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Friday, July 15, 2005


I spoke to Paul last night, and here's the update on the recording of the forthcoming Acquiesce record. Drums were tracked at Electric Lady, attending were the producer (Mark), an engineer, an assistant engineer, a drum tech, and a mic tech. Can you say budget, I knew you could. After drums were tracked - to tape - the project was moved to Mark's studio, Dangerous Music (http://www.dangerousmusic.com/) conveniently located, for Paul, on east 2nd Street. Paul's bass tracks were done there - to tape - in two days. His bass was run through his SVT head, and into a cabintet that appeared to be a custom job (I saw digi photos on Paul's camera) with a U87, and a Sennheiser 421. I assume they took a direct signal as well, but maybe not. Personally I'm moving away from DI bass after getting some nice bass tones with a Fender Bandmaster and a 57. It seems that Dan's guitar will be recorded there as well, and then the project will move to Cleveland, to a famous pro studio where some classic records (Grand Funk) were recorded to do Brett's guitars and vocals.

"Looks like we made it....." B. Manilow

Jeez, must be rough.
Did you check the gear?
Very cool! So what does this mean for you guys?

I didn't check out the gear - it'll just make me sick.

Basically, what it means for us is... well... we can say "this band we worked with got signed." Beyond that, not a heck of a lot, except that we're gonna up the rate at Smoke and Mirrors. It's great for marketing, to be sure, but now that they're signed we're out of the picture.
Will you at least get mentioned on the CD or something?

What it means in terms of currency is that you guys had a hand in a band acheiving the next level of success. It means that you have that many more people in the industry who know and respect your work. It means countless other small, but nonetheless significant, things about your business.

I don't know if it'll happen but you certainly deserve a mention on their debut album. Find a way to reward yourselves for a job well done and look for the next one.

Raising your rate's always good too;-)
I think we'll get some sort of honorable mention.
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