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Friday, October 13, 2006


A few weeks ago, during our lockout, poor Chrispy was goin' mental without access to the studio. He didn't even have a guitar at home to play. Fearing for his phsyche, I went to Guitar Center and bought him this most excellent Squire Telecaster Custom. I have always wanted a Tele Custom, and needed little prompting to pick one up for my friend - knowing full well that once we got Smoke and Mirrors Brooklyn back up and running at our new digs, that it would live there and I'd get to play it as much as I like.

Last night it got used to record the very first sounds eminating from Smoke and Mirrors Brooklyn Mark III. I love it! I've always been a rosewood neck guy. Maple necks are too slick - too much laquer, but the Indonesians who made this guitar eased up on the glossy finish, leaving the wood in a more natural state, which I like. The neck grabs the strings better when you bend, and Jackson likes to bend!

If anybody is interested in a inexpensive quality guitar, and who wouldn't be, I highly reccomend the Squire Telecaster Custom. At $200.00, it's a steal.

Cool! I love the pickguards on those. You find the quality okay on it?

And just where is Mach III?
THe quality is excellent, for the price, it's unbeatable.

The new studio in in Greenpoint, on Moultrie st., between Norman and Meserole. Closest train is the G at Nassau.
There are NO bad tele's.

Except for the crappy lefty one I bought to stay up there at S&M. That didn't get stolen did it? I could put in a claim with my homeowner's insurance for that, um..., vintage 1960's all original tele.
Unfortunately, I brought your lefty Tele home when we moved out of 11 Hope Street.

I did see some nice lefty Fenders at Guitar Center.
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