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Saturday, July 09, 2005


Well I'm not gonna break out the old Funk and Wagnalls, though that would be an excellent band name, but I do want to discuss how my Podcast is going to shape up. What format should I use? I want to do too much. I think I will keep the Smoke and Mirrors stuff the focus, and each time play a track from an established artist that I'm hot on, and a track from 'the feild', like 'Chillin' by Hue B. Mooksooki. I guess that means send me your shit, and if I dig it, I'll play it. From the feedback I've gotten so far on the beta model - Smoke and Mirrors 1, there seems to be a call for some ranting on my part, and for some classic cuts from my extensive vault. I have some thoughts on these matters. As for vinyl, think about it. Why would I go through the trouble of recording audio from a phonograph into a digital meduim, and then crush it's very life by encoding it a 64 kbs. Any benefit from the source will be negated by the mp3 process. I'll just rip the classic stuff from cd's for now, which brings up a touchy issue that Hue asked me about. Is this legal? Can I podcast Alice Cooper's 'Gulty' (Goes To Hell, 1976)? I will once again use my 'The Old West' model, as it relates very well with 'The New Media'. There's no law operating out on the frontier. No, it's not legal, but there's not much anybody is doing about it just now. The heavy hitters will want their cut soon enough, and then you will have to pay to play copyrighted material. I'm going to assume that I fly pretty low under the radar. I'm going to go ahead and see what happens. If I end up having to pay, It'll probably affect my format.


First of all thanks in advance for playing the Mooksuki tune, I think I will be using "chillin" for Theme music for my upcoming Podcast... thanks to you and the good folks from "down in the flood", and "Positively 10th Street" for the inspiration. I'm quite sure it will suck almost as bad as my blog.

As far as the copyrighted stuff goes, A great deal of my stuff will be local Minneapolis based bands, but I too want to play some tunes from my collection.

I guess it's the "old west model" as you put... I'm game until Lars Ulrich's bitch ass sues us all.

oh and on a related note, I'm not sure what it is about the "Harlon" tune, it's a totall ear worm - I've played it for a lot of my friends - and would like a copy... How do I go about doing this?

Finally, kind of relating the AVC blog on tracking Podcasts. I have given out CDs with P10thstreet and Smoke and Mirrors to a number of my friends who are now asking for more. Since you released the podcast, I've burned and given away 7 CDs. I know for a fact at least one of those people copied the disk and has been gifting the podcasts to their friends.

You have a fanbase in Minneapolis! you and Prince and the Green Bay Packers have something in common....

Keep up the great work
I have no problem with the Huezine music retail business. Soon I hope to have website that folks can go to to get Smoke and Mirrors music. As for 'Harlon', I think Tony would like a shot at cleaning it up before too many copies hit the streets.
WOW! Others are groovin' to the Alva/Chrispy/Jackson production stylings! This is amazing. I'm expecting Ashton Kutcher to jump into my office door and tell me, "No, we're just kidding we think it really sucks and you've been punk'd!"

You can play/distrubute Harlon as often as you like from Jackson's P-cast, but I WILL be working with the Asemetrical Twins to tidy it up VERY soon.

Hue, two things: How do I get a Huezine shirt, and when do we hear you p-cast? Perhaps a bootleg pre-prod 'Harlon' in exchange?
I'd love to be able to provide Hue (and all the other MN fans) with high quality versions of the tunes they like from the podcast, or the entire podcasts themselves.

Hue - maybe we should send you a CD so you can burn copies from that? Much better quality. I think you'll end up liking "Harlan" even more.

What are everybody's thoughts? How do we get some distribution going? It seems like we are on the way to some kind of collabo here...
I sent out an e-mail to a number of you, and others as well, about a BIG SITE, where we can post finished product, and exchange unfinished product via a protected ftp address hosted by the same server. I see the New York/Atlanta/Austin base being joined by a Minneapolis branch. At this rate, L.A. and Nashville will have to come to us, on our terms.
I've got a busy as fuck week going here, but my trusty IT neighbor has given me the name of a guy that I plan on calling to get a feel for what website services entail since I don't know shit about it. I'll fill you guys in on what I find out.

Hope to get my recorder networked Thursday night if possible. At my neighbors mercy...
We'll get Harlan (Harlon) ready for transfer, start practicing.....
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