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Thursday, July 21, 2005


My new podcsat is up.


I play four songs from the five records I have listened to the most in my life. It was suposed to be five songs, but I had to ditch a tune to get my mp3 down below 15mb. I hate that. The lost tune was 'Overdose' by AC/DC from the 'Let There Be Rock' lp (1977). I love that record, and have worn it out over the years. Albums that were in contention, but didn't make the final cut were Pink Floyd 'Animals', Judas Priest 'Stained Class', Yes 'Close To The Edge', The Beatles 'Revolver', and REM 'Green'. I might do a part two. Chris doresn't care. It's a waste of time to him.

Damn, I haven't listened to 2112 all the way through in so many years. I love that album. Being the technogeek I am, I used to think it was so cool that my CD version (I also have it on vinyl) had the 2112 Overture indexed, and my CD player would let me skip indexes.

Must rip my Rush CDs for the iPod, even if Geddy shows me how much my bass playing sucks.

This was the best one yet!

It's funny you played rush, In working on my new site one of my writers just submitted a review of "2112" (his "deal" is reviewing things that came out at least 10 years ago - look for his upcoming review of "smokey and the bandit")

Everything on your show rocked ass and brought back many memories.

Total bonus points for the Rush intro bed music, nice touch.

I just put it on the main stereo of our office, I feel it's my duty as a rocker to "school" these young programmers on real music.

Keep up the great work...

I'm two songs into it and I"M ROCKIN'!!!

The Alice track is awesome. Stones, what can I say that I haven't already...
Rock F'ing Bottom!!!!

THIS is what I've been wanting to hear from a Jackson podcast. I am 150% convinced that we could set up a broadcast radio station in any city, program this kind of music and sell a scadzillion dollars of ad time because it would be the hottest radio station ever.

Your podcast has just raised the bar. I'd say the next step would be to merge the formats of new breaking artists being recorded at S&M, and your most excellent classic hard rock program.

I'm planning a trip up very soon and hope you'll allow me to co-host one of these things with you. I can't wait.

JP's 'Victim Of Changes' from Unleashed in the East will be a must play...
I agree with Tony, NoTacosForGetty is "Da Bomb"!!!!

I'm listening to it for the THIRD time today!

I have this quasi-resistable urge to go buy a 5 foot bong, ditch school and listen to S&M for a 4th and 5th time.

Tony is also correct in that, S&M would flourish in ANY market. I'd buy ad time and I'm so broke I can't pay attention.

TA as a Co-host - That's a big Hells Yeah. Why don't you guys just jump in the "Grey Cat Studios" Jet and join me for a live remote at Mayslacks in N.E. Minneapolis... I'll Supply the Garlic Infused Roast Beef Sandwiches.

You totally raised the bar with this one...

Here's my official quote for when you go shop this show concept to Sirrus or XM...

"The PODcast, Smoke and Mirrors Is like a mirth filled time machine made out of old Marshall Heads, Humbucker Pick-ups, and Sandwiches. Rock is back with a vengeance! and we have Jackson to thank".
- Hue B. Mooksuki, Chief Etc. Officer, HUEZINE.com
I'm just happy that everyone likes yer podcasts. They would only be a waste of time if you didn't enjoy doing them.

I must admit, my favorite 'casts are the ones that feature music by our clients, friends, enemies, neighbors, etc., because I feel like the classic rock bands have gotten enough play over the years. The fact that we have the opportunity to share new music with the people is what gets me going.

That being said, any poscast with Geddy Lee yelling on it is a good one, since Geddy is Canadian for God.
I have to go upstate this weekend, so because of you guys, I ripped 2112 and Fly By Night to listen to on the train.
i have been listening to Strangers in the Night!!!!!! non stop today because of you


U F O !!!!!!!!

Getty is Canadian for God
Schenker is German for God (and english for a nasty sore).

The classic rock is awesome, but dont' stop playing the stuff from your studio...
Ken completely proves my my point. A rock and roll radio station spinning OUR type of stuff would break huge. All due respect Crispy, the shit we're talkin 'bout NEVER got played on any radio station I ever got to listen to, with the lone exception being the cadet radio station at West Point that spun some very cool shit (Jackson and I stole a crap load of their batter records). When was the last time you heard "The Necromancer" over the airwaves, or "Pack It Up And Go" from UFO's Obsession (one of the greatest songs ever written)? You would on FM123 Savage Distortion my friend. The bottom line for me and what makes this podcast thing so liberating is that FM radio and it's regulated 123 classic rock songs are not at all indicative of what classic rock is all about and at least IMHO, is dying to be heard. Ken hasn't listened to 2112 in years and he'll surely listen to it this weekend. How many more Ken's are out there? I'll bet a shitload with their vinyl copies of Aerosmith 'Rocks' and the first Queensryche record (the one with Nightrider on it) being dug out of the basement boxes for the first time in a decade. Kiss records, Steve Miller, early Ted Nugent, the real Van Halen records (VH I up to, but not including, Diver Down), Alice Cooper, etc... Not the hits, but the 10 or so other songs on those records that we rocked to when we were young and knew the shit was good.

Can't argue with Jackson's bro on this podcast thing, it's about the coolest thing to happen to "radio" since Tesla/Marconi discovered a use for the electromagnetic spectrum.

"We want the airwaves baby!"


I like the S&M artist pcasts too!!!
For Hue...

"Since you came from Memphis you can look but please don't touch. You like rock-n-rollers, it seems a bit much to much, 'cause it's the natural thing..."

I've got it in the car right now!!!
Well I'm very happy all three of my fans/freinds like my new podcast. I thing the way to go will be multiple podcasts. I think we'll do a regular 'S&M' podcast featruring stuff from the studio, and a 'Radio Savage Distortion' featuring great classic hard rock that never saw the airwaves proper. Chris also had the idea to post single songs, that way we could offer better quality mp3s. I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and pay for hosting, until we get a website that can host all this audio.
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