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Friday, July 01, 2005


That's how long I forsee the Happy Boy set being at Tedstock. By my count, not including the seasonal favorite 'Father Christmas', we have 25 songs to choose from. That comes out at 100 minutes at an average of 4 minutes per song. I'd love to say that we could pull off even a 90 minute set, but I'm not sure it's a good idea, not without some sort of intermission, maybe some sort of interlude, but it's tough to capture folks for that long. I know I've been to plenty of shows, concerts, plays, where I wished they'd just end it already. When we were an active band, I always liked the idea of 'leave 'em wanting more'. Chris is hot to play a 'nice long set with dynamics', and that sounds great because it's something we never got a chance to do. Typically we'd play a 35 minute set at CB's or the Continental, Wham bam out the door. The ability to stretch out a bit, and to relax, breathe, without worrying about a timetable would be nice. It sucks when you know the sound guy is watching the clock. I know, I was the clock watcher at the Continental for a while. Freedom from the clock will be a priority at Tedstock, but I think 60 minutes is plenty for Happy Boy at Tedstock. So what to cut? Chris posted a list on his 'Up With Upholstry' blog (telecasting.blogspot.com), I've added a few.

Sometimes The Dark
6 Am
Aliens (never before preformed live)
Princess Leia
Morning Sickness
Plastic Girl
Jesus On The Couch
Thumbnail Moon
It's Alright
Song About a Song
Devilish Grin
Vegetable Man
Peace Chicken

There She Goes Again
Bella Lugosi Is Dead
When Tomorrow Hits
Fuzzy Wuzzy
Halloween (I gurantee we will play this song)
Rocking In The Free World

I'll start the bidding with 'Song About A Song','Rocking In The Free World', 'Fuzzy Wuzzy', and we only do 'Bella' if Rob plays trumpet. Oh yeah, no 'Stonehenge' either, damn dwarves.

Well if you want, Geek Farm (or whatever we're named by the time of Tedstock) can play Freebird. We have it down, but will only play it if requested by some asshole. We learned it as a sort of "fuck you" for that.

speaking of freebird, check out modest mouse's isaac brock's rant on freebird about 3 min 20 seconds into this song.

I completely forgot about rockin in the free world. That could be one to leave on the cutting room floor.
Yeah, the Neil cover was our response to sept. 11, 2001, and I feel we can leave it there.
Of course, every word of that song still rings true...
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