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Sunday, July 24, 2005


Hockey is back, and I'm in. I've been in the market for a new sport to follow. It's been twenty years of nothing but NFL and Tennis. I'm going to give hockey a second chance. I played hockey as a kid, and I have fond memeories of hockey rinks in general. I saw a lot of great rock concerts in hockey rinks. I've decided to become a Vancouver Canucks fan. I'm not sure what their logo is about yet. It's a 'C' for Canuck, I get that, but it looks like it turns into some aquatic animal, namely a shark or a killer whale, or orca. I like orcas, so I'm gonna go with that, because if it's a fucking dolphin, I'm out. The whole aquamarine life representing sports teams is a bit off anyay, except of course vicious pretadators like sharks, and orcas. Dolphins are like gay freinds, not very threatening. Mostly, I picked the Canucks beacuse of their hometown, Vancouver BC, known as the Amsterdam of the west, and not because of the proliferation of dykes. It's all about the doobie, brother. It's a known fact that every citizen of Vancouver, indeed every denizen of Brittish Columbia, is very high all the time. At an average, at least 2,000 feet higher than here in New York. Mount Murchison is credited as being 13,500 feet high. That's damn high. So go Canucks! Beat those.........other guys............ who are the other teams?

canucks logo is a shark in the style of the northwest indians. fuck hockey!
Wow, strong words Tom, care to elaborate?

Hmmm, a shark eh? Well an indian shark is cool I guess, I mean the shark's got a peace pipe right?
For Canadian teams, I'm partial to Toronto or VC (in that order).

I dig the leafs because I really dig Toronto.
Vancouver is a truly amazing town, it's about as close to the East as Marco Polo could hope, and it sit sin some strange border between the US, the heroin trade, and the x-files. I liked it very much, the cigarettes are very expensive, beuatiful fuckin city what were you toalking about
I count that as one and a half votes for the Canucks as my new team. The half comes from Hue, who's partial to Toronto, whom I almost chose purely on the account of Rush. Alas, I have never been to either city, or Edmonton for that matter, though I'm not certain Edmonton is a capital of highjinx, I strongly doubt it. I take Chris' response, spoken in true frontier jibberish, as a recomendation. My folks just got back from the Great White North, I wonder if I can lure a comment from either of them.
welcome to the NHL aye!

The mascot is a killer whale not a dolphin. You should have never left hockey.

Here is 2 bits of advice if you ever make it up north for a game. Wear a jersey with pride, and keep that stuff about tennis to yourself.
Sounds like solid advice, will do.

So, is it a shark, or an orca? I hope it is an orca, they are way cooler.
I just did a small amount of research, it is an orca. Good. It's got something to do with Orca Bay, but I'm not sure if it's a place or a company.
Maybe it's an orca in the style of the northwest indians, that'd be way coolest!
Most folks have a hard time with hockey on the tube, but I don't. I will certainly say it's a better in person spectator sport. Sans the watching it on the tube debate, it is the greatest sport ever. Great game at the college level too.

Until the Thrashers came to Atlanta, I was a Buffalo Sabres fan, now it's Thrashers all the way.

Add a trip to either the island or to MSG during any winter visits to NYC for beers, dogs, nachos and socially sanctioned violance at high speed.
The logo is definately a Killer Whale.

Nice choice jackson.

Socially sanctioned violence at hight speeds... VERY nice.

If you are lucky enough to get the CBC in NYC (that's the Canadian Broadcasting Company) you will enjoy many a Canuck game every saturday night. After all Saturday night is, "hockey night in Canada".

Canadian hockey fans are rabid, you have a lot to live up to.

I love the comment about keeping tennis to yourself that's a very hockey thing to say.

Tony is correct in that The college level is fierce. Here in Minneapolis, home of the Golden Gophers - (once coached by the late Great Herb Brooks) it gets crazy. Esspecially when North Dakota Fighting Sioux come to town - , or colorado or those f-ing Wisconsin Badgers...

Some of my fondest college memories (at least of the ones I can remember) were Cornell hockey games. Although I missed the real golden years of CU hockey, the games were a blast anyway. They're where I learned to sing "Oh Canada" (Jackson, I'd recommend that you learn all of the words pronto), and some great chants, like "Hey ___, your mother called. She said, YOU SUCK." There were fish thrown onto the ice, and we'd yell "Sieve! Sieve!" at the goalie, except for one goalie who had a twitch, who we yelled "Twitch! Twitch!" at. Cruel.

I would argue that Jackson should be a Toronto fan, since Rush is from the Toronto area, but Vancouver is alright by me. You can drive from downtown to the middle of serious old-growth pine forest in about 10 minutes. Pretty amazing place. And I didn't even get high there.
Dear Jackson,

I'm real sorry to tell you this, but orcas/killer whales are actually dolphins not whales... albeit, really tough, manly dolphins. They are sometimes called killer whales because a small group of them can kill a big whale and I suppose they often do.

Will you know exactly when you will be on Letterman? That I'd like to see.
I'll be on Letterman on Monday (this or maybe next).

Orca's are mamals, like Dolphins, and closely related, but I wouldn't call one a Dolphin to his face....
Of course not. Why do you think they're so angry
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