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Friday, June 29, 2007


I recently blogged about the Concert DVD; One Night In Dublin: Gary Moore & Friends, A Tribute To Phil Lynott. It was the DVD I was most hopeful about because I had seen some YouTube of it.

Regular readers will understand that I just validated Fred.

Not the first time.

Anyway, it's fookin' grrreat. (that's supposed to come off Scottish......)

When I was over at Amazon (actually I was at work) trolling for Lizzy, I came across this title. Knowing full well I'd buy it, I looked at the customer reviews first (lesson learned). Most of the geezers who submitted reviews were slagging off Robo, saying he looked and played badly.

I don't know what DVD they watched, but on mine, I'm glad to say, Robo smokes.

Standing next to Gary Moore, there's only about ten guitar players that I know of who wouldn't be outplayed. Gary doesn't have to think about it, and he lands everything. Robo isn't quite as gifted technically, but what he squeezes out is much more soulful, much more daring, and thusly, much more pleasing - methinks.

And Robo never looked good.

In summary:

Buy the DVD.

Watch it.

Turn it up.


Nice Heads-up...
It is good to see GM rock-out again...
His blues went over my head.
...or under.....
You (and everybody) should get it. It's a really good concert. Everybody (alive) shows up, does their bit, aquits themselves well. Scott Gorham is way cool. I always envied his hair. Let's face it, he had the best hair in the business.
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