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Thursday, July 07, 2005


My Podcast is up, for now, at Podblaze. It's called Smoke And Mirrors, and the RSS feed is:


I hope it works. Let me know, cuz I can't figure it out. I had to encode the mp3 at 64kbs, yuck. Right now I can only store two shows because there's a 30mb limit, and at 64kbs my 25 minute Podcast comes out to 12.5mb....I suppose I could pay for my podcast hosting and get more space, and possibly a higher bit rate. I'm thinking two shows a month, and replacing as I go.

I just listened to your first show - I liked it.

I was hoping for more rants from you on the music you love.

Excellent show... some of my favorite things:
Morning Sickness - oh hells yeah, I like.
Eyes like Ants - Where do I get the CD???
Harlon - very cool
it was all good.

I have to figure out how to DL the podcast.

I am totally stoked to put out a Podcast...

BTW how about putting some "Mooksuki" on your next show??? I hear they rock :)

Keep up the good work.
Well done Jackson!!! You have to promise me that you'll re-cast Harlon once I can tidy it up a little. I absolutely love EVERYTHING Chrispy added to this tune. It lifts it out of the Tony Alva garbage bin into the "Hey, I oughta finish that track" basket.

ALL the other tracks you spun were outstanding.

I agree with Hue. You've got to work in some of your infuences into the podcast either by lacing them in between S&M material, or just doing another podcast. I've heard Little Steven's radio show and I can definately see you doing a show like that featuring some Scorp's, UFO, Angel Witch, JP, etc...

You've got a great voice for this too. I'm sure you've got PLENTY of time to do all this, so get busy, your fans await the next episode.

Did we hear correctly that you may be moving the vinyl collection to S&M?

BTW... Mrs. Alva fell asleep early last night and I watched my Number Of The Beast Classic Album Series DVD. Could've done with more multitrack playback disection, but otherwise was very impressed with it. They seem to not take themselves all that seriously, which would have been disappointing to us back then, but is quite a relief now.

If she crashes early tonight I'll watch The Dark Side Of The Moon...
There will be some Hue on the next one, I'm deciding between 'New York, NY' and 'Chillin'.
We will certainly feature 'Harlon' again after we tweak it some.
I am NOT moving the vinyl to S&M, I MAY feature a vinyl cut per episode,but there's no room for the collection at the studio.

I hate my voice, I sound stoned....I was.

Next time - a Hue track, a vinyl track, some Acquiesce, KIDD, and who knows...
ok, I just listened to the show in my car while stuck in traffic (obviously figured out how to DL the show, what a moron I am!)- I have to say, you need a weekly show - Fuck this 2 shows a month talk.

That Harlon tune was a great choice. Perfect song for being stuck in traffic with no AC - sweating my ass off. Add, "Harlon" and I felt like I was in a Steinbeck novel.

TA, when is your first show???

I'm in pre-production of my podcast.
coming soon...
PODZINE the worst Podcast Ever!!!
I listened to it, and liked it. I thought Harlon was really good, seems like everyone else did too.
That's the kinda cred I'm looking for....T.A.

Look for Podacst II, I'm a mahcine....
You may hate your podcast voice, but it's REALLY good. It's a great throw back to the golden age of FM radio when Tom Fuckin Petty's "American Girl" was being played in heavy rotation. I think most of those Johnny Fever's were partaking as well. Partake my friend. You sounded very relaxed. Can't wait for the next show.

Mrs. Alva went out last night and I watched the Dark Side Classic Album DVD. I can only offer two words: HOLY SHIT. I wore my fingers off play "Breathe" over and over so I wouldn't forget all those chords with a bunch of numbers and symbols I have no clue what they mean. PF chord progressions rule!

Thanks Julia & Hue for the kudos on Harlon. I'll have to work out some technical stuff to create my own Podcast. While my studio is 24 bit digital it's not a digital audio workstation like Jackson's(coming soon). I'd love to put one together and all you guys are inspiring me to get off my ass.

Jackson, I've heard from many women that you in fact are a machine;-)
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