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Friday, October 20, 2006

Castles Made Of Sand

The Chilis recent visit to NYC put me in the mood for some ol' skool shit. This is from 89 or so, Frusciante's first tour with the sock men.

Castles is one of my top five JH tunes and the Chili's do it justice big time.

Never been blogged but certainly worthy (fav JH records). My favs are somewhat off the beaten track. On my list is "In From The Storm" originally from the Rainbow Bridge soundtrack. Always wanted to cover that tune. The first three songs from the posthumanous album Crash Landing "Message to Love", "Over the Rainbow" and the title track are most amazing. "With The Power" on the flip side is pretty damn good too.

As it's been told that JH was very shy about his singing, but I find these tunes and many others very powerful vocally. He has that old timey sorrow in his voice and very capable of making the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Even in the well spun standands he is capable of this. Just listen to him come out of the guitar solo in "All Along the Watch Tower".

Man, I wish I could sing that line like him...
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