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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I love Boston. Fred went to school here and I visited a few times. One could say that Boston was the first big city I got to romp in. Romp I did.

Boston has history, great food, great architecture, great nightlife, but unfortunately it is tainted by it's affiliation with this guy:
The asshole coach of the evil New England Patriots.
I brought my Pennington jersey, and wore it at the bar last night - pissed off the locals.
Get ready Pats fans, your sissy boy QB will suffer greatly at the hands of the JETS soon enough.
What are these Red Sox I keep hearing about?

I can picture you sitting in a tavern with the Chad jersey on mumbling insults into your beer hoping someone would say, "What did you say buddy?" Give'em hell Jackson!
I went on an early romp... I dont remember the history or architecture... all I remember is a big friggin garbage bag, spinning backward in a recliner while listening to Zappa (?) in a dorm room. Wasnt Bill there too? I think he was doing a summer college class?
Sorry... Dont recall much of that trip.
Ah yes, the infamous garbage bag, it seems that it was crap, and they were happy to have us around to help get rid of it.

Bill did do some summer classes there, and that may have been the same visit as the spinning recliner.

I remember some Asian dude who had some wierd stuff, looked like pine needles......destroyed I think is the term I'm looking for.

As it turns out, Nuggets, the awesome record store where I got the first Rose Tattoo record - and the awesome Castle Donnington record - is still in Kenmore Square, but it has moved. I didn't get a chance to check it out. Damn.

College, it's what you make of it after all.
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