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Sunday, July 24, 2005


They are better. Why is that? Try a Starbar or a Decker (Cadbury). Big difference. It's the chocolate. Better chocolate, better chocolate bar. Hershey's is crap. I wouldn't feed it to my dog. I don't have a dog. Chris has a dog. I wouldn't feed Hershey's to Chris' dog, Buck.

Although Buck would happily eat the hell out of a Hershey's bar, I appreciate that you refuse to feed him one, since it would make him sick.
Good thing you wouldn't feed it to the dog. Apparently chocolate will kill them since they can't digest it.

-Ken (with shiny new Blgger account just so I don't have to use the anonymous thing every time)
In case you haven't seen it, check out Buck's dogster page.

When's Buck gonna do a Podcast?
Buck has a lot to say, so I wouldn't be surprised if he whipped up a little podcast.

He talks the most in the morning, when he's gettin' ready to go out for the first time. A lot of "urrrrghhhh, haarrrhhhhgh."

Also, when you come home at the ends of the night, if he hasn't seen you in a while, he'll talk a bit. Guess I'll have to record some of it, and use it as intros to his favorite songs, which are all about bones.
has he ever heard, Fishbone's "boning in the boneyard"?
I don't believe he has, I'll have to ask him. However, considering it's called "Boning in the Boneyard" by Fishbone, I think he'd approve, since bones are about the most important thing in his life.
Your right english chocolate is so better i'm glad someone agrees with me
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