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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I can't upload. I have a Podcast ready to go. I think it's a Safari thing. I'm running OSX 10.3. Didn't we, like just get that? Now I gotta go 10.4? Will this madness end? At any rate, I can't attach a word document to an e-mail, I can't upload my damn Podacast, and I don't even want to talk about links and photos on my blog. I need help.

Get rightbackatyou on the horn and get that podcast up! I've got high hopes for your podcasts my man. Are you gonna be pimping bands you're working with, or playing what you've been blogging? Are we gonna hear some of that Wasted "Vices" album?

Whatever you do, DON'T reload that op sys on your own. Chris may just kill you...
Primarily it will be a Smoke and Mirrors Podcast. The first one has a little tune by the name of 'Harlon' on it.

I downloaded Firefox, and that seems to have done the trick, I guess we should do the jump to 10.4 as well.
firefox is a good call. I too am anticipating your podcast.
Throwing a not ready for primetime 'Harlon' out there (Guitar out of tune and 1st pass vocals)?! Man, what did I do to deserve that?

No biggy really. I really need to come up and actually finish the work I've done up there and bribe Chris into mixing it out.

Let me know where to find the Podcast once you post it...

Hey! Maybe we could FTP that tune down to my HD24 and I could work on it?
ok... where is it!?
After listening to Trickster's podcasts, I'd love to hear a Jackson version of Down in the Flood. Your tastes and insight, along with your vast collection and expertise would make a killer podcast. Hell, just read your musical blog entries of the past and play all the songs you've eluded to in them and you've got a most excellent podcast.

I look forward to hearing anything you produce.
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