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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


And now the Dems show they can be as crooked as anybody. I'm just over it. You cannot have clean representation in Congress until we take the money out of it. We have to find a way to make politics a non-paying side gig for those who actually care about mankind instead of a get rich quick scheme. Washington has been full of crooks since day one. I say burn the shitty town down to the fucking swampy ground that it was built on, and start over - somewhere else, someplace nice - like Tahoe.

Not exactly Halliburton though, is it? At least he's a good tipper.
Yeah, well certainly the GOP is sleazy on a grander scale, but, really, corruption is rife on both sides of the isle.

You can count on me voting for the lesser of two evils at any rate.
Ted can you lightin up on the hatin of my home town...DC is a wonderful place...all the a$$wipes in Congress are for other cities and states(Texas)...thank you very much
Now you're thinkin' like you should! They're all bums Jackson, don't be fooled.
Jenifer, unfortunately DC has very little to offer, you left, I took the Legal Diva away, my parents are moving at the end of the year. All that's left are a few monuments and the Smithsonian - burn the rest I say!

In all actuality, I am fond of DC, let's just empty Congress, all Federal Buildings, shoot the former occupants, and open a theme park.
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