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Thursday, October 26, 2006


GW signed a bill that allows for the construction of the proposed Mexico fence - but there's no money attached to the bill. That's because he knows it will never happen. It's a feignt to try and drum up some last minute credibility for the GOP as it heads into a battle for primacy in Congress. He knows they can't stand on any moral issues, so it's gotta be security - which they haven't really done a thing about for all of their Homeland Security spin.

Build it and be done with it. Then, set up a rational immigration plan which allows for better and faster sceening.

Doing nothing doesn't work. That's being proved out now.
I'll allow for more guards on the border, but the fence is repellent to every ideal I have about mankind and how we exist together.

It sickens me, the every thought of it. It's isolationist, separatist, ugly, and worst of all useless - all the experts say it won't do shit.

I'm still unconvinced of the dire straits we're in regarding illegal immigration.
Wouldn't it be cheaper to lay land mines all along the border. Then set up machine gun turrets to provide a nice kill zone should anybody try to get accross.
That's because you live in NYC and tend to think the rest of the country is just like it. You also don't own a home yet, so you don't have the financial/personal and permanent investment in your neighborhood and community that home ownership brings. You haven't had to watch it turn for the worst. You don't have kids to send to school where resources are being siphoned off to handle the thousands of kids that come to school who can't speak English. The gangs, the graffiti, the crime, etc... These are REAL problems that come with ILLEGAL immigration, not LEGAL immigration, but ILLEGAL immigration.

It's just easier to call those who are asking for solutions to these problems kooks or xenophobes than face the fact that open door or run away immigarion creates problems. There are those out there who fit that description who will get all the press because the press just wants to report "the fight" and stir it all up (that sells papers and ad time after all), but does nothing to address the real problems that we who live in communities that are being affected. I like how it was put by a commenter on Fred’s blog, “What bothers me is how partisanship trumps fair-minded analysis these days (on both sides).”

This is not about not "liking" immigrants, or being afraid of them. I have no issues with immigrants at all. I live a neighborhood and county full of them from all corners of the world and we have experienced harmony amongst us all until the recent surge in illegal immigration began about 5 years ago. It's the individuals amongst the droves who come here illegally that bring the problem. The fact is that people with nothing to lose (in this case risk of deportation), have a strong tendency to take risks, risks at the expense of others, NOT getting car insurance for example, abandoning mortgages and leases is another, not being immunized for school or food service work, the list goes on and on.

Sorry you feel that way about fences Mr. Lennon. Whether it's guards or a fence it's all the same. EVERY country in the world controls their borders to their advantage (whether it’s keeping others out, letting others out, or letting others in), we didn't invent the idea. Most other nations are far stricter than ours (try sneaking into Mexico from their southern border and see if you don’t wind up tied to a chair being beat about the head with a Mexico City telephone). The United States has very reasonable immigration policies in comparison to most of the world. It's NOT isolationism to demand respect for our sovereignty, the same sovereignty we give Mexico. What I will agree with you on however, is that while the policy is good, or bureaucratic execution is horrible. Good friends of ours travel to Mexico and South America frequently and describe what the wait is for those seeking legitimate passage. This needs to improve whether a wall goes up, or not.

Unfortunately, the converse is also true. There was an article recently in the hometown paper in which a college professor assisted a student in his quest for citizenship. Long story short, once the kid got his papers, he told his professor, much to the professor’s surprise and disappointment, how he was going to exploit the current immigration policies to bring 30 or so of his relatives here and get them on the dole as quickly as he could just like his friends have.

We’re also not the only ones who a feeling the pain of unsuccessful immigration control. France, Germany, and England are all growing powder kegs of disaffected and unemployed illegal immigrants, only their situations are growing more volatile each day since their cultural clashes are stoked by these populations migrating from Islamic countries. A problem that I’m grateful we don’t have to contend with yet.
You have got to be kidding me, I live in the heart of hispanic New York, I'm SURROUNDED by Illegals, there's a gang that owns my block - they broke my girlfriends car window and ransacked the car!

What you don't seem to realize is that this is an interior problem, it's a law enforcement problem.

Where's the INS?

A wall or fence won't stop the tide of illegal immigration, it will only hurt our already damaged world reputation.

"Whether it's guards or a fence it's all the same."

Okay then, I'll take the guards.

I'm sorry your life is so shitty. A good friend of mine once gave me some good advice - drink some water, get some fresh air.

- Mr. Lennon (If only I had his publishing)
At least we've found some common ground here. From your response it would seem that you at least acknowledge the problems associated with illegal immigrants and that they are bad.

That blows that your gals car was ransacked. It's the kind of thing that would compell someone to move out to a neighborhood like mine... USED TO BE! At least your renting and not having to watch your hard earned equity go into the red on account of the ten ladder vans parked in the driveway next door and Tecate beer cans on the front lawn every morning.

I do need some water and some air...
We always find common ground - usually it involves guitars.
Guitars, boobies, and the Rolling Stones...
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