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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


"Rarely have the Dallas Cowboys, usually in all their glory on Monday night, looked so inglorious in prime time. It's not just that the Cowboys were spanked by the New York Giants, 36-22, here at Texas Stadium, it's that they looked so uncommonly bad in losing." -

Spanked - I like that word, it's fitting. Strahan spanked not one, but two Cowboy QBs last night. It is about time Parcells took Bedsore out, but Tony Roma should stick to making Italian style fast food.

Let's face it, well, I already have, but I implore the rest of the football community to accept that Parcells ain't shit, and the Cowboys are but a glimmer of their golden age - a memory of times past.

And, um..............ha ha ha ha ha !

Sweet Victory. Giants had never beaten the Cowboys at home on Monday night. Best play of the night; Terrell drops an easy reception on 4th and one, and the Giants take over on downs.
It was oh so very sweet! I liked the chest level clothesline on TO after he'd stepped out of bounds (oops!).

Com'on out Pappa Robbie, I see you behind that big elephant over there, it's okay. It's time that you face the error of your ways. There are plenty of other real football teams to chose from.
It's not over you scum sucking jabronies. The Cowboys will sit atop the NFC East again. I can't wait to see how bad the Jets' season turns out.
The Jets are doing quite well, actually; two straight wins. In fact the Jets are the opposite of the Cowboys. The Jets looked shaky at the beginning of the season, had an awful road game, then got it together. The cowboys looked good, had an awful road loss, and then fell apart completely.
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