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Sunday, July 10, 2005


Last night I put on my A&R shirt (not really, I wore my Huezine shirt for strategic reasons) and went to see three bands at three different clubs. I suppose one could do that in many cities, but it was easy in New York.

My first stop was Arlene's Grocery (95 Stanton at Ludlow) to see Shadowbox, refered by Hue B. Mooksuki. My timing was excellent, as I just had time to order a Tanqueray and tonic before the band came on. The very first thing that struck me about Shadowbox was that the singer was an actual singer, in that he could obviously sing very well. That's very refreshing these days, and not just on the Lower East Side. Shadow box had a two guitar line-up, with the odd third guitar provided, adequately, by the singer. Of the two main guitar players, one also had a synth set up, and along with his effect laden guitar sounds, gave their songs a host of different textures. The other guitar player, who would end up to be Dmitri, Hue's buddy, was more trad in his style, employing slide, and playing very tasteful leads with just his Tele and Orange amp. The rhythm section was solid, not overplaying, but playing nice crafted parts that served the songs, the band was obviously well rehearsed. In other words, they are a band I'd like to record. I spoke to Dmitri after the show, invoking the name of Hue, and spouting about a studio and doing some recording. He seemed interested, and distracted, just as one should be just after a show. Just before and just after a show are the two worst times to attempt conversation with a performer, but invariably, that's when the public wants them, and knows where to find them.

Next stop, CBGB, where Bleeker St. ends, and dreams begin. I stoped by to see Paul on my way. He told me some very good news about Acquiesce and further recording at Electric Lady, he mentioned some company called 'Warner' or something like that. It is very rewarding to see a band you have worked with achieve some success. I wish it would happen more.

At CBGB I saw my old high school chum, John, play in his new band The X's. I love The X's. The X's are my kinda rock band. The tunes slam, the guitar playing is riff oriented with not overlong spurts of tasty, flash lead work. I was impressed by the ensemble feel, most notably in the singing. John is the lead singer, but is supported often and very well by the band. I love a band where everybody plays (John plays guitar as well), and everyone sings. It's a formula that works for me. The X's have just finished recording a record, but John has a film score project in mind, and we're discussing metting to discuss working on it out at Smoke and Mirrors.

Then it was time to see Paul play a gig with Figo, formerly Formula One, at The Knitting Factory (Leonard and Church). I had ulterior motives, as I was scoping out potential Tedstock locations. For the record, it could work. Figo has requested that their set remain off the record, people's lives are at steak. I will protect my sources. I can say Dan from Acquiesce showed up, and we toasted future success, and discussed air fare to London.

Thanks for going and seeing my friend's band. I'm sure his head was in the clouds, as this was his first gig in NY.
They are good guys, as I've told you before and I appreciate you supporting their efforts on such short notice.

Oh and sporting the HUEZINE shirt... nice touch
Where do we send our check or Money and wait our 4-6 weeks for a Huezine shirt?
Yes, Acquiesce has been signed to one of the big boys.

They began recording their new record at Electric Lady on Saturday. I guess once you've been to Smoke and Mirrors, only Jimi's studio will do...

We'll keep you posted on their rise to stardom.
Holy shit!

Will one of you guys either blog or point us to a place to get some detail on the Acquiesce deal? Inquiring minds want to know...
I'll definitely blog about this as more details emerge, but what we know so far is...

Acquiesce played at the Bowery Ballroom (a very nice venue, where Ted and I caught the 2nd to last ever Luna show) this past Thursday. They've played there a couple of times and sold out at least once, which is pretty impressive.

Anyhow, after the show a rep from Warner Brothers stopped by the dressing room and offered them a deal. Ted and I weren't there - we didn't want to fight the groupies and record execs to get backstage, and anyway we'd hung out in their dressing room before the show. We don't really know if it was their live performance, the 3 songs we recorded that were mixed at Electric Lady, or what was the final thing that sealed the deal, but some sort of deal's been sealed.

They've been around for a while, but hey - we like to think it was their time in Smoke and Mirrors that gave them the final push. Either way, they're now at Electric Lady, working with the guy that mixed the three songs, and started recording drums on Saturday.

Now, when a potential client comes to check out the studio, we can honestly say "Here's a song by the last band that recorded here. A few weeks after we delivered the tracks to be mixed at Electric Lady, they were signed."

It'll certainly help the marketing angle, at least.
Hue, I think Tony wants a shirt.

Tony, you can go to www.acquiesce.com for some back story on the lads...

Chris, in the news section of their site, it's easy to see the chronology of events. Smoke and Mirrors to Bowery Ballroom to Stardom. There is no mention of any studio located on West 8th Street.
Thanks for the update guys. I went to their website and it was cool to see S&M mentioned. You absolutely SHOULD boast about you contribution to their success. I look forward to hearing the finished product.

I'd venture to say that the studio over on Wesat 8th Street is nothing but a Bush/Cheney shell business desparate to hold onto the old ways of record company owned big rooms. The console there probably doesn't even have any electronics in it. They're mixing the tracks you recorded on the owner's 10 year old son's 486 with Cakewalk loaded.
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