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Friday, October 13, 2006


Buffalo wins in Detroit - nobody outside of Buffalo and Detroit care

Carolina loses in Baltimore - tough call, home team wins after tough road loss last week

Houston vs Dallas - God, if you can hear me, please, please let Dallas lose to the loserest losers in the NFL..........but we all know that won't happen, Dallas wins (eeeeww, I feel dirty)

NY Football Giants spank the flightless Falcons IN ATLANTA

Philly loses in the Big Easy - it's Mardis Gras all year round baby!

Seattle wins in St. Louis - snore

Tennessee loses in Washington - Santana runs circles around Titans secondary

KC loses in Pittsburgh - Big Ben gets his groove back

JETS kill Dolphins

San Diego beats San Fran

Oakland loses in Denver - Jake will make it interesting with a few INTs, but he'll pull out the win

Chicago wins in Arizona - how did Arizona get a Monday night game?

I think the Giant pick is a good one regretfully. We have no recievers.
Hard to run against the G-Men. Then again, they might not show up for the first three quarters.
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