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Monday, June 11, 2007


That's what you get for caring about television.

That's what you get for caring about crime.

That's what the Legal Div and I get for sweating the traffic on I-95 and 278 in a fit of concern about weather we'd make it home from Virginia in time.

We did.

And that's what we get.

For those keeping track, I was right about Tony, Syl, and Phil.

Wrong about AJ and Janice.

Man I wish Carmella took a bullet.

I thought it was a great ending.

"when it happens, you don’t even hear it.”

Tony got whacked. That's the ending. Chase made you think it was all in the Journey lyrics, you think it's all just moving on with theirs/your life, but in the end, the door chimes jingle and you don't see or hear it coming. Just dead. The whole scene was Tony's POV and then abrupt nothingness.

If you ask me it was brilliant.

I would have enjoyed seeing AJ get offed though. Phil getting his head runover was classic.
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