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Monday, June 04, 2007


I've been saying for some time that Tony will die at the end. Literary tradition demands his death. I'm not so sure anymore.

Syl may be full of holes, but I think he lives.

Phil will die.

Paulie could go either way.

AJ is toast.

For god sake I hope Carmella takes a bullet to the head, hopefully in mid sentence shutting her trap for good.

Unfortunately, I think Janice will live.

I've only ever seen a few episodes of that show years ago, but I bet Carmella will kill Tony.
I have to admit that I was and still am feeling bummed out about this shows ending. Seeing my main man Syl get all shot up was horribly depressed.

AJ is getting on my nerves too...
AJ needs a guitar.
Why do i have to use google now?
Call me crazy but I have been sensing some Godfather III allusions in the promos and on the show itself. Caviallere Rusticana was playing when they decided to strike. I think they will put right what Francis got so wrong. Let's face it, we all couldn't wait for Sofia Coppola to finish dying. Meadow will die by a bullet meant for Tony. That's my prediction. Something's gonna happen with Junior and/or his money, as well.
You have to use google because blogger is in cahoots with google and the extorted their users into signing up.

cheap dimestore hood tactics, but effective none the less.
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