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Saturday, October 28, 2006


Green Bay over Arizona
Cincinnati over ATL
Houston at Tennesee - hmmm, I'll go with Houston
Jacksonville loses in Philly
Seattle loses in KC
Chicago over San Fran
Tampa destroyed by The New York Football Giants
St. Louis loses in San Diego
Indy loses in Denver
Jets win in Cleveland
Pittsburgh wins in Oakland
Dallas loses in Carolina
New England is embarrased on Monday Night in Minnesota

I hope.....

Great picks Ted, but since I am taking my football love to a higher lever and actually learning conferences and division, we need to make a couple of changes… I want Mick and the Falcon to kick Chad and dead man leg QB ass, that why ATL will be forgiven for hurting Big Ben…I need Jake the snake and crew to kill Indy….and yes Carolina its Prime time show the sorry ass cowboys how a TEAM plays. Terry take notes from Shaw and Steve how football is no place for a one man Diva show…. I HATE TO
that was a bad call at the end of the Jets Cleveland game. he would have landed in bounds if he wasn't pushed out.

but the Jets let Cleveland run all over them for 2/3 of the game and they paid for it.
Bad picks Ted...Your Jets lost to the BROWNS....LMAO. The Cowboys SPANKED the Panthers. You may all kiss my ring, and Hot Air Brown, prepare for the S W E E P.
I hate to see the Jets lose, but they re going to have to generate some freakin' offense in order to stay in the running.

While the lameass Cowboys didn't look good at all, they did manage to win which blows.

How 'bout them Falcon's fellas!!! Don't worry, we've got no deep threat all. Great ground and tightend passing game, but nobody down field.

Not a bad football weekend for this guy at all. Georgia Tech played one of the best games I've witnessed and beat the Miami Hurricanes, the Maryland Terps found a way to hold off FSU, and Rutgers is 8-0, THAT'S RIGHT, RUTGERS IS 8-0, amongst only 6 teams remaining unbeaten.

Gotta love the underdog!!!
Looks like I picked a good week to be on the road and not be able to watch the games.
Cowboys didn't look good at all? What in the purple hell were YOU watching Tony? 34-14 looks damn good to me.
Ted, for your 41st earth day. I'll buy you any Dallas Cowboy T-shirt you want!
Cool! I'll take a Drew Pearson, or a Ed Jones.
I'll get you a T.O. T-shirt instead.
..for me to poop on
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