway, it's fookin' grrreat. (that's supposed to come off Scottish......)

When I was over at Amazon (actually I was at work) trolling for Lizzy, I came across this title. Knowing full well I'd buy it, I looked at the customer reviews first (lesson learned). Most of the geezers who submitted reviews were slagging off Robo, saying he looked and played badly.

I don't know what DVD they watched, but on mine, I'm glad to say, Robo smokes.

Standing next to Gary Moore, there's only about ten guitar players that I know of who wouldn't be outplayed. Gary doesn't have to think about it, and he lands everything. Robo isn't quite as gifted technically, but what he squeezes out is much more soulful, much more daring, and thusly, much more pleasing - methinks.

And Robo never looked good.

In summary:

Buy the DVD.

Watch it.

Turn it up.



In the seventies (oh how I love the ring of that line) the guitar duo of Steve Hunter and Dick Wagner graced many of the enduring classics of that decade. They worked together in Lou Reed's live act and were responsible for the stellar guitar performances that are found on 'Rock and Roll Animal'

Bob Ezrin used them to augment the failing Glen Buxton's abilities on Alice Cooper's 'Billion Dollar Babies' and 'Muscle of Love' albums, so when Alice went solo in 75, Steve and Dick were recruited for the Alice band. Both would serve as songwriting partners for Alice for several years, Dick worked with Alice well into the eighties.

It was Steve, however, that played on Aerosmith's cover of 'Train Kept a Rollin' on their 'Get Your Wings' LP.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Waiting for me at work this morning was my Amazon order:

THIN LIZZY by Alan Byrne. Another bio book about Phil and the boys.


THIN LIZZY, THE ROCKER. A bio-documentary DVD about, guess who, Phil and the boys.

UFO, TOO HOT TO HANDLE (1969-1993). A DVD retrospective of UFO, who are not Thin Lizzy, but then who is.


The first record. A strong debut, but the production is slightly raw, and the songwriting was still in the developmental stage. It is very blues oriented, which is probably why Tony favors it.

Classic Moments:

One Way Street
Mama Kin
Dream On (I have to give credit where it's due, but I'm so way over this tune. I much prefer the live version with the F word and such)

'Get Your Wings'

The second record marks the arrival of producer Jack Douglas. With him comes better production, and more maturity in the songwriting. It is the sound of the band coming of age.

Classic Moments:

(The whole record is a classic moment, but some songs are better than others.....)

Same Old Song and Dance
Seasons of Wither (maybe the best ever Aerosmith song)
Lord of the Thighs
S.O.S (Too Bad)

And yes Tony, Steve Hunter does play the lead on Train Kept A' Rollin'.

Toys in the Attic

This is the apex of Aerosmith. Argue all you like, but the facts are the facts. Walk This Way and Sweet Emotion are without doubt the biggest Aerosmith songs, they are ubiquitous, they transcend the band, and have become touchstones of pop culture.

Looking beyond the hits, there's no weak tune on this record. The production is smart, clean, and varied.

Maybe it's the fact that there is far more piano on this album, but certainly the production and arrangement set this one above the rest.

It's all classic folks.


This is the sound of Aerosmith hitting their stride. The production on Rocks is thick and juicy, but a tad formulaic. There's not a lot of dynamics, just solid rock, which is, again, probably why Tony favors it.

The poster was cool.

Classic Moments:

Nobody's Fault (maybe the second greatest Aerosmith song)
Last Child (again, the live version smokes this one)
Back In the Saddle (ditto)
Rats In the Cellar (skin a turnin' yeller.....)
Sick As a Dog (get yer head out of the loo....)

Draw the Line

Steven Tyler has said that this is the album where they lost the ability to know where to draw the line, as far as the drawing of lines goes.

I still love the record, specially the cover art, but it does signal a downward turn for the band, one that they would never fully recover from.

Classic Moments:

Kings and Queens
Draw the Line
Milk Cow Blues
Sight For Sore Eyes

Jackson also recommends:

Get It Up
Critical Mass
I Wanna Know Why

Hey, that's most of the record......throw in Joe's lead vocal track, Bright Light Fright, for kicks, maybe this one is as good as Rocks after all......

Night In the Ruts

This is where it all falls apart. Joe quit during the recording (actually during a tour forced upon the band during the recording), and after that, the band fell apart never to be heard from again.

Or so Jackson would like to believe.

It seems some other band came out in the eighties, and used the moniker Aerosmith, they even adopted the names as the real band, and the look too, but we know the real Aerosmith died with the seventies.

Classic Moments:

Remember, Walking In the Sand
Reefer Head Woman

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Congrats to my Neice, Julia, who graduated high school on Friday. She's the best person I know, and was blogging before Fred. I wish her all the success, and above all, hapiness.


Aren't they a little late? I mean despite the horible line-up featuring has beens, wannabes, and media whores, isn't she, like, dead?

Are they looking for a cure for car wrecks?

I don't get it.

How about a concert for Foxy, we can still save her.......maybe.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I love Boston. Fred went to school here and I visited a few times. One could say that Boston was the first big city I got to romp in. Romp I did.

Boston has history, great food, great architecture, great nightlife, but unfortunately it is tainted by it's affiliation with this guy:
The asshole coach of the evil New England Patriots.
I brought my Pennington jersey, and wore it at the bar last night - pissed off the locals.
Get ready Pats fans, your sissy boy QB will suffer greatly at the hands of the JETS soon enough.
What are these Red Sox I keep hearing about?

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Written by Crystal Zevon, Warren's Ex-wife, "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" chronicles 'the dirty life and times' of Warren Zevon. On the inside sleeve I saw the quote: "I got to be Jim Morrison a lot longer than he did."

I had to buy it.

Not only a fascinating story about a fascinating man, the book chronicles that magic era of So. Cal. rock in the seventies. Waddy Wachtel, Jackson Browne, Lyndsay Buckingham, the list of contributors is astounding, and the stories are worthy of the legend.

Jackson recommends.

Monday, June 11, 2007

50 Years.

Congratulations to my Mother and Father for making the 50 year milestone. Thanks to all the family and friends who came from far and wide to make the party a success.


That's what you get for caring about television.

That's what you get for caring about crime.

That's what the Legal Div and I get for sweating the traffic on I-95 and 278 in a fit of concern about weather we'd make it home from Virginia in time.

We did.

And that's what we get.

For those keeping track, I was right about Tony, Syl, and Phil.

Wrong about AJ and Janice.

Man I wish Carmella took a bullet.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


In the article I linked to on my recent post where I called Ron Paul a bigot, cuz he is, there was a lot of talk about how web savvy his supporters are.

Well it took all of about a half hour before I got a slew (4 is a slew right) of anonymous Ron Paul supporting bigoted comments.

Gotta love the new media.

If only any Democrat could get that smart.

Yeah right.........


Can it get any more clear that something very wrong is happening and needs to be addressed pronto?


I gave Ron Paul an early, and now it seems, foolhardy endorsement. I now rescind that endorsement. Though we agree on the Iraq issue, it seems that Ron is a bigot after all.

"Paul opposes abortion rights, voted to authorize a 700-mile fence along the U.S.-Mexican border, supports withdrawing troops from Iraq, and defines marriage as between a man and a woman." - The Ticker

I guess all Repugnicans are jerk-offs after all.

Tony, I am offering you honorary Libertarian status due to your mostly non-bigoted attitudes.

How's that for a back-handed compliment.

"Well Pootie Tang, Kennebunkport is nice and all, but you gotta come on down to the Ranch, we got quail the size of terriers runnin' around, big fat suckers, and they're slow too, so they're easier to shoot at, see....."

Monday, June 04, 2007


Way back in 96/97 when we all worked at Caliente and the world was in our hands, one of the discs that practically lived in the CD changer there was Pulp's 'Different Class'.

The song that caught me was 'Common People'. It had a great hook, and I found myself playing it even before I had synched with the subject matter, which took it all to another level.

Jarvis Cocker has been compared to Ray Davies for a number of reasons, and his ability to put you in the boots of his characters is not the least of them.

Then came 'Disco 2000' - same deal.

'Something Changed' - again, great hook, great melody, great slice of life commentary.

All off the same record. A great record.

But what happened?

The only song I know that comes close is 'Do You Remember the First Time'.

Somebody peep me to the good Pulp please.


I can't believe what I'm reading (except for a noted few clear minded individuals) over at AVC.

Free music?

How can that be any good for anyone except the Ad execs?

I respect my brothers opinion, and most likely he's right about where we are headed, but he's wrong about it being a good thing. It's bad, very bad.

I really liked this comment:

"Why not just admit that there's a group of people out there who think they're entitled to whatever it is they want? That other people should slave away creating their music and books and movies and software, and all for free? Just because their copy costs nothing more?

Tell you what. When I can get gas and rent and food and clothing and insurance and everything else for free, I'll give all of my content away for free. Until then..."

And this one's priceless:

"I've got an idea. Why don't you freely give away your millions on this site and then earn it all back and more via all the people who flock here to read your advertings as the demand for your blog goes up? I think free venture capital would be a great business and somebody with your vision and demand for all things free is just the VC to start it, don't you think?"

And this is just a laugh:

"In the real world of music production, $10,000 is an INSANELY high budget. Most of the records I work on come in at about half that --"

Oh I just can't wait to hear that record.......

I can say the same, even less in fact, but I do not have any inkling of a delusion that the records I make are anywhere near the quality of a 'Dark Side of the Moon' or 'Rumours'.

It takes money, INSANELY more than 10,000 dollars to outfit a studio with the kind of gear it takes to make a great record.

Somebody has to foot the bill - on the front end, mind you, and advertisements before each tune (back end) just ain't happenin'.......man.

I got an idea.

Everyone just stop.

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Stop trying to make it better, you've only made it worse.



Gooses and ganders all, everybody has an equal stake in the climate crisis, and neither China nor the U.S. should be treated any differently. Everyone need to make sacrifices, and the time-line is dictated by Mother Earth, not individual administrations.

Suck it up everyone, and get on board.


When like minded folks spar like this, I believe it's called quibbling, and it offers nothing. The fact that Obama wasn't around to mistakenly vote to fund the war in 2002 does not give him the moral high ground. He would have caved like all the rest. At least Biden is sticking to his guns. I like John Edwards, but Biden is the only Dem who seems to have an actual plan for Iraq.


For every action, there has to be an equal but opposite reaction, right?

Post war English midlands born Bass playing single monikered lead singers of power trios for whom they are the main songwriter, and who's careers span from the seventies to today.

One dreams of blue turtles, the other loves you like a reptile.

If Sting moved next door, your property value will skyrocket.

If Lemmy moved next door, your lawn would die.


I've been saying for some time that Tony will die at the end. Literary tradition demands his death. I'm not so sure anymore.

Syl may be full of holes, but I think he lives.

Phil will die.

Paulie could go either way.

AJ is toast.

For god sake I hope Carmella takes a bullet to the head, hopefully in mid sentence shutting her trap for good.

Unfortunately, I think Janice will live.

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