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Monday, October 23, 2006


I know I made my picks, but somehow they never got posted - good thing too - what a wacky week!

The main thing is the Jets not only won, but looked good doing it. The running game finally showed up in the image of Leon Washington. Cotchery had a good game too, and Chad is showing everyone what we already knew, that he's the man, he's got a long ball when he wants it, but he's too smart for that shit all the time - manage the clock, keep the game on the ground, make your third down conversions, and the world is yours.

Houston beats Jacksonville? Wha' happen?

Tampa over Philly - holey moley! :)

ATL over Pittsburgh - Vick has an air game after all!

KC over SD?

Minnesota over Seattle?

I would have done horribly, but I am happy about most of it - why can't the Pats and Indy lose?

Did you see Peaty Pie get bent backwards? That was painful looking. Ripped his helmet off and everything. The dude didn't look so good for the rest of the quarter. Still managed to turn in a victory, the bastard.

Re: Vick... Where the hell has his air game been all this time and will it be there next week?

What's up with Seattle?

Why doesn't your blog photo that posts with your comments have you where the far superior Jets jersey vs. that cheesy cheatin' ass Reggie Bush Saints jersey?

Lastly, the Dallas Cowboys suck.
The photo was taken in the Big Easy before I even knew who Reggie Bush was - College ball being a weak imitation of the real thing.

My Avatar represents the Jets, and I wear my Pennington jersey with pride on game day.

Boy does Dallas suck. I even hate Parcells now.
...it's a MacAllister jersey BTW!
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