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Friday, October 27, 2006


Steve Irwin was a terrorist, and it's about time somebody stood up and said so. This man made his living by terrorizing animals.

Live by the stingray, die by the stingray.

I understnd that his family is grieving, but I'm so sick of his canonization by the media, as if he was some sort of philanthropic do-gooder, he was a moron, and a bastard, and if anyone ever deserved to die by stingray, it was Steve Irwin.

I cannot co-sign this fuckery.
If you missed the show you can see it here.
Along with every episode for free.
Papa - 'splain yourself.
Jackson you are out of pocket...I like South Park but Trey and Company sometimes cross the line…this is one of those times….have some respect man
I'm kinda with papa on this one, the guy was sort of doofy, but I 'm not certain he was terrorizing animals. I don't think him worthy of cannonization either, but calling fatah on the guy seems a little harsh. TO' now that's another story...

His actions toward wildlife were criminal.

I did not call for his death.
Steve Irwin's death was tragic and the South Park guys could have waited a little longer (although the clip alluded to that fact). They're gonna dance with Mephistopheles one day for that feces.
His death was tragic?

You must have a different definition of tragedy.

I think you mean comic.
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