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Saturday, July 09, 2005


So I bought this macro vegan sandwich and it's crap. It's a HMT, a hummus, lettuce and tomato, which sounds good, right? I don't know how to remove flavor from food, but it apparently can be done, and supposedly it's good for you, or a least not bad for you. It might be the shaved carrots. Why do they put shaved carrots in all vegan food? I have just decided that I'm going to scrape off what I can of the hummus and discard the rest, but so much of it is infested with the damn carrots. It's hopeless.

sounds like it would be a great sandwich if you just add some Bacon, ham, or pastrami.
Of course you are right Hue, meat would have helped, but mainly it was the damn soggy ass shaved carrots, fuckers!
I'm thinking of becoming a vegetarian except for bacon... Is there an official category of vegetarian for that? Would I then be "vegapig?"
If God didn't want us to eat animals he wouldn't have made them out of meat.

Two things that are required to keep Tony Alva from shriveling up into Luara Flynn Boyle (although with my girth it would take quite a long time): meat and garlic.

Beats and liver are my only kryptonite.
ah, the old "HMT." Served in diners from Sunset Strip to Cleveland since the fifties.
I told the woman that I was ready for liver. I've worked up to it with black pudding and the odd pate. Beets rule, you gotta get 'em served up proper by a nice old polish or russian woman. I have no gastronomic kryptonite.
Hi my name is James an I am a macro vegan and you know what we dont eat lettuce or tomatos
you have been had mate get your money back these types of peoples are wacos
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