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Thursday, July 14, 2005


Much like Homer and his gun, I use my blog for everything. I would like to get some feedback on a few Tedstock issues.

1) How many of you would be put off by having it on a weekday night, say the thursday prior to the Halloween weekend? Please speak up, this is an important issue. The 29th is the saturday before Halloween, and many ideal locales are booked, or are priced out of range. I am not saying it can't happen on the Saturday, we're just looking at our options.

2) Food? What do you want. We all know I want sandwiches, and I believe I'll get my wish, but what type, and what else?

3) Beverage? Is beer, wine, water, and soda good enough? Do we need liquor? Will Andy Rock bring his own?

4) Bands? So far the lineup will include: Four Fellas, Geek Farm, Happy Boy, Microdot, Via Skyway/Brain Shivers, Andy Rock Band, The X's, maybe Acquiesce, and maybe The Horse You Rode In On. Have I left somebody out? Hue? Wanna come to NYC and play my birthday gig? Should we book New Creation (lifeteen)? Will we do an all-star jam? Does anybody know 'I Shall Be Released'?

5) The Film? Who wants to help document this thing? Who's got a camera? I'd love to shoot it on Super 8 as well a digi.

I would love to shoot it on 70mm film in Dolby Surround, and prepare it for release on DVD (with alternate mixes and a commentary by Ted). Maybe some funny outtakes, Ted getting hit in the head with a noodle or slipping on a banana peel.

What about the light show/smoke machines?
1. Thurs. night is okay with me I guess. I could take of the following Fri. Just remember that you will have a MUCH better chance of non-city people showing up on a weekend.

2. Sandwiches are great. Just make sure there's plenty of non-meat items.

3. Beer good. After those, tell people they can bring whatever they want.

4. No comment. It's your stock. Whatever would make you happiest.

5. You could tell everyone who feels like a bringing a digital camera, and then taking all the footage and making the final DVD out of it. Easy on your Mac. iMovie + iDVD.

Oh, you could also do the Hairy Buffalo Skevava style drink menu.

Hmmm, a Hairy Buffalo. A very interesting notion. For those in the not know, a Hairy Buffalo is a big 5 gallon trash barrell filled with fresh fruit and any clear liqour. Attendees show up with a bottle and fruit of choice, and dump it in the bin.
Thursday is cool, Sandwiches are cool (the meat variety), beer, wine, water, soda is cool, all bands are cool, Hue is cool, New Creation may not be that cool for this shindig, and call Marty for the documentary...
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