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Friday, June 29, 2007


In the seventies (oh how I love the ring of that line) the guitar duo of Steve Hunter and Dick Wagner graced many of the enduring classics of that decade. They worked together in Lou Reed's live act and were responsible for the stellar guitar performances that are found on 'Rock and Roll Animal'

Bob Ezrin used them to augment the failing Glen Buxton's abilities on Alice Cooper's 'Billion Dollar Babies' and 'Muscle of Love' albums, so when Alice went solo in 75, Steve and Dick were recruited for the Alice band. Both would serve as songwriting partners for Alice for several years, Dick worked with Alice well into the eighties.

It was Steve, however, that played on Aerosmith's cover of 'Train Kept a Rollin' on their 'Get Your Wings' LP.

Just for the record...The initial guitar solos on Train Kept a Rollin were Steve Hunter. When the track shifts into the live uptempo section that goes to the end, it is Dick Wagner. Also it was wagner who was Alice Cooper's writing partner, not Steve and Dick. Record straight? Good.

Dick Wagner
Wow! Thanks Dick. I'm so unworthy of your presence on my humble blog.

Dick, here's a thought. Write a book. I'd buy it.

Hmmmm, bitter undertones methinks.
After 25+ years of visualizing Joe Perry ripping those leads I have to reconcile this truth.


That is the most mad rippinest guitar work ever. Your work with Alice has been pleasure to my ears for decades. Jackson and are huge fans. I'd definately buy your book!
For the record...I have written a book and it is hopefully soon to be published. Entitled"Not Only Women Bleed" memoirs of a Rock Musician..... It's good to know it has at least two sales in the bag. Thanks you guys and Rock On!!

Dick Wagner
Undertones !!??
I was listening to the intro to "Sweet Jane" (live) and thinking that the dual solo sounded familiar...Definite 'arena' feel. Was that them? The bass on that track is impressive too.
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Yup, that's Dick and Steve.
I am Dick Wagner's biz partner, and thought you may wish to know that this week (only a day or two after he wrote to you)he had a very serious heart attack. He has been in ICU all week on life support, but I am very relieved to tell you he is finally coming back to us! As of today, we believe Dick will fully recover. Dick is not only a brilliant songwriter and guitar player, but also a very special and beautiful man. His brilliance continues in his recent CD, TORCH ROCK, with singer/songwriter Wensday.

Suzy Michelson

Please tell Dick that Jackson and Tony Alva from Savage Distortion are pulling for him. We're not too cool to pray either. He is a Giant of the Rock world, and our lives have been enriched by his work.
Thank you Jackson and Tony Alva.. I will definitely share your kind words and prayers with Dick. I think if you ever meet Dick personally, you will find him to be not only a rock giant, but also an extraordinary human being. He enriches our world both musically and personally.

Suzy Michelson
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