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Saturday, July 09, 2005


The new Podcast is up:


Podblaze won't let me archive for free, so I had to take down the first one, but I'm archiving, and I'll figure something out.

Thanks for the air time - It's greatly appreciated.

Until this podcast if someone mentioned Glen Campbell and Floyd on the same playlist - I would of guessed, Floyd Cramer...


Awesom show, you have a great radio voice. I'm burning a copy (along with P10thStreet) for listening in my 91 Grand Prix.

I really liked the floyd stuff - it was NAILED.

I'm hoping to get my first show up this week...

again, good work!
Another outstanding job!!!!!!!!!

I don't remember the "AAAHHHHHHhhhhhh" in Comfortably Numb being there the last time I heard a playback. That track sounds amazing. You guys have got to bring that to the packageing stage. Perhaps have it available for purchase at Tedstock. Could generate enough revenue to pick up a U87.

Brainshivers, Microdot, absolutely awesome.

Chillin'... If you guys don't find a way to get Hue to send you a CD with Guitar and vox so that you guys at S&M can get Rob to put drums on it, and dig out a sax player to fatten it up , and... Well, you know the drill. Incredible tune Hue. Could there be a multi-state collabo in the works here? A potential "We Are The World" type thing? We Are Savage Distortion?

BTW... Mrs. Alva wants to know if Tedstock T-shirts will be available?
I like the idea of selling some records at Tedstock. "In lieu of gifts, please bring your checkbook and buy some records."

If we could sell enough to pay for a U87... well, that would be a good thing.
It's my fucking birthday, somebody should fucking well give me a fucking U87.
Fuck yeah!
Hey TA, Thanks for the kind words.
Maybe Guitar Center has a wedding gift like registry you could sign up for.

"Oh, look isn't that cute. Jackson registered for a matched pair of TLM 103's and a U87. We must get those for him before someone else does. Do you think it would be too much to get him all three? We'll let the Henderson's get him the Focusrite Red 7..."
Tony Alva said to sign up for a registry at Guitar Center. All I can say is that most of the gear that I have bought there tends to be a little dodgy. I am now returning my third bass with a bad neck and a second mixer with bad inputs-there is a reason why they are so cheap, and the service sucks. You would do better getting a Kmart card than spending money at that shit hole.
I have had some OK experiences at Guitar Center and a lot of bad ones.

Their shoddy customer service actually worked to my advantage many years ago - I was ready to buy a set of powered monitors and I'd settled on some Events that aren't made anymore.

So I called Guitar Center, they verified they had them, and off I went. Of course when I got there they weren't in stock. "But I called specifically!" "Uh...." I let them know how far I'd traveled to get them, etc etc, and eventually they gave me a great deal on a set of 20/20 bas's, which are still the Number 1's in the studio, some 5 some-odd years later.
I don't care where the damn U87 comes from folks, just fucking get one and give it to me, jeez.

Tony and I freaked out the staff at the Lawrenceville GA Guitar Center. They were closing as we arrived, we said 'look, we just want to buy a guitar real quick', they said 'uhhhhhh', and we said, 'no, you don't understand', as I grabed an Epiphone acoustic ($149) off the wall, 'Like this one' Cash out, done deal, four minutes. They were picking up their jaws off the floor as Tony and I sped away in the Porsche with my new beat box.
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