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Wednesday, June 30, 2004


I have not yet been to see the new Michael Moore film, but I will. Furthermore, I will enjoy it, because I know what it is I'm going to see. A comedy by a master comedian. Michael Moore can't sway me, I already agree with him, and his tactics. The right won't be swayed. They'll cry slander and call Mr. Moore a "sleazeball", but they're locked into thier agenda of generating more cash for corporate america. ( Mr. Cheney: "Get your contracts here! Rebuild Iraq, make a fortune! Contracts, red hot contracts here! ) It's the middle guy. Mr. and Mrs Average Dude. They are the ones that can be swayed. They are the ones who will see this movie and have their eyes opened for the first time, like the blinding light of truth that zapped Saul and turned him Paul . Propaganda works, and it's not a dirty word. The King is dead, long live THE REVOLUTION! ( You can count me out, in. )

I will enjoy the film as well, but only as a piece of entertainment. Com'on, Michael Moore fair and objective? "Roger and Me" was brilliant and very funny (who doesn't like to see stodgy corporate types get uncomfortable when accosted and asked for comments on tough questions), but to blame a CEO for getting out of a losing situation, and saddle him and his company for the slide of a one industry town is naive and socialist. There are many towns across America that has fallen into extinction on account of lack of industrial diversity. There are many of these towns down here in my corner of the country. A 21st century example was just noted in our paper of a small town in Alabama which is losing it's population on account of Panasonic closing it's cassette tape recorder factory. What the hell do you want Panasonic to do? Keep making them and make shareholders suffer the losses just so some rednecks have a job out in the middle of nowhere Alabubba? I hate cassette tapes! It's simple capitalism at work and sometimes it's hard on people whether it's Flint, MI or Bendoverandsqueal, AL. I believe it was Bob Golthwaite(sp?) who advised the starving people in the Sudan, "Go where the food is, it won't grow in the desert!" People of Flint MI, "Go where the jobs are!" Michael Moore, you're funny guy and you make good movies, but your as full of shit as Tariq Aziz.

You want to see some good stuff in the same vein as M. Moore, but more grounded in reality check the handful of episodes of Penn & Teller's Showtime series "Bullshit". The episode featuring the topic of second hand smoke was the single best docu piece since "Gimme Shelter". These guys ought to run for office...
Nobody has ever accused Michael Moore of being fair and objective. We've moved way beyond that. It's war dude.
War or economics, objectivity and truth are still a sacred. If Moore wants to make real political documentaries he shoud study the Maysel Bros. and learn a thing about verete' film making. Of course that wouldn't be possible because the guy can't stand not being in frame. He makes good comedy. That's it.
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