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Thursday, June 07, 2007


In the article I linked to on my recent post where I called Ron Paul a bigot, cuz he is, there was a lot of talk about how web savvy his supporters are.

Well it took all of about a half hour before I got a slew (4 is a slew right) of anonymous Ron Paul supporting bigoted comments.

Gotta love the new media.

If only any Democrat could get that smart.

Yeah right.........


I don't know how to do those linky things. I'm not quite as savvy as those Ron Paul supporters, but I do find him to be the most consistent of all the candidates on either side. As a bleeding heart liberal, I simply don't agree with him on all of his positions, but he is nothing if not consistent. He is a strict constitutionalist,a fiscal conservative, and a doctor. Everything he believes in derives from that. Each of the moral positions that you've mentioned he holds, can be justified constitutionally. The federal right to an abortion came about because women had to cross state lines to have an abortion either because their state forbid it or they could not find a doctor willing to perform one (it is in defiance of the hippocratic oath). Furthermore, I have never once heard him mention any moral positions, though I'm not disputing that he may hold them. He is very clear about what is important to him, and that is to shrink the government. It seems to me that he opposes the war primarily because it is fiscally irresponsible and proof of a government gone out of bounds. I'm sure he finds it abhorrent morally as well, but that's secondary. The above clip gives a fair impression as to what he is about.

He opposes gun control. Obviously, I 'm not crazy about that. Yet I can understand why it is dangerous for a government to impose such restrictions on its people. How are we going to exercise our right to revolution if we can't buy AK-47s?
Maybe Jackson will bestow upon you a Libertarian title.

Glad to see you're still out there Clarkie. Hope all is well with you and yours.
Thanks Tony Alva. Right back at ya. All is good with me, just trying to stay away from the computer lately because I get sucked in.
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