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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Welcome to the new Smoke And Mirrors Brooklyn.

We are located at 17 Moultrie Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Take the full tour here.

This is Chris, he makes records.

This is Buck, he's a good boy.

This is the control room.

We have a window into our live room.

This is Ace. He gives us the power to rock.

The place looks nice. I will be out there soon.
Lookin' good. You need to organize your pics at Flickr into sets though.
No I don't. You want me to, but that doesn't mean I NEED to - jeez! That's what I hate about this new media shit - people telling me I need this or I need that - I DON'T NEED SHIT!

I tried...couldn't figger it out.....
I think Ace needs to figure more prominently. Perhaps install a recessed nitch, with a little shelf alter for offerings...

Hey, where's his Waffle House hat?
We may need a new Waffle House hat - we still have the menu, but the hat may not have survives the ransacking we suffered at the former residence.
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