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Monday, June 04, 2007


I can't believe what I'm reading (except for a noted few clear minded individuals) over at AVC.

Free music?

How can that be any good for anyone except the Ad execs?

I respect my brothers opinion, and most likely he's right about where we are headed, but he's wrong about it being a good thing. It's bad, very bad.

I really liked this comment:

"Why not just admit that there's a group of people out there who think they're entitled to whatever it is they want? That other people should slave away creating their music and books and movies and software, and all for free? Just because their copy costs nothing more?

Tell you what. When I can get gas and rent and food and clothing and insurance and everything else for free, I'll give all of my content away for free. Until then..."

And this one's priceless:

"I've got an idea. Why don't you freely give away your millions on this site and then earn it all back and more via all the people who flock here to read your advertings as the demand for your blog goes up? I think free venture capital would be a great business and somebody with your vision and demand for all things free is just the VC to start it, don't you think?"

And this is just a laugh:

"In the real world of music production, $10,000 is an INSANELY high budget. Most of the records I work on come in at about half that --"

Oh I just can't wait to hear that record.......

I can say the same, even less in fact, but I do not have any inkling of a delusion that the records I make are anywhere near the quality of a 'Dark Side of the Moon' or 'Rumours'.

It takes money, INSANELY more than 10,000 dollars to outfit a studio with the kind of gear it takes to make a great record.

Somebody has to foot the bill - on the front end, mind you, and advertisements before each tune (back end) just ain't happenin'.......man.

I got an idea.

Everyone just stop.

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Stop trying to make it better, you've only made it worse.

The most telling comment was made by the guy who said that ad supported media has yet to prove itself as a viable business model.

The whole idea of ad supported free music just nausiates me.

It's ruined...
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