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Friday, October 13, 2006


"It is a wonder why we don't cut out the bureaucrats and government contractors and simply pay migrants not to come here. " - David Shirk, author, political science professor at the University of San Diego and director of the Trans-Border Institute.

The main issue I have with the proposed Mexico/US fence is that it won't work. It will only waste a metric shit-ton of cash.

I don't like the idea of walls and fences. Seeing the Berlin Wall at the age of 15 had a profound effect upon me, and regardless of whatever paranoid rhetoric the pro-wall folks throw at this issue, it amounts to the same thing. Walls divide us. They do not protect us.

The problem with illegal immigration is not at the border, it's in the interior, it's in our minds.

The fact is that this great nation of ours was founded in theft - we stole this land. I figure we ought to share it.

In our minds my ass... See your earlier post on the subject's comment section.

There is plenty of data that supports a security wall. Security walls are working in Israel when nobody thought they would and after the same BS reasons for oposing it were offered. Hell, even the Berlin wall worked for the Bloc while it was up. Very few got over.

You don't have kids, so you don't know how bad illegal immigration has completely fucked up our schools here. You wax philosphically all you want, but there are causes and effects.

Why is it our problem to solve Mexico's ills? I'd say they're perfectly capable of creating a forceful economy of their own if they'd get their head out of their own ass. No, it's just easier to come here (although judging from theri last election, their getting the right idea).

I fully support controlled immigration where we get honest hard working people who want to play by our rules in our country and gain citizenship (I also support making that process more streamlined than it is), but the forementioned description surely doesn't describe the fuckhead MS13 dropouts and their ilk who've terrorizing my town for the past 5-6 years.

While many who come, come here to work, just as many come here to exploit criminal enterprises and get on the dole. Why is it a partisan issue to want to differentiate and screen the losers out?

Nope, it's just easier to call people paranoid...
The fact is that most illegals don't cross the border illegally, they get in on Visa's and then don't leave. How is a wall going to stop that?
+1 Tony.

"The fact is that this great nation of ours was founded in theft - we stole this land. I figure we ought to share it."

WTF? I'm speechless. I know where you didn't learn that shit.
The truth hurts Fatsacca?
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