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Thursday, June 24, 2004


I've decided to give The President a break today and concentrate my stream of bile againts an even greater foe. Greater because his evil hits closer to home. I am talking about that asshole Bloomberg and how much I'd like to take his fuckin' head off. Where does this freak get off telling us...US....NEW FUCKING YORKERS....what we can or can't do in public places. Fuck him, I hope he fucking dies. The Ice Cream Man for chrissakes! Jesus Christ what happened to this guy when he was a kid. We're talkin' Mr. Fucking Softee here, an institution. And now barking dogs. You might as well fine water for being wet. Come on New York, let's take our city back! I never thought I'd miss Rudy, but man oh manischevitz....RUDY COME HOME!

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