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Monday, October 16, 2006


Up until this weekend, my casino experience was limited to five minutes at roulette on the cruise I went on with the Legal Diva last year.

I went to Mohegan Sun with a group of friends for a bachelor party this weekend. Much to my surprise it was a lot of fun.

I lost 180 bucks in short order on the roulette, then I discovered the one arm bandits. The slots is where my inner gambler resides. You can lose money slower on the slots. I watched some friends play 3 card poker, and I think if I ever go again, and I'm not necessarily looking to, I think maybe I'll try that.

I always though of gambling as the one vice I manged not to pick up, and I still have a 'take it or leave it' attitude, but at least now I know what it's all about.

"You can lose money slower on the slots..." Exactly. Sort of like bong hits making your weed last longer.

I am a horrible gambler and since I know this about myself, I stay away. The Mega Millions is as far as I go nowadays.
I typically stay on slots as well.. I can sit there and hear all the dingy bells and whoop-whoops without spending too much... I think I like the $1 ones the most.. Wheel of Fortune... Lots of dingage.
Monopoly - when you get a 'roll' - super duper dingage.
MAN I LOVE THE SLOTS..I play Wheel of Fortune, The Price is Right and I Dream of Jennie...OMG OMG...when you hit the bonus round and start rubbing the bottles the Jennie says.."Yes Master...Yes Master...You are so Good Master"...I LOVE IT!!!
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