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Wednesday, June 23, 2004


A very great and dear freind of mine for many years is a staunchly proud American who happens to be pro-Bush, or at least supportive of our current administration, and he refers to my blog as my anti-american bolg. This put my mind to wondering if I am a proud American as well. Am I anti-american? It's a tough question. I certainly hold no alegiance to any other nation. But I guess that's the crux of this particular biscuit. I'm anti-nation. I don't believe in the "Nation", this or any other. It's an antiquated notion that only fans the flames of discontent world-wide. I believe in equality, or rather equity among world citizens. What's to be so proud of anyway? Our freedom? Please. What freedom? Freedom to have my civil liberties revoked by a reactionist government? Why would I want to smoke in a bar anyway? Freedom to support criminals because they are the only ones who sell reefer? Talk to Howard Stern about the First Amendment. Just exactly how free are we? Should I be proud of our national heritage? Theft and murder. Add greed and puritanical suppression and you have the exact virtues that gave birth to this great nation. Manifest Destiny, our god given right to plunder!
On the other hand, I love New York, and would live in no other city despite what that ass Bloomberg has done to it. So I guess I'm an American, but it has little to do with pride.
Adolph Hitler was very proud to be German, Pol Pot was a proud Cambodian, Stalin...you guessed it, proud Soviet.
Nationalism kills.

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