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Monday, June 04, 2007


Way back in 96/97 when we all worked at Caliente and the world was in our hands, one of the discs that practically lived in the CD changer there was Pulp's 'Different Class'.

The song that caught me was 'Common People'. It had a great hook, and I found myself playing it even before I had synched with the subject matter, which took it all to another level.

Jarvis Cocker has been compared to Ray Davies for a number of reasons, and his ability to put you in the boots of his characters is not the least of them.

Then came 'Disco 2000' - same deal.

'Something Changed' - again, great hook, great melody, great slice of life commentary.

All off the same record. A great record.

But what happened?

The only song I know that comes close is 'Do You Remember the First Time'.

Somebody peep me to the good Pulp please.

The album that followed Different Class was This is Hardcore. It does have a few gems like The Fear and Help The Aged. They put out one one record before throwing in the towel.

Jarvis just put out a new one, listen to (Cunts are) Running The World.
I missed this one.... I have never heard of them (him?)
Buy 'Common People' on iTunes, worth the buck, if you like, buy the record (Diff Class)
There is a William Shatner version on iTunes too!!
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