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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I suppose one can only live in New York for so long before you get accosted by the Late Night crew. I am happy so say that I finally had my moment. Watch Letterman for the next few Mondays and you'll catch yours truly hanging out with the gracious Mr. Biff Henderson. It was damn hot, but the crew was nice as all get out, and I had a great time. Big ups to Jason, Jennifer, and Tara.

Somehow, the idea of Jackson and Biff hanging out on a sweltering summer day in NYC makes perfect sense.
??? - What does Biff, Dave, and a hot summer day have to do with whether or not you think Christianity is a cult?

So is this Late Nite going to air tonight? let me know... too bad you couldn't get a few words from Biff for your next PodCast. I would be interested to know what he considers ROCK!

Keep up the Great work?
I think "LaBona"'s comment is the blog equivalent of spam, just trying to get you to click over to her (completely incomprehensible) blog.
I've determined that it is blogspam, and therefore have not clicked over, and suggest that nobody else does either. I do take that as a sign that I have more readers than I thought.
I removed the comment in question.
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