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Monday, October 16, 2006


JETS, GIANTS, SAINTS - Win, win, win! Yay!

I'm 8/4 going into Monday night - I fully expect Chicago to put me at 9/4.

I really like the look of Mangini's offensive playbook. By the end of the season the Jets should be rolling over everyone.

The Giants did exactly what I thought they'd do. Vick can't pass the ball and people here are now becoming aware of his deficiency in respect to this essential QB requirement.

I don't know about the Jets... I'm very glad they won, but they have serious issues that must be delt with ASAP. They really didn't deserve the win. They had a 10 point lead with less than 3:00 in the game and damn near lost it to the woeful fish. Reminded me of hte Phuil Simms Giants of the early eighties.

The Jets have got to generate more offense. They had better beat the Lions big, or otherwise it will be a long back half of the season for them.

The ain't's and cheater Bush... ESPN asks "Are they for real?" Dumb question, of course they're for real. The Eagles are a good team and after the emotional win over Dallas were looking to sieze momentum through the road trip to NO. I think it's a good win for them and proves their legitimacy.
The Jets are getting it together, albeit slowly. I look at them as a brand new team, and this season is all about building. They need a better running back, the offensive line is doing a good job springing the backs, but we don't have The Guy do break big runs just yet.
Tony please explain to me what essential QB skills Vick lacks, his last name is not Manning? Vick is hot on and off the field thank you very much stop the hatin
uh.....he can't pass for shit, and, um, well have you heard him speak?
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